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757597 tn?1315801812 t eat well today. Pain was different. Pain in my collar bone on both sides. aching continued. The weather was almost 50 . Muscles tender to the touch in both arms and back hurt when sitting longer than 20 minutes.
Avatar n tn i am a 19 year old male i have a lump on the left side below my collar bone above my heart is it a blood clot
Avatar f tn Afew weeks ago I noticed a hard bony lump on my right collar bone, shoulder end. It does not move at all and is noticeable to the eye, about the size of a chickpea but slightly more oval shape. It almost feels as though it is actually coming out of my collar bone, not above or below it. The lump itself does not hurt and I have never injured that area. I'm just wondering if anyone has anything similar and should I get it checked out? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Nagging aching pain lft collar bone and little above it after taking laxative last night at midnight? and once again took one at 6 in morning today went to bathroom 3 times today.
Avatar n tn I have swelling right above my left collar bone, which I've had for months and at times is painful. Although the pain seems to come and go at times. It also makes my left shoulder ache as well. I'm not sure if my collar bone is out of whack and just needs adjusting or if it is some kind of gland that is inflamed. Please help! It drives me nuts and lately won't go away.
Avatar f tn Hi, went to doc's today about lump on neck just above collar bone and another higher up on other side of neck. Had these for a couple of months and apparently have more smaller lumps that I hadn't noticed. Doc thinks all ok and nothing sinister but feeling a bit worried anyway.
Avatar m tn I'm a 16 year old male and I've had this soft lump around 1 inches or 2.5 cm wide right above my collar bone or around the "inferior belly of omohyoid muscle" for almost a year now. Don't think there have been any growth. when i look into the mirror, my right collar bone isn't as obvious as my left right side almost looks flat. but nothing pops up. when i press the lump, it is movable and soft , it does not hurt and i can fell my pulse beating under it.
Avatar m tn I'm a 16 year old male and I've had this soft lump around 1 inches or 2.5 cm wide right above my collar bone or around the "inferior belly of omohyoid muscle" for almost a year now. Don't think there have been any growth. when i look into the mirror, my right collar bone isn't as obvious as my left right side almost looks flat. but nothing pops up. when i press the lump, it is movable and soft , it does not hurt and i can fell my pulse beating under it.
Avatar f tn i am 13 and i have a marble sized immovable lump right above my left collar bone and it doesn't really hurt and I can move normally. it doesn't effect me but im kinda freaked out because out of 3 doctors nobody knows what it is..
Avatar f tn I noticed a soft pea size lump above/on my left collar bone about 3 days after getting the flu shot and am wondering if this could possibly be the cause. If anyone knows, please let me know. I am scheduled for a ct scan.
Avatar f tn It can get to be as much as 1 1/2 inches above my collar bone. On the right side when there is no swelling there it is indented a little, as it should be. I do feel like there is something in my throat on the left side that makes me try to swallow to get it down. It does not seem to be coming back up, as if it was acid from the stomach or where ever, it just seems to be lodged in my throat. I went to see an ENT Dr.
Avatar n tn I have swelling above my collar bone. It started out on the right side as a firm lump (like a muscle) and then the left side. The right side started to swell and then the right arm pit did. Now the left side is swelling. Both sides are now larger than half an egg. I have had some blood work done, a CT Scan with dye and X-Rays. I have been the a Family Physician, ENT and Orthopaedic. No one knows what it is.
4980165 tn?1361873056 Other possibility is that it could be a lipoma, or a harmless fatty on collar bone. A clavicle bone lump can also be caused by a poorly healing break in the bone. Another condition that causes a clavicle bone lump is aneurysmal bone cyst. Cancers like breast cancer can cause lumps to develop over the clavicle. It is important that any unidentified lump should be evaluated by a physician to rule out a serious condition. Treatment will be specific based on the underlying cause. Keep me posted.
Avatar f tn s disease (w/several small goiters), I am on medication and have been for the past 9 months. This past weekend I noticed I have a large lump on my left side just above my collar bone, it is not sore but large. How long should I wait to see someone? I have read that you can have a bacterial infection which could cause it to enlarge. But I haven't been sick lately. I am nervous it could be cancerous.....
Avatar n tn I have a new (maybe a couple months ago this started), walnut-sized painful to the touch lump below my left collar bone but above my breast. Any idea what this could be? Is it worth getting checked out? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I noticed 2 days ago that i have a lump in the middle of my chest a couple inches above my collar bone right above my cleavage. its about the size of a grape. It hurt slightly when i first noticed it but not so much anymore. Its hard & moves slightly when i touch it. I went to the Dr. on wed. & he said that its a swollen lymph node & should go away soon . However i didint think you had lymph nodes in the middle of your chest & it hasnt changed in size so im a little worried.
Avatar m tn 22 year old male - from UK, living in Qatar ( middle east ) 3 or 4 lumps spread around both breasts , 2 on right side , above nippple, quite deep under - I can feel it, it doesnt move much, and it is quite a stinging pain when squeezed. leading to this, above my breast, nearer my collar bone, if i press there, the lump hurts. and also , a small pea lump near my right side, under or next to the last rib exactly on my side, is painful to squeeze also. No redness, burns, or skin change,.
Avatar f tn I have since found another lump above my collar bone this time on my rightside. Having bad pain everyday on and off in my legs,hips, neck,back also get discomfort under my ribs. Should i mention this all to the doctor?
Avatar n tn my 11yr old daughter has had a bump or lump that was a light blueish purple on her lower neck in the crease above her collar bone...what could this be????
Avatar n tn Been to dentist this morning. Mouth feels better today, still have swelling to back of throat and dryness. Dentist had a look in mouth and said everything looks ok. Checked lump under my chin and thought it could be extra piece of bone growth, or perhaps from a bang when I was a child, but feels best to check it out. I explained that since Monday one of my top teeth had been hurting (3rd tooth along in the mouth, left side). I have had a previous root filling in this tooth.
Avatar f tn I have a lump on my left neck behind and below my ear, an inch above my collar bone? Is it cancer? I'm only 15. It doesn't hurt at all. I'm doubting it's a swollen lymph node because I'm not sick, nor was, and I don't know if I am going to get sick...? Help!
Avatar n tn 2 weeks ago a gland came up on the side of my neck, it is small (1cm) and moveable, 1 week ago 1 came up on the other side of my body by my collar bone it is smaller and moveable and painless. 2 days ago a bigger harder lump came up on the back of my head. this is un moveable and painful, then just now a new lump has popped up above my adams this one is about 2 cm across and quitesore. what could this be? it is making me pretty anxious.
Avatar f tn I noticed a lump in the fron of my throat just above my collar bone. i seem to be able to lift it and its more pronounced when i slouch than when sitting up staright. Yesterday I also suffered a splitting headache and ... [More] breathlessness, both of which have now gone.
Avatar n tn I have had swelling above my left collar bone for two months. It started with a stiff neck and then I noticed the swelling. It is not painful but just unconfortable as I feel alot of pressure when I bend over. The swelling is very noticeable but I can not feel any hard lumps or anything else at night I have severe sweats and I am very itchy all over my body I am very tired all the time but I think it is lack of sleep because of the sweats.
Avatar f tn I am 19 years old male, just saw a lump 2 inches above the collar bone near throat. There is no external swelling on normal condition but while exercising with weights or shrugging shoulder with weight causes a swelling. But not all the times. While trying to feel the node its felt very small, and very movable. Recently done CBC and report came all normal except high rbc count low mch, mcv and high rdw. Haemoglobin is 12.8 while normal range is 13.4 to 15.4.
Avatar m tn Hi, pain due to heart conditions usually does not radiate above the collar bone. If with movement you are getting pain it is likely to be an inflammation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue or the trachea. This can happen with injury, repetitive activity or an infection of the skin. It can also be an enlarged lymph node or an inflammation of the thyroid gland. I would advise you to consult your doctor, for proper evaluation of your symptoms.
Avatar m tn I have a tiny olive size lump on right side lower right almost in center above my collar bone. I have been coughing somewhat with phlegm mucous like some kind of cold virus /never smoked. take b/pressure pill. Otherwise good health/veg. for 6 yrs. I see my pulse beating of the lump but No pain. I have bad teeth. can u tell me what it could be?