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Avatar n tn I have swelling above my collar bone. It started out on the right side as a firm lump (like a muscle) and then the left side. The right side started to swell and then the right arm pit did. Now the left side is swelling. Both sides are now larger than half an egg. I have had some blood work done, a CT Scan with dye and X-Rays. I have been the a Family Physician, ENT and Orthopaedic. No one knows what it is.
Avatar f tn I noticed a soft pea size lump above/on my left collar bone about 3 days after getting the flu shot and am wondering if this could possibly be the cause. If anyone knows, please let me know. I am scheduled for a ct scan.
Avatar f tn I am 19 years old male, just saw a lump 2 inches above the collar bone near throat. There is no external swelling on normal condition but while exercising with weights or shrugging shoulder with weight causes a swelling. But not all the times. While trying to feel the node its felt very small, and very movable. Recently done CBC and report came all normal except high rbc count low mch, mcv and high rdw. Haemoglobin is 12.8 while normal range is 13.4 to 15.4.
Avatar n tn I have swelling right above my left collar bone, which I've had for months and at times is painful. Although the pain seems to come and go at times. It also makes my left shoulder ache as well. I'm not sure if my collar bone is out of whack and just needs adjusting or if it is some kind of gland that is inflamed. Please help! It drives me nuts and lately won't go away.
Avatar f tn Hi, went to doc's today about lump on neck just above collar bone and another higher up on other side of neck. Had these for a couple of months and apparently have more smaller lumps that I hadn't noticed. Doc thinks all ok and nothing sinister but feeling a bit worried anyway.
Avatar n tn After an xray this tooth showed to have a cyst to the side of the tooth, which he said was unusual, however, above the tooth next to it was a lump. Dentist said he didn't know what the lump above the other tooth was. He is referring me to Oral spec. but as routine appt (so could be a good 6-8 months wait!). I've got to get the bad tooth refilled and crowned over the next few months, dentist said he would keep an eye on the lumps for me whilst I wait for the appt.
Avatar n tn I've had noticed a swollen Lymph Node above my collar bone 3 days ago. I thought it might just be a reaction to the tetanus shot I got 2 days prior the the swollen lymph node. Now I'm noticing all of the lymph nodes on the same side swelling and it's starting to cause pain in my ear. I'm also starting to feel weak all over and I'm losing my appetite. I have a low grade fever that I'm treating with Tylenol.
Avatar f tn i am 13 and i have a marble sized immovable lump right above my left collar bone and it doesn't really hurt and I can move normally. it doesn't effect me but im kinda freaked out because out of 3 doctors nobody knows what it is..
Avatar m tn Something called vascular thoracic outlet syndrome which involves arteries or veins under the collar bone become compressed. You'd likely also have some other things going on with that though. It could be a lipoma. Could be a bone cyst. Could be a tumor. Your best bet is to get this looked at by your physician. How long have you had it? (and the most probably cause is a muscle strain and it is swelling from it).
Avatar n tn As I was falling asleep last night I discoverd a half dollar size lump that I can feel under the skin on the lower left side of my throat just above my collar bone. It's not sore but I know it's a new development since I'm positive it was not there on Friday ( today being Sun ). I am a little scared and would be very thankful for any advice given !!!! Thanks again !
Avatar f tn It can get to be as much as 1 1/2 inches above my collar bone. On the right side when there is no swelling there it is indented a little, as it should be. I do feel like there is something in my throat on the left side that makes me try to swallow to get it down. It does not seem to be coming back up, as if it was acid from the stomach or where ever, it just seems to be lodged in my throat. I went to see an ENT Dr.
Avatar m tn ther is a rock hard lump my doc thinks lymph node in my neck about 3 inches up from my collar bone it has been there for about a month it doesnt move one bit and has slowly grown over the month going for a ctscan next week if not gone...i too found mine from massaging my neck....i know that something rock hard and not moveable is definatley suspicious in nature...i have had fevers on offf since november but no other symptoms except feeling generally unwell since then too...
Avatar f tn Afew weeks ago I noticed a hard bony lump on my right collar bone, shoulder end. It does not move at all and is noticeable to the eye, about the size of a chickpea but slightly more oval shape. It almost feels as though it is actually coming out of my collar bone, not above or below it. The lump itself does not hurt and I have never injured that area. I'm just wondering if anyone has anything similar and should I get it checked out? Thank you.
Avatar n tn i have a small lump about the size of a pea or a little bigger on the right side of my neck just above the collar bone. i dont have any other related symptoms apart from the fact that i am often tired. but who isnt.i have had a cyst before but that was quite large and attatched to my thyroud gland. are the two related? could you please give me any information on what this could be and should i bother my doc...
Avatar f tn I am 32 yrs old and the other day I noticed a lump on left side about 1 inch above my collar bone. It is a little painful. Its probably the size of a nickel and moves around. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I have this small firm lump just below my left collar bone. I had had it about 5 years. It hasent grown or its not painful. Though since I have had a stillborn this January at 37weeks I have developed this reallly bad hypercondric and anxiety symptoms. I had the lump looked at and it was fluid filled but it feels hard and that was 4 or 5 years ago. Now I have this huge fear its cancer.
Avatar n tn I noticed a hard bone-like lump below my collar bone (i am thinking the top rib) It feels as hard as bone, it is unmoveable, and pretty much has the same contour as a rib but feels a lot different from the right side as it protrudes more, the left side of that area is flat. It starts pretty much on my sternum then extends to the left about 2 inches, then the area is flat again. It feels like it might be wider than a normal rib too. I can't move it around.
Avatar n tn Without any further description, the EMT put his finger right on the lump and told me I had arthritis of the hyoid bone. He gave me some anti-inflamaty drugs. While I was relieved that the EMT recognized my symptoms, I have occasional doubts that something more serious is going on. It really helps me to have you all reporting the same symptoms and concluding its the hyoid bone. I never had any trauma to the neck.
Avatar n tn Hi all. I have a lump problem that is right above my right collar bone. The size of this lump feels like a tiny golf ball. It feels hard to swallow and yawn, also feels irregular when i stretch in certain ways. Before this lump, there was a very tiny lump right behind the right side of my ear, which only took 3-5 days to dissapear. My mother suffers from goitre and i am a regular smoker. I have stopped with estelle-35 (contraceptive pill) about two weeks ago. Please help. =) Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have a question about a hard bump/lump that I have. It is located above my left breast, about 1 to 1 1/2 inch below my collar bone. It is really hard, and raised up. I can see it just looking in the mirror. It feels almost like a bone. But I don't think it is. It is really hard to describe. It isn't perfectly round, maybe kind of like an oval, about an inch (maybe a little less) in diameter, and it isn't moveable at all.
Avatar n tn The top one is up under my chin and looks like a man's adam's apple, and then there's two just underneath it, with the bottom most one right above my collar bone. I can feel the entire thyroid, starting at the base of my neck and going all the way up to just under my chin - where incidentally I seem to have developed a double chin out of the blue.
Avatar n tn I have the same thing as Alice. A lump on my first rib right below my collar bone above my breast. I originally found it in 2009. My doctor did an xray and mammogram and diagnosed it as Costichondritis. Over the years, I have experienced episodes that are worsening and becoming more frequent of pressure, discomfort and slight sharp pains and it has grown. I finally saw a second doctor and went for another X-ray and a ct scan that both came back normal. Still I know there is something there.
Avatar f tn Normally when lymph nodes swell up its because there fighting off an infection of some sort. Are you sore around your collar bone or under your armpits, any lumps in those areas? Have you had a mammogram lately ? Just from past experience that is why i am asking.
Avatar f tn It is not in the middle of my throat but more lower and on the left side above my collar bone area. With this the docs decided to put me on Nexium which helped in the beginning but then the feeling came back, now I am on Ranitidine twice a day with taking Mylanta (for gas). I am worried and have been called a hypochondriac. I have had anxiety attacks for the past 10 years. It just started all of a sudden and over the years have progressed to hypochondria which brings on the anxiety.