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Avatar n tn My blood sugar Yesterday evening after 8 hours fasting is 104, Then after dinner- exactly after 2 hours it is 210, after 3.5 hours it is came doun to 104, in the morning after ten hours fasting it went up to 114, my concern is after 10 hours it was 114, aftter 1.5 hours I did the test (total 11.5 hours fasting) it shows 152 ... I am really diabetic ?
231441 tn?1333896366 Regardless of the results of your glucose test, you should continue to keep an eye on your blood sugars during your pregnancy because you are at higher risk of developing gestational diabetes given your history. You will stil need to gain adequate weight to nourish your baby, but you should aim for about 25-30 pounds during the pregnancy and not too much over that, so that you can limit your chances of having abnormal glucoses during the pregnancy. Hope this helps. Good luck and take care!
Avatar n tn I wasn't supposed to be diabetic until now, but at 50 I started to check for blood sugar (I am 51)with my blood sugar monitor. Amazingly, the fast blood level right after wake these last days was 7 (mmol). If I stay to bed til 11 am, it was 7.5 mmol. After shower, it drops to 6.5 / 6.8, 2 hours after breakfast (chicken salad and big plate of oatmeal with non-fat milk and without sugar or sweeteners) it drops to 6.1, during the day, it's 6.1, at at bed time, goes to 5.5 ! Isn't it weird ?
529159 tn?1224994626 I am having a wide variance in the fasting blood sugar results each morning. If I test just as soon as I get up my FBS is between 130-150. If I wait about 30-45 minutes, shower and get dressed the numbers increase to between 170-190. I haven't eaten or had anything to drink in this time period. Is there a reason for this sudden increase? Which number is my real FBS?
Avatar m tn My Blood Sugar counts between 120 to 129 for last one week on fasting (around 8 AM). But evenings its between 92 to 97 (around 7 PM). Advise is requested for treatments, if required any?
Avatar m tn Hello, so your fasting blood sugar was 128! This is already high enough to qualify as diabetes if the number were seen again on another fasting result. I don't think your test is wrong (though it could be affected by your previous day's diet), and in any case it is far higher than it should be (Normal fasting is in the low 80s, with acceptable level being < 95). 128 is far higher than acceptable level.
Avatar n tn This would also indicate that your blood sugars after eating are already going high. You should check your blood sugars 2 hours after eating. They may be very high. Please research.
Avatar n tn If my glucose was causing a problem with it my tryglycerides would be higher. They range from 50-72. I have started 1 glass of red wine per night. Does fasting blood sugar increase with age. I have read that it only goes 1 to 2 mg/dl per decade. Is it possible for a fasting blood sugar to elevate from anxiety in the doctors office. My blood pressure can. It has gone from 140/70 to 110/58 in just five minutes at the clinic. I hate the doctors office.
Avatar f tn But this morning I got really lightheaded and a headache all of a sudden(which I know is normal in pregnancy) but I checked my blood pressure again to see if that was it, and it was perfect. So I checked my blood sugar and it was 79, I had just had a fruit smoothie. The medical assistant at work told me it was low, and then another told me it was slightly low. My question is does anyone know what it should be? I go to the Dr tomorrow so I will ask him, but I'm just curious.
1058898 tn?1275678751 I notice my blood sugar at night between 2-3 am are over 120 and my fasting blood sugar in the morning is over 100. When i get the fealing of low it is around 80 and it will keep dropping. the last time it went to 67 and i had to eat some thing i couldnt wait. i had a cup of oj and checked in 15 min and it went to 137. I have also notice that i spike about 1 hour after eating and come down around 2 hours after which is mostly in the 130. and i notice if i drink a can of pop.
Avatar f tn It really depends if u need insulin or pills, if you cant control your blood sugar then you take pills if your blood sugar is not high. But if normally your fasting numbers are high then thats why they put you on insulin. I have a coworker that went straight to insulin and shes a diabetic now but her numbers were crazy high like in the 500 when she did the glucose test. The doc just prob know that pills wont help you.
1058898 tn?1275678751 I'm not sure when you were talking about fasting and getting your blood sugar measured over intervals at the doctor's office if you were given an OGTT. That is a test that measures your reaction over a couple hours to a sugary drink. If that is what they did and your numbers went lower rather than higher that is showing you have reactive hypoglycemia which means when you eat a lot of carbs your body pumps out insulin excessively and you go low.
Avatar f tn This way you will see how foods you consumed affect your blood sugar levels. It's good to see your A1c lowering. However, @ 6.3% equates to a daily blood sugar average of 134 mg/dl. Continue to follow the three basic rules of diabetes control and management.
Avatar f tn Your result is totally normal fasting. Did your Dr test your Hba1c? This is average blood sugar over the past 3 or so months. If this is also normal you probably don't have diabetes. There are many other possible causes for symptoms. let us know how you go with your Dr next Thursday.
Avatar m tn I've been taking metformin 500mg once daily for the 6 weeks. My blood fasting sugar level has gone down 71 mg/dL and hasn't gone over 80mg/dL for the last 5 days. My blood sugar level after meal in the evening (I took 2 hours after dinner) has been under 100 mg/dL for the last 7 days. Should I stop taking medication? I've just called my doctor but his office is closed today because of snow storm. I'm afraid that the glucose level might go lower 70mg/dL if I continue to take the medicine.
Avatar m tn Hi, stress can indeed raise blood sugar. The normal hba1c is reassuring. However, what was your actual number. Many labs give a cut-off of 5.7 for normal hba1c. Howver, 5.7 is equal to an average blood sugar of about 125. A truly normal hba1c is < 5.0 and average blood sugar < 100. Now, if your hba1c is < 5.0, I would not be concerned about the spike in fasting glucose that occurred with stress / lack of sleep (though I would want to keep monitoring regularly).
Avatar m tn • Burn off excess fat • Improve insulin production which helps lower glucose levels • Lower blood pressure • Improve overall health When exercising the body requires fuel/energy. It gets this from your muscles and liver. Walking briskly like you're late to catching your airplane flight makes the muscles and liver release stored glucose, in turn you burn this off. Continued exercise cause the muscles to store excess glucose for future use. This lowers your glucose levels.
Avatar f tn I would recommend recording your blood sugar levels fasting, and 1 hour after you eat and speaking about it with your doctor. The fasting level that you mention in your question is elevated. You want to speak with your doctor soon, so that you can get your sugars regulated either by diet and exercise or medications if that is what is recommended. It also might be helpful to keep a food journal until you see your doctor.
1680047 tn?1468915429 Though technically 'fasting blood sugar levels' may be 'slightly' lower in children, using these minor differences have not been found to be of value in establishing a diagnostic criteria for DM.
1010843 tn?1264044268 Hi, when I was pregnant and on insulin, my dr. increased the insulin when my fasting blood sugar began to go consistently over 95 in the mornings (if I was over 95 for 3 days, then we increased the nightime insulin. If my day time levels started to go out, then we increased the morning insulin). We increased by 2 units per increase, with close monitoring. Your insulin requirement will increase during the pregnancy and it is normal to have to increase it.
Avatar m tn My doctor just started me on Tricor and my blood sugar levels have gone up as well. Prior to being on Tricor, my fasting blood sugar has always been between 89 and 101. Now they range from 119 to 125. Any thoughts on alternative medications to lower high tryglicerides?
Avatar f tn I am a type II diabetic and I would like to know what is considered a "good" blood sugar reading for me when I test at different times of the day....before meals, after meals, fasting in the morning, at bedtime and other random times during the day.
Avatar n tn Im only aware of scams that claim to "natural lower blood sugar" I dont know everything so you can look and try, your meter will tel you if its a scam or not. sound like you have DP (dawn phenomenon) your liver decides to be a good dube and releases glucose in the morning so your body has the energy to get going. Unfortunately it ether releases to much glucose or your pancreas cant keep up with insulin so your BG rises.
Avatar m tn 2008 - fasting blood sugar 5.8 ( previous guideline was 4-6) 2009- fasting blood sugar 5.4 (HbA1c 5.9) 2010- fasting blood sugar 5.2(HbA1c 5.8) 2011- fasing blood sugar 5.2(HbA1c 5.7) 2012- fasting blood sugar 5.9(HbA1c 5.5) now normal guidelines are 3.6-5.5 i was surprised to see my fasting blood sugar level of 5.9 as I excercise regular, I don't smoke and I am non drinker, vegetarian and not overweight at all.
Avatar n tn 6 then your average blood sugar is around 120. Your fasting blood sugar is close to this. YOu are almost at the cutoff where you can be diagnosed as diabetic. To address your blood sugar, the following are recommended:- 1. Losing weight if you are overweight (this will most easily happen on a lower carb diet). 2. Reduce processed foods in your diet, cut sugars, and eat lower carb. This will help greatly in managing blood sugars. 3. Exercise daily. Ideally 30 minutes or longer.
Avatar f tn Hello, fasting blood sugar in the range of 120 - 130 puts you firmly in diabetic territory, as does your hba1c of 7.4 which corresponds to an average blood sugar level of about 180. These levels would already require medications. Consider that normal fasting should be below 90 and normal hba1c is < 5.0. Given your height and weight, you are not overweight. Further you have no family history of diabetes. Therefore, I believe you should be evaluated for adult onset type 1 diabetes.
Avatar m tn Cannot be controlled if you gain or maintain an above normal weight level. As diabetes86 stated, reduce your carb intake. This will help lower your blood sugar levels. For low carb meal planning go here for ideas http://www.atkins.com/Home.aspx . Start a written log of what you eat/drink and portion size, next to it your blood sugar levels. Test before you eat [preprandial] for a baseline measurement and then 2-3 hours after you finish your meal [postprandial].