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Avatar f tn This is the most common cause of calf pain in young athletes. I would have another MRI, with dye contrast, from another physician. I would question exactly what part of his body was subjected to the first MRI. It is inconcievable to me how your son could have been treated by any United States Physician, who would not have ruled out lumbar nerve compression. These injuries do not respond well to pain killers, including oxycontin.
Avatar n tn Hi there, i am 36 years young and have had lower back pain for about a year, my doc said it might just go away but im not to sure. I have urine leaks and in constant pain. I have a lot of help with this and just cant find a pain killer that is efective and dose not make me a zombie. Can any one give me advice??
Avatar n tn sleeping, my back has perhaps overarched and now when i try to sleep normal this pain is because it is trying to force my back back into a normal position its not used to? i was recommended to take a break from football and see if it heals, i stopped for 1 month, i tried last night and the same thing happend.
Avatar m tn My husband and I have had herpes since our first sexual encounters (we both thought we went into the relationship without it, but had a breakout about the same time during the early shagathon stage of a new relationship - 12 (otherwise) happy years later we neither know nor care who started it). Within the last year, we have both had mysterious back pain "out-breaks" for a few days.
Avatar f tn I'm 31weeks pregnant , an am having very bad back pain.. any solutions would be wonders!
Avatar f tn I am a 27yr old and have suffered from back pain for years, it is mainly in my lower back but can travel up the spine. I have suffered with the pain for years and had to give up my fav job when I was 21yrs because of it.
403156 tn?1290150018 Out of nowhere today, I got an extreme pain in my lower back. I cannot stand up straight and it hurts to walk, particularly when I take a step with my left leg. I am kind of leaning to the right and people at work commented this - I ultimately had to go home early. I took 1000mg of motrin, I know that is excessive, but even that has not done anything for the pain. I tried lying down and I could barely get up out of bed - it took me a few minutes.
Avatar n tn My lower back has hurt for a few months and then had pain go into my tailbone and was having trouble walking after i sat down for a long period of time. At first i was told it was muscels so then a doctor put my on relaxers but it didnt do anything, so then i went to a specialist and he said to get an MRI, so I did and then yesterday found out the results and was told it was do to low fluid in my number two disc, and said i should get an injection with some theropy.
Avatar f tn I'm 24 werks in & a young first time mom and I been having lower back pains! what to do/take?
Avatar n tn well, the internet will only provide the information that you ask it to. To put it into perspective... The UK Stats are.... One in four men 35-75 die from CHD and one in six women. Half a million people have a heart attack each year. Angina affects one in 50 people, meaning around 1.2 million have angina. So, I'm sure you would agree that 1 in 4 of all Men in the UK are not athletes, far from it.
Avatar n tn Suddenly, only days after stopping the L-Glutamine my right sided upper back pain increased to severe pain after I performed a relatively simple light weight exercise with which I have never had a problem in the past (shoulder lateral raises).
Avatar f tn I have had really bad lower back pain since march. It feels like extreme stiffness, and shooting pain in my glutes. I have worked with children with disabilities for years (which requires lifting). My back was beginning to get sore but I quit before it became as serious as my symptoms are now. I have had an Xray done on my lumbar region. My Xrays show minimal growth on the L5 vertebrae. My family doc spent 4 minutes talking to me about this, and was no help at all.
Avatar m tn I have been stuck in a chronic pain cycle for about 2 years and having chronic tight muscles and muscle imbalance in my hips and it never going away. I saw provider after provider and never got results. Well now I know why because I got MRI results back and found out I have a labrum tear in my left hip which is messing up my gate, my pelvis and my sacrum and all the muscles in my lower body are staying tight and messed up because of it. so now I have to get a specialist to do the surgery.
Avatar f tn Women with strong muscles such as athletes will show less. If you think you are too big, you could discuss an ultrasound with your doctor, to rule out twins, Good luck!
615627 tn?1221056195 2 years ago while pregnant with my son i started getting lower back pain, over the years it seems to be getting worse and i have a lump that appears at the bottom of my spine the pain is now running down into my hips and legs, recently i have been getting pains in my neck and have noticed a lump starting there also is this any reason to be concerned or should i plod along as normal?
3138931 tn?1350940318 sometimes I get this horrible pinching pain on the lower left side of my back. Absolutely nothing takes the pain away.
Avatar n tn The pain often occurs around the lower back and when it gets very bad I may feel pain at the middle part of my back too. It will always happen when I stand, stood, bend slightly forward for too long, running, jumping and carrying heavy loads or exerting strength. I will feel the pain when I do any of these and the pain will cause my back to feel VERY VERY weak that I will want to immediately sit down to rest my back. Sitting down only help a bit.
Avatar n tn As long as you are asymptomatic, your much-lower-than-average diastolic readings are nothing to be concerned about. Height and weight are not factors in determining desirable BP targets. A resting heart rate of 55 is possibly indicative of bradycardia, although healthy young adults and athletes often have heart rates of less than 60. "Asymptomatic sinus bradycardia requires no treatment", according to the American Heart Association web site.
Avatar n tn My 20 year old son was recently dignosed with a pruding disk in his lower back. After seeing several doctors, one scheduled him for an epidural. It has been 2 weeks and the epidural may have relieved the pain by about 50% (per patient). Now the doctor recommends that he go see a specialist because he is not getting any better! I do not feel that surgery should be an option at this time. However, I am not a doctor and I do want him to be better.
Avatar n tn I agree with BionicBabe - definitely get him looked at for safety sake before letting him practice or play. It could be nothing or something but when you see young athletes with debilitating heart rhythms you worry about WPW, ARVD, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, coronary artery abnormalities or, to a lesser degree, idiopathic arrhythmias. Except for coronary artery abnormalities you can go a long way towards ruling out these problems with an EKG and echocardiogram.