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Avatar n tn Hi ladies! I am almost 22 weeks pregnant and have excruciating lower back pain. My husband doesn't want me taking Tylenol or any other pain Med. What do you recommend? Thanks!
Avatar f tn yesterday i stared having lower back pain that feels as if i were stung with needles. on one hand, i worked out the past weeks, i stopped sunday. on the other, i was supposed to get my period yesterday. i also ocassionally feel like my right ovary is stung, i just never have this kind of pms. should i worry? could it have anything to do with what i mentioned? it's very disturbing because it makes me remember getting anaesthesia in my spine for my apendicitis surgery.
Avatar f tn Soo I am 7w4d and I'm having lower back pain. Could it be from doing too much or should I be concerned? Kuz in the past couple of days I've been rearranging my room and been on my feet almost all day..
Avatar f tn Omg you're due date is on my birthday lol & my due date is a day before but I have lots of back pain to on my lower back
Avatar f tn This past week my back pain has escalated :( its my lower right side.. the pain shoots down the side of my butt too! It kind of feels like my nerves are grinding together with my bones. Im 20 weeks so i can only imagine its going to get worse. Anyone have any suggestions to help with this or anyone have the same problem?
Avatar f tn So I'm a ftm and just barely at 14 weeks. Today I've been having absolutely terrible lower back pain, almost like muscle spasms. So it's been more difficult to bend to pick things up or sit/lay down. When I'm still I don't hurt. And I took some Tylenol which helped a bit. But I'm just wondering, is this normal with my center of gravity shifting? Did I lift something too heavy? Or should I be worried about something worse?
Avatar f tn Try to keep your back straight. And for lower back they recommendedto get on the floor on your back. Put a big thick book under your lower back where your tail bone is. Bend your knees and rock your legs togethrr from side to side gently 20 times. It hurts but it does make it better.
Avatar f tn I'm having my first child and I'm having bad lower back pain...I'm only 5 weeks so is this normal???
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do for lower back pain besides a heating pad(I don't have one yet) I can barely walk it hurts so bad. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies....I am 17 weeks and already experiencing the worst lower back pain.....anybody have any suggestions for relief.....
Avatar f tn A strong gentle traction is created along the spine as gravity forces each end to move apart around the pivot point. Ideal for lower back pain relief or pre-activity warm up. I bought this direct from the company and it's great. I paid about $250. plus shipping takes about 10 minutes to put together.
Avatar f tn I will be 37 weeks tomorrow, and having horrible lower back pain. Could anyone give me some advise? What to do? It just started couple hours ago.
Avatar f tn My lower back started hurting at about week 20 and I'm now in week 27 and it has gotten worse and spread up into my upper back and my butt it's gotten to the point that if my boyfriend even lightly touches my back I start crying.
Avatar f tn I am 18 weeks pregnant and my lower back is killing me. I get shooting pains that are almost unbearable. .. any advice on what i can do to get some relief. N pain pills are not an option for me so ty for any other help...
Avatar n tn I'm 18 weeks! For the last week I have had the most awful back pain, lower back. There is no relief all day , no stretch or position/ Tylenol that gives me relief! I'm almost in tears!
Avatar f tn i currently have pelvic girdle and severe lower back pain every once in a while to the point where i cant even walk. wading in the pool helps with the pain relieving pressure. also dont sit or stand too long and if you do lie down as soon as you can on your left side.
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy/child and the back pain is out of control! The first pregnancy was good, easy,no problems and now this time around I'm having horrible lower back pain. Does anyone else have this or have experienced this? Does it last long? I'm already exhausted and now I'm not sleeping? Any ideas remedies suggestions to help? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I need relief asap. I always wake up with my lower right side of my back hurting. Usually it goes away but not this time. Any tips? I'm so uncomfortable. Btw,I'm 18w5d.
1099046 tn?1281009951 I have lower back pain but it could be due to constipation and yes the round ligament stretching has started for me already this time around.
Avatar f tn So I'm having lower back pain more by my tail bone, what do some of you guys do to get rid of or calm down the pain?
Avatar n tn I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I'm in a lot of pain with my lower back I have tried everything even down to medication from the doctor but nothing is helping does anyone have any ideas what I can do?
Avatar f tn Was wondering if lower back pain is normal im still very early 10weeks and a day last night i was so uncomfortable an began crying because of the lower back pain this will be my 2nd pregnancy an I've never had this. can some one please help!
Avatar f tn pregnancy yoga certainly helped me with my lower back pain. Usually just resting for thirty minutes would help with the lower back pain but when that didn't work I'd do yoga at home. And after 20-30 mins of exercise I had relief for at least a few days. Now that I'm 37wks the relief lasts about a day. I have YouTube'd it and just done it at home.