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Avatar n tn I have lower back and hips pain, and also my neck shoulders and both arms are also paining. My pain is more of an ache rather than an actual pain. I tood some nurofen tonight, which is ibrufen, and that actually eased the pain a good bit. I don't know what it is, it could be the flu, but if its still there after a week I will go and see about it. How about you, how long have you had it, and do you have any other symptoms? have you taken anything for it? Sunset.
438814 tn?1278349158 I am only 16 and play volleyball, softball, and I cheerlead. Normally the pain in my back gets set off by playing sports. Especially when it involves making hard movements with my arms. For example, Spiking and Serving in volleyball kill my back. It get to the point where I have pain shooting clear down my left leg. I went to the doctor once but he said that it had something to do with my pubic bone and should stop hurting once a took a couple weeks off of sports. He was wrong!
Avatar f tn I am 20 years old and I have a lot of lower abdominal and back pain.
Avatar f tn Ive never dealt with sciatic nerve pain before, but my Dad does almost daily. He also wears back braces too - not sure if thats an option or not if the pain is after the pregnancy.
Avatar n tn This is really nothing to do with periods or health in that way but I'm 13 and I think I'm an okay size for my age as I am 5'1" and I weigh 95 lbs. I play volleyball and wear spandex and I started to notice lines by my bum. usually a person only has a line which is where their butt ends but there are multiple smaller lines and I know they aren't stretch marks. they're only on my left lower bum. my butt checks seem to be uneven in size???
Avatar m tn hello, I play volleyball, which is hard on the knees from diving to jumping all the time... a few months ago I dove and hit my knee on the groung very hard. My knee pain went away and it recently has come back. It feels like a knife goes into my knee right below my knee cap every time i jump or put a lot of pressure on it like trying to stand up. I have been icing it, but it won't go away....Does anyone 1. Know what is wrong? or 2. Know how to fix it?
Avatar n tn i am experiencing pains on my upper back whenever i move, is it that i strain my back?
Avatar n tn I also play volleyball and have been having back pain since the start of my volleyball season four months ago. It also came out of nowhere, but my pain is there whatever I do. The only way it is relieved is if I lay completely flat, no pillow. I do have slight scoliosis. I have not been to a doctor yet because It has been managable until lately where It has gotten alot worse. In class I can't sit still anymore, I have to switch positions every five minutes, It is really annoying!
5245618 tn?1365687749 I play 3rd base for my school softball team and I have been experiencing pain in my right shoulder when I throw to 1st base. I also play volleyball so this effects my in volleyball. I also have pain in my elbow when I throw or serve. Any idea what it is or what I should to to stop the pain?
Avatar m tn 1) Right Saphenofemoral incompetence causing varicosities right lower limb 2 )No evidence of deep vein thrombosis 3 ) Diffuse subcutaneous edema right lower limb 4 ) normal right lower limb perforators 5 ) Normal right ilica veins and ivc. I am volleyball player,Can I play my game.?
Avatar f tn m a college volleyball player), so if the pain is tolerable then I could just live with it. Is there anything I can do to calm the irritation, or perhaps fix the problem altogether? I've been doing the RICE thing as much as possible, but it has only helped marginally. I wish this site would let me post a picture of the X-ray... anyway, thank you in advance for any responses. Really hoping to get back on the court and feel 100% as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn I'm 13 years old, almost 14, and I've recently noticed that my left lower ribs are bigger than my right side. I haven't really done anything, I just play volleyball and laugh a lot, but just recently it started feeling very uncomfortable. It doesn't hurt too much, maybe like a 2/10, but the comfortableness is a 1/10. It feels like someone's hand is wiggling around in my lower left ribs and it bugs me.
Avatar f tn I can hear it as well as feel it. I feel severe pressure and deep pain underneath the crunching in my lower back. This is a recent issue as I have not had time to Andreas my physician just yet. This problem is very concerning and alarming for me. Has anyone had similar problems, or perhaps know what this may be caused from? Please advise, thank you and God Bless.
Avatar f tn Hello, my name's Jessica and I'm 14 and need some help! I've been playing volleyball ever since I was little and about a year ago I had this very very sharp pain in my stomach while we were conditioning. It was the most painful stomach cramp in my life!
11091907 tn?1415221745 I also found out that I have a blood clot in my left leg. I am now having a lot of lower back pain. Been to the doctor and they gave me some pain meds and scheduled me for another ultrasound to determine when the surgery is. I have not felt pain like this since I was diagnosed. Sometimes it hurts so bad to even walk. Not sure what to do. Called the doctor and they told me to keep going to the ER to get the cycts looked at. Don't know how much more of this pain I can take.
Avatar f tn I have lower back pain when I go to lay down it hurts so bad but then I'm relaxed but when I go to get up I have pain that is so painful it hurts why is this happening to me I'm 19 weeks pregnant im not that big at all barley starting to show a little
Avatar f tn My last menstration is sept.27.til now i dont have menstration.but i have a lower back pain for how many days and i have brownish spot on my undiz.it is possible that im pregnant?
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm 30 weeks today & I have got serious lower back pain. Real deep ache it hurts to sit & stand. Does anybody know what this could be?
Avatar f tn I have really bad lower back pain just went for a massage to make it better now I feel worse im 12 weeks 6 days what should.I do ?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 15 weeks on Tuesday, and last night I woke up with the worst lower back pain and it's been persistent all day. It's a nagging, painful, sore back ache that radiates from the middle of my lower back to the outsides of my hips. It reminds me of my period back cramps I used to get. I know my body is stretching and muscles are changing- but I'd just like to hear from someone else that's feeling the same.
Avatar f tn Hi im 20 wks and experiencing extreme lower back pain where I am really struggling to stand up from seating position. I cant remember any of my previous pregnancies being so early with the onset of pain here. I did have crutches with my last but not until late on..
10798025 tn?1413299278 This lower back pain is KILLING ME. It's a dull aching pain. Should I be worried?
10751877 tn?1412565758 Im 6 weeks pregnant and today I started having lower back pain . Is this normal ?
10751877 tn?1412565758 Is anyone else experiencing lower back pain ?
Avatar f tn I'm only 6 weeks along and last night experienced a little bleeding. The advice nurse told me to just rest and avoid squatting and bending. They sent a message to the doctor who may want to see me before my first scheduled appointment Wednesday. Has anyone else experienced this?