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Avatar m tn Stretching the ham string muscles regularly will often relieve pain in the lower back. Stretching the low back muscles themselves helps. Light weight lifting and things like doing the super man mat move will strengthen the back overall and you need good ab muscles to help with good low back muscles. Lots of youtube videos for this. Ibuprofen always helps in the short term.
Avatar f tn The lower part of my back iz hurtin. It goes all the way down my leg And come back up. What does That mean???
Avatar m tn Hey ,I have the same thing right lower back pain. I heard stretching would help but it got me worse now.,i went to see a doc at urgent care.They gave me some pain meds Vicodin and a muscle relaxer Flexeril. After 2 days my leg and foot got numb and tingley, also muscle weakness called them they said to go to ER so I did go and they said that it will go away once the flexeril wears out.
Avatar n tn Stretching is very important if you ask me. you need to do stretching exercises and lower back exercises daily for 30 minutes [start with 10 counts and after that 25-30 counts for each], Stretching includes such as full hamstring and calf stretch[ start with 10 counts and after that 20 counts for each]. just give it a rest at running or jogging for a while just walk 4-5 miles. If you're experiencing severe pain in your lower back you need to immediately see a Doctor [neurologist].
Avatar m tn It is normal for lower back pain,the testicles pain is due to soft tissue injures in your lower back,which is conductible pain.Too much stretching would hurt your back,depending on new research.
Avatar f tn I'm 29 weeks today and I have extreme lower back pain! So bad I've been limping for 2 weeks now the doctor said it's normal but didn't help with what I can do to help it I rest & doing light exercise to make sure I'm not walking too much or sitting for too long but nothing helps. My partner massages it& I sat with frozen veg on it as it was swollen. Today it was so bad after laying down for an hour I couldn't walk.
Avatar m tn About 6 months ago, I went to a physical therapist per suggestion of my doctor due to back pain. The pain mostly focuses on my lower back between the hips and upper back between the shoulder blades, but can radiate out to almost any area of my back. The pain is dull and constant, and is enough to provide moderate discomfort for day-to-day activities frequently, and interfere with my sleep consistently every night.
Avatar f tn i have been having this severe lower back pain that sometymes i find it difficult to turn in bed and moreover the pain gets really bad in winter ,i saw my doctor and he gave me naproxin and paracetamol which i take 3x daily .i dont want to be on pain killers for the rest of my life because anytime i take those pain killers the stops but when i stop taking them it comes again.
Avatar m tn He recomended Pain Manage doctor,I have had steroid block in lower back areas,but I still have pain,do you have any suggestions to what else could be causing these problems?
Avatar n tn Any of you ladies know of anything that can help with lower right side back pain. Nothing seems too be working. I'm up to taking 3 20 minute baths a day which aren't really helping, I've taken prescription pain meds those aren't helping, I've tried heating pad, I've tried ice, laying down doesn't help sitting does nothing waking doesn't help. I'm just exhausted and out of ideas. I just want to sleep.
Avatar m tn Disc protrusion at T11-12,L4-5 and L5-S1 levels can be conservatively managed and with treatment can slip back into original space. Conservative treatments like hot and cold compress, stretching exercises, back low impact exercises, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, specially designed corsets, spinal manipulation and traction and epidural injections are tried. If everything fails then laminectomy and other spine surgeries may be contemplated. Please consult your doctor regarding this.
667016 tn?1238891904 Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to this community & hurt my back Oct '06. I lifted a heavy bucket out of the sink & experienced excruciating pain in my lower back R hand side. Later that night I temporarily lost feeling in both legs, they were like dead weights - I had to crawl to bed. Next morning I was still in agonising pain & my spine was severly bent sideways - to the point where I looked deformed & felt like I was going to topple over.
Avatar n tn I believe this can help alot with back aches...etc...(also stretching exercises are good).... You need to just make sure its not something more serious...etc....
Avatar f tn Hi, are you saying that the disc is pushing on the sciatic nerve?
1943759 tn?1324045251 My husband has severe pain in his lower back. He says it feels like a pintched nerve. This is the second time he gets it. He's been taking Advil for the pain and been putting ice hot but it doesnt help much. Is there something he can take for the pain? Its fraustrating to him because it affects his work (he's a driver).
Avatar f tn If you're physically able, you might check into prenatal yoga classes. I have a couple of healing herniated disks in my lower back, and I'm really worried about my back during the pregnancy so I just started prenatal yoga. My OB says the stretching and back strengthening it will give me will help a lot...you can tell the instructor about your back and she'll modify the exercises for you.
Avatar m tn I have been doing lots of stretching and strength exercises such as lunges, squats, abs (lots of different abs exercises), back, hamstrings (when you're on your knees and slowly drop down, I'm even strong enough to get back up), push ups and pull ups recently, calves, and more I just can't think of.
6111917 tn?1379249869 I had pretty bad back pain early in my pregnancy as well. I actually found that exercise was one of the only things that relieved the pain. Try doing pregnancy yoga. For a quick fix I would do some squats then lay down for a bit and would always wake up feeling some relief. A trainer actually recommended it for me. Apparently hamstring exercises relieve back aches.
Avatar f tn I m 7weeks pregnant and having lower back pain and some time little abdominal pain too...does anybody ever felt the same..plz help.
Avatar f tn hi im just wondering if anyone else has suffered with back ache and pain that goes down to hip and top of leg. it an achy pain down my hip and leg. ii thought that i was pregnant but i took a test and it was negative and thought the 2 could be linked but im not so just need some advice really.
9435730 tn?1403754999 I'm 11 weeks 6 days and I've been getting a pain in my lower back every other day. It feels like a throbing on my left side. Unsure what it could be. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar n tn It is normal but I recommend to do some back exercises especially since ur early in ur pregnancy. . It helps alot. When my back started hurting that's what I did since strengthening ur back helps u carry the weight ull gain later. I'm now 33 weeks n no back pain.
Avatar f tn I have lower back pain and pelvic pain when I get up or walk around too long.
Avatar f tn Standing up/stretching causes great pain. At times, shooting pain in front of lower leg and down sides of foot. Had Ultrasound yesterday...no blockages, no cyst, no clot. inflammation of tissues/unknown origin. This has been going on for a month now. Doctor gave me Celebrex-antianflamatory, leg exercises to stretch and recommended wrap around cold compresses. Your post was a year ago....I hope you are not still suffering-let me know. I'm counting on being normal soon!