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210982 tn?1280983895 I am withdrawing from morphine and I have the worst lower back pain...tylenol does not even touch the pain...any suggestions? I am so uncomfortable right now...is there anything over the counter I can buy???
Avatar f tn I'm almost 12 weeks and am having the worst back pain ever in my lower back hip area it is worse when I try to sit or stand and makes it difficult to walk is there anything at all I can do to relieve my pain
Avatar f tn At 10w4d I am wondering what kind of pain reliever is safe for me to take for backaches n headaches ? I asked the Dr but he avoided the question.
Avatar f tn give been having really bad Pain in my knee and my lower back is there anything I can do??
Avatar f tn Hi, for a week now I have been experiencing Radom pain in my lower back. Sometimes it's an ache on one or both sides. Sometimes it feels like my tailbone is sore. Sometimes I feel pressure or pain in my groin and/or lower abdomin. I am not sure what to make of this. The day before these symptoms started I was trying to stretch my leg behind my head. That may be the cause but it is a full week later.
Avatar f tn Take a warm bath with epsom salts, have someone give you a massage, use a heating pad on low... That's all I can think of right now. Oh, and sit down, relax!!
7190844 tn?1393358607 I'm Having Lower Back Pain And Mild Cramping, I'm About 4 Wks Pregnan With My First. What's A Safe Over The Counter Pain Reliever? And While I'm At It,My Days And Nights Are Mixed Up, Safe sleeping Pill?
Avatar f tn Im 34w 4d pregnant, i just have my check up this morning because of too much pain in my left side pelvic..she told me that my baby's head was in my pelvic bone and turning too much that causes me too much pain..im asking for pain reliever but she didn't gave me.. anyone experience like this? I really need help.
Avatar f tn I get some bad backaches. N headaches I'm 10w3d what pain reliever is OK to take?
Avatar f tn Tylenol is really the only safe pain reliever .....so take one and lay in a warm bath .....actually mine has been killing me all day ....bad....I'm laying in a bath on my phone app.
Avatar f tn I'm 20 weeks and I'm having lower back pain and I was wondering if icy-hot or any kind of muscle rub would be ok to use?
Avatar n tn Without history it is impossible to say. One common cause of pain in the lower abdomen would be constipation. When you say "lower stomach," the stomach is actually a particular organ. Are you having any other symptoms? Is the pain relieved with lying down? Have you tried a gas reliever like Gas-Ex or Phazyme (simethicone)? Have you had normal bowel movements? Is there blood in your stool? Is it an odd color? Do you have diarrhea? Are you vomiting?
1493706 tn?1288654778 Would you mind reading my post on atrophy. I guess I did the wrong thing in sitting too much after my injury. What is your advice?
Avatar n tn but I am getting closer to surgery and was wondering if anyone had lower back/leg pain from Chiari that was relieved from decompression surgery? I just have not seen too many people that have it. I do not have a syrnix or tethered cord. I could possibly have spinal stenosis in the lumbar spine, because I have it in my t-spine and c-spine. I am having decompression in a couple weeks, and so hoping that it fixes it.
Avatar f tn I can't sleep I have lower back pain and pressure on my back down to my legs.. Ima go to the E.R to get checked ..
Avatar n tn Hello dear, Volini is scientifically formulated pain relieving gel for back pain, lower back pain, knee pain, and joint pain, sprains and strains. 90% people who tried Volini found it better than their current pain reliever. They experienced quicker, better & longer lasting relief. Volini gel is ideal for people on the go who don’t have the time to apply a cream again and again and take rest. Also, due to this unique attribute you use lesser quantity as compared to other sticky creams.
Avatar f tn But since about 2 hours after intercourse, I have been experiencing pain in my lower stomach area. It feels like menstrual cramps in the uterus area. The pain is not unbearable, but sometimes unconfortable enough that I have to take a pain reliever. I am curious as to if this is normal or not, because it's been almost 4 days of pain, considering the fact it was only my first time having sex and I am 16 years old.
1187318 tn?1266384482 I am 26 years old with a recent history of Ovarian Cancer, Stage IIC. I just finished up chemo in April. About 2 weeks ago, I woke up with severe lower back pain shooting down my leg/foot. After about 4 days, I went to see my regular MD where I was placed on 6 days of steroids, anti-inflammatories, and a mild pain reliever. Days 2 & 3 of steroids I had no pain. Then the pain came back. My MD had me do a MRI of my entire spine.
Avatar f tn ve been testEd but the doctor found it negative on my urine test the doctor give me a prescription it was doxycycline and pain reliever to ease the pain and I should take it for two weeks,they think it was chlamydia but im taking it for almost 8mos but nothing happen :( help me pls
Avatar f tn My 15 yr old son has had lower right abdominal pain for last couple weeks. He has started playing football this year and really working/practicing hard. It almst feels like he has a lump in the area that is sore and hurting. The area hurts when he moves around. Could this be a hernia or strained ab muscle?
Avatar f tn I can hear it as well as feel it. I feel severe pressure and deep pain underneath the crunching in my lower back. This is a recent issue as I have not had time to Andreas my physician just yet. This problem is very concerning and alarming for me. Has anyone had similar problems, or perhaps know what this may be caused from? Please advise, thank you and God Bless.
Avatar m tn A few days (Sat) after that I experienced a second attack that left me with immense pain in my left thigh and lower back and the only relief was to pull my thighs to my chest. The emergency room gave me Lortab and Valium which only took the edge off the pain. I saw my (Mon) doctor two days later who upped me to Hydromorphone which helps more. I was told to wait until the end of this week and if no improvement I would be referred to a spinal specialist.
Avatar f tn You can get that Voltarol pain reliever in a patch, that way you can apply it to your lower back, supposedly lasts 10 hours, should take care of that for you without adding to the other pills in your tummy. You should take your other medicines with a big glass of water and something to eat, helps soak up the acid it creates. If perhaps you don't like to eat in the morning when you take some of your pills, at least drink it with the big glass of water and also a glass of milk or juice.
11091907 tn?1415221745 I also found out that I have a blood clot in my left leg. I am now having a lot of lower back pain. Been to the doctor and they gave me some pain meds and scheduled me for another ultrasound to determine when the surgery is. I have not felt pain like this since I was diagnosed. Sometimes it hurts so bad to even walk. Not sure what to do. Called the doctor and they told me to keep going to the ER to get the cycts looked at. Don't know how much more of this pain I can take.