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Avatar m tn This is not a question as much as a response to others with similar issues. I have severe hot flashes in my lower back that are so hot that I have to stand, put something cool on it or at the very least lean forward away fromt the chair, care seat, etc. The difference for me is that it is predominately on my right side, although it is sometimes my whole back. My wife can physically feel that my back is hot. Because I was worried for awhile that it was all in my head.
Avatar n tn since i was young i know i have been sleeping on my stomach, which i was told about a year ago, is bad. i never had any problems with my back or any kind of pain. about a year ago when i realised that it was bad for me decided to start changing on my back or on my side. it took me a while to get used to this but eventually i did. i am not sure if this has anything to do with my problem right now but it seems liek valuable detail.
Avatar n tn I have a fever and my back is hurting really bad on a scale of 1-10 its about an 8-9 I have been having cold sweats, hot flashes, extreme headaches, naseau, can barely move. My lower back is containing alot of heat (to the touch) I've been drinking alot of water and cranberry juice and have been taking azzo pills for two days. I felt better yesterday evening but when I woke up today I was feeling bad again and as the day has progressed it's getting worse.
1468158 tn?1363026295 K so yesterday i musta done something, i lifted a barrel for my garden yeah it was heavy but i was fine, i later sat down for a break an when i got up i was screwed, since the moment i stood up ive had pain in my lower back down my legs, i cant begin to describe my pain, my dad takes pain killers for his back an i asked for one it took the edge off but i was still in pain so basically it didnt work!
Avatar f tn I have some major god awful lower back pain going on. To the point where every step i take feels like i taking a knife to my lower back I'm only 16 weeks and have only gain 4 pounds there's no way i should be experiencing this bad of back pain this early. It's to the point where i don't even want to walk.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have lower back pain, but the pain goes away when I apply a cold compress and do exercise, but recently It came back even though I have been doing exercises, I am wondering what it could be. do I have a degenerated disk or something or is it just stiff muscles or pinched nervs? also I feel like my hips might be out of alignment.
Avatar f tn Hey im 33 weeks pregnant and am suffering from a lot of lower back pain. I refuse to take paracetamol so was wondering if anyone has any advice as to what i can do to ease the pain.
Avatar m tn Doctor have taken out the disc that is pressuring my nerve at L5/S1. The pain lessen only for few years and now the pain is back again.I have tried SONATRON, the treatment with sound & heat provide only temporary relive. My condition will get worst in cold condition. I have taken numerous pain killer (ARCOXIA) to maximum dosage allowed by doc but it's not working now. I have tried other pain killers and its not working as well. Please help.
Avatar f tn Hello kidneychick, Are you saying that because of your two experiences with kidney stones in the past that you are sure your lower right back pain now is a kidney stone or has a physician taken an X Ray or Cat Scan and seen a kidney stone? I'm just curious on how you can determine it's definitely a kidney stone causing your pain.
Avatar f tn Have any of you mommies to be tried a heat pad to help soothe out lower back pain but I mean PAIN! I need 9 more weeks to go and I feel like its go ung by slowwwww.
Avatar f tn This past week my back pain has escalated :( its my lower right side.. the pain shoots down the side of my butt too! It kind of feels like my nerves are grinding together with my bones. Im 20 weeks so i can only imagine its going to get worse. Anyone have any suggestions to help with this or anyone have the same problem?
Avatar f tn Hi im 20 wks and experiencing extreme lower back pain where I am really struggling to stand up from seating position. I cant remember any of my previous pregnancies being so early with the onset of pain here. I did have crutches with my last but not until late on..
Avatar n tn Also...I used a moist heat pad, while my knees were bent, alternating with cold packs. The lower back has got to be pressed towards the floor as much as possible. Slowly and gently, pull knees up to the chest and just hold them there. Do Not bounce or rock when doing this. The object is to stretch out the lower spine to release the pinched nerves. Remember to BREATH. Have a friend gently take hold of your ankles, as you lie flat on the floor, and have them pull...
Avatar n tn Hi ladies! I am almost 22 weeks pregnant and have excruciating lower back pain. My husband doesn't want me taking Tylenol or any other pain Med. What do you recommend? Thanks!
7891785 tn?1397532007 Im having SERIOUS lower back pain.. lets see if i can describe this and it make sence. Keep in mind im only 11 wks, so obviously not any type of labor pains. But it kind of feel like knots and a TIGHT feeling. I guess kind of like it needs to be popped. Ive tried "popping" my lower back, but its just not happening. It hurts the worst when i lay on my back and when i go from lying down to sitting up. Is there anything i can do or anyone would suggest? Ive tried ice and heat aslo.
Avatar f tn the pain is so severe it had me in tears( i can handle pain) this pain is at least 4x worst than my back labor with 2 of my children and no apin meds. the pain eases when i sit after about 10 min or so but comes back once i start standing again. i am fine when i lay down i'm ok when i get up in the morning . it is in my lower back starts out as a dull uncomfortable almost muscle achy the longer it hurts the worsr it get goes into to sharp stabbing pains that go from back to front.
210982 tn?1280983895 I am withdrawing from morphine and I have the worst lower back pain...tylenol does not even touch the pain...any suggestions? I am so uncomfortable right now...is there anything over the counter I can buy???
1794411 tn?1321495731 I have a bed buddy for my neck and the heat seems to help, but there are times where the pain just feels like I need the ice pack...I have the pain in the back of my neck from a bulging disc in C6-C7, plus a lot of the headaches are always at the base of my neck. So I am just wondering what others find to work better. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Okay I'm due in 15 days and since last night I've had very bad lower back pain I've also been feeling like I need to use the bathroom and feeling very nauseous is this normal or should I be worried
Avatar f tn The back and groin pain could be a separate issue, or they may be from the the same injury. You did try to put your leg behind your back so that probably caused the pull groin muscle. It could have also pulled the muscles in your back or you may have a vertebrae out of place. Sorry for repeating myself. Is there any way you can see your Dr soon? I think that's what you need to do. In the mean time you can take an over the counter pain reliever and try using heat and cold.
Avatar f tn I started experiencing the hip pain and it was now accompanied by lower back pain (where the spine connects to pelvis) which I attributed to carrying a giant watermelon strapped to my belly for 9 months. Now, 2 years later, the pain is increasing in severity and frequency. To add to that, when I get sick with a cold/flu and develop a fever the pain strikes the hardest.
Avatar n tn My 20 year old son was recently dignosed with a pruding disk in his lower back. After seeing several doctors, one scheduled him for an epidural. It has been 2 weeks and the epidural may have relieved the pain by about 50% (per patient). Now the doctor recommends that he go see a specialist because he is not getting any better! I do not feel that surgery should be an option at this time. However, I am not a doctor and I do want him to be better.
Avatar m tn I get lower back pain, im 28w + 2.
Avatar f tn 8 times in 2 yrs. It starts with lower back pain, I have had pain in this area since the 1st time continuously but mild and bruised feeling. The back pain gets bad and I have trouble standing up straight. Then my stomach starts to distend and my bowel sounds stop and my bowel gets rock hard all the way around as much as I can palpate. I can not pass gas or stool. Laxitives dont work, neither does enema, in fact, I can barely get an enema in as rectum seems to be seized up.