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20804739 tn?1514947203 My 47 year old father is suffering from fever & lower back pain from last 2 week. In His blood test report all are okay, Then doctor reffer us for chest X-ray report. In Report they marked prominent bronchial markings in both lungs. hilar lymph nodes are enlarged. What is this. Fever is fine now but he is suffering from lower back still. Is it serious problem., Can u please help?
Avatar m tn Hi, I have lower back pain, but the pain goes away when I apply a cold compress and do exercise, but recently It came back even though I have been doing exercises, I am wondering what it could be. do I have a degenerated disk or something or is it just stiff muscles or pinched nervs? also I feel like my hips might be out of alignment.
280369 tn?1316702041 I was wondering if anyone knew the difference between lower back pain or a kidney problem?? For the last 2 days, I have had this annoying ache in my back. It's the lower right side and radiates straight up a few inches as well. I usually get sciatic nerve pain pretty bad during pregnancy and have had some this time around and I know what that feels like. But this is different.
727992 tn?1281620276 Hi, I m 4w1day preg today,,, i have been on metformin, lovenox inj, projesterone suppositories (doc prescribe) and intralipid infusion 20% (once a month),(2 m/c in past and found clotting problem, pcos, natural killer cells ) ,,,,,, I have been experiencing some severe lower back pain ,,, it is so severe i cant stand, sleep on any sides ,,,, i m crying if i move a little bit,,,, I took tylenol pm yesterday but it gives me one night relief , thats it,,,, again today morning i m experiencing the s
Avatar n tn can colon cancer cause back pain? I have lower back pain , have had skinny riibboned shaped #2. now have to strain and seems less and less is happening!
Avatar n tn I just expierienced some intense pain on the lower left side of my back about where my kidney would be, it just happened suddenly and it hurt so bad that i couldnt move. I also felt like I was going to throw up right after it hit. it only lasted about 10 minutes or so and i decided to look it up because i thought it could be appendicitis. any ideas what it could be? if so, what actions should i take?
Avatar m tn 30 am this morning (Sunday) the pain in my stomach and back went away. By 2:30pm the fever was back and so is the pain in my back but not my stomach. The pain is not constant its more like a soreness. I only feel it when I'm up moving around.
Avatar f tn Still not doing any better, I have the cramping still, infact it woke me up at 5am today. I had tried a warm bath, infact several of them, a back massage, strecthing, you name it and it hasn't helped. I called my doc, and he said some people reported back pain with the Prednisone and Zithromax combo so he is having me take a low dose 200mg of Alieve to see if it takes the pain away.
Avatar n tn A few weeks ago I found a hard mass/lump in my lower back on the left side and a smaller lump on the right side. It has been causing pain relating to lower back pain (stiffness, pain "slouching", pain straightening my back). This lump seems to feel approx. 1 - 1.5 inches on the left and a .5 inch on the right. On a side note, the past few weeks (starting a 2 weeks before noticing this back lump) I have had a sore area in my throat (not a sore throat!
972758 tn?1253099564 Your stomach and back pain could be cause from your birth control. Have thought about switching to see if that helps. I would give a Chiropractor a try. I see one and she does wonders for my back pain. Take care.
Avatar f tn I'm 11 weeks and experiencing back pain. It almost feels like a cramp but it's only on the back left side of my lower back. I've been doing a lot of painting to get my new house ready, but has anyone else gotten pain like this? If so what have you done to relieve it?
Avatar m tn Do you have a low grade fever? How pain is the pain and do you nausea or other symptoms with it? Anything bring it on?
Avatar m tn if that makes any sense, Now Keep In mind I was seen by a chiro a few months back that said my spine was out of alignment pretty badly in lower mid and upper back, and I do suffer from lower and mid back pain along my spine on a reg basis it tends to worsen with movements, yawning, and seems to be mainly be mid back around both shoulder blades and spine area, I dont have a cough, a fever I dont feel bad other than my Gerd/acid reflux which causes upper abdomen pain.
Avatar f tn I have for a long time being feeling warmth at my right lower back and it spreads to my innerbody, this started after I have right hip-replacement surgery in Dec. 07.
Avatar f tn I've been having a lower back pain the is constantly getting worst. It comes to my stomach all the way to my pelvis. It's more painful each time. The pain becomes so severe that it makes me sick to my stomach. It's hard to sit down for long periods of time and even standing it hurts. I have constant trips to the bathroom and a burning sensation every time I urinate. It stays burning for a long time that it becomes really uncountable.
8924846 tn?1410572901 That's exactly what happened to me!
Avatar m tn doesnt hsv 2 cause lower back pain and hsv 1 upper back....my upper back had sun burn sensation and lower back doesnt hurt bad but it feels uncomfortable and keep switching position. can hsv 1 do that when i have orally?
231903 tn?1281482584 1) I have constant (non-stop) lower back pain (right above my bottom). It started out in the center of my lower back, but its more on the left side now. Occasionally it will shoot pain around to my left side, even sometimes through my buttocks and upper legs. This has been constant since feb 12. 2) a few days ago i randomly struck a fever that was consistant for about 8 hours (stayed between 101 and 102) Then the next day, no fever.
Avatar m tn It's difficult for me to understand how a fatty mass at your axilla could cause pain in the lower side, it's so far away. What's concerning to me is that you have lower back pain (CVA tenderness) as well as abdominal pain. It's reasonable to ask your doctor about the possibility of renal stones (nephrolithiasis) since that's something you haven't mentioned looking for yet.
Avatar n tn Its hard to explain the pain appropriately, the best I can do is call it a squeezing pain in the lower back causing my whole torso to tense up. Right now it the pain has receded and doesn't hurt, but I can still feel it lingering, as if something is swollen inside of me. I'm read some articles on the web, and from what it seems it may be herniatic or slipped disk, or perhaps a gallbladder problem. I also found myself perpetually thirsty.
Avatar n tn The back pain I have had for so long became severe yesterday morning. Fever hitting 102, severe diarrhea, sever pain both sides of my lower back. I feel like I have a fist under my ribcage on the left side. I had my gallbladder taken out on Dec 23. Before the surgery I had an ultrasound done of my entire abdominal area and no stones were seen in my kidneys. Maybe I do just have the stomach flu and if I do would that amplify my lower back pains if it were muscular?
Avatar f tn As i said yesterday i still dont have pain in my lower back but it feels like the muscle between my pubic mound and hip is tender. Do you think thiis could be to do with my reproductive organs or sigmoid colon? (although it feels more in the crease of my leg?? Thanks again, it is reassuring to have someone i can talk to about this.
Avatar f tn Hello im 16 years old and latley i have been having some lower back pain and i get sharp pains in my abdominal area also i frequently have the urge to urinate.