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Avatar m tn These articles stated that men taking opioids for pain control over an extended period of time will eventually experience symptoms of low testosterone. Low testosterone has been linked to pain all over the body which is exactly what I am experienceing. It also stated that the lower the testosterone goes the less effective opioid pain relivers become. This is right up my alley. I am now up to 5-6 pills a day and I HATE THESE DAMM THINGS!
919239 tn?1269394658 Keep in mind, if your testosterone is below 300 (total) you are going to have symptoms of depression, this is in part because of the general nature of depression symptoms. Low testosterone is a health condition that needs to be dealt with and to often doctors throw anti-depression meds as a first line of defense. I was offered anti-depression meds from my primary, who knows very little about testosterone levels, as most do.
Avatar n tn Hypothyroidism can cause depression and in men it can cause low testosterone levels which also can cause depression. Hypothyroidism can also cause B 12, Calcium and Vit. D deficiencies. So the answer to your question the chicken came first. It is important that you keep taking your replacement testosterone as it can cause issues of it's own. I'm not sure about the estrogen relationship. If your taking your meds and still feeling depressed maybe you need a adjustment in your meds.
Avatar m tn ve been reading a lot about the connection between low testosterone, thyroid problems and depression. I have an appointment with my Internist next week followed by a Thyroid specialist the next week. Am I right to wait on the Lexapro? My brother in law takes it with great results but I just think it was a quick diagnosis. Would love to hear your thoughts. I feel awful. There hasn't been a day in the last three weeks I haven't cried in frustration.
640719 tn?1277140030 I was just wondering if anyone has had or heard of someone using the injectable under the skin Testosterone pellets? Patches are irritating to my husband and the cream stinks did I say stinks?! Wee U for sure! Can't even wash the smell out of his clothes. I'm wondering if there are any more risks going the pellet route? Doc, said they last 4-6 months. I've read infection but I think that is a very low risk.
Avatar n tn m currently being treated for depression as well as bi-polar dissorder and late on set ADD (possible symptoms of low T).The reason for my concerns at the moment is that over the past few years ive seen a noticable drop in my sexual performance and have finally had enough of it and need to know if my concerns seem reasonable, are there exceptions to the range? If so, where would i go from here to get the help I need?
Avatar n tn I have most of the classic symptoms with Low Testosterone: Low libido, fat in mid-section, fatigue, grumpy, low stamina, medium/weak erections etc., Went to my Urologist. After blood work, he said I was fine and prescribed nothing. I'm thinking he's crazy. Can someone review my readings and give me an unofficial recommendation? I'm thinking I should've been recommended some sort of therapy, and if so, which therapy is good for my situation?
Avatar m tn In any case, I would advise you to consult an endocrinologist, because low libido and increased fatigue can be associated not only with low testosterone production, but also with disorders in the thyroid gland. Take tests for thyroid hormones and perform an ultrasound exam.
1139187 tn?1355706647 Yes I had all three.. My level 215 vs 400-500 normal. Started testosterone, making me nsuseas. I think the more tots I take the more hypo I get...
Avatar n tn i took an anabolic steroid cycle once before and used test boosters to workout. ill never do that again. My testosterone count is low and i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice. i have heard about zinc pills, as well as HCG. Would these bring me back to a normal count? anything you guys could give me is greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn My boyfriend is a Tc survivor and your question is definitely a valid one as we know all too well what living with low testosterone can entail. Ive mentioned this website to others even though its a testicular cancer site there is a section in the forums on this issue which may be of some help to you. www.tccancer.com. My other suggestion is to find a good endocrinologist there are tests that your PCP probably didn't run that an endo could check for you. Hope things get better soon.
Avatar m tn Be aware, the standard lab ranges they use for testosterone are _not_ age adjusted. And most doctors dismiss low testosterone out of hand, Come back and post your testosterone levels with ranges when you get them.
Avatar f tn I have a 21 yr male who has low testosterone levels and high estrogen levels. He has gynecomastitis, overweight, depressed, and insomnia. Any advice on treatment option!
Avatar m tn it was like traveling at 100 mph and coming to a complete standstill (not depressed then) all signs pointed to low testosterone levels, but my testosterone levels were actually on the high side as well as my free testosterone. other wise i am in perfect health. i did suffer from "depression" so 2 years ago my doc put me on wellbutrin and he said that it should increase my libido, but all has stayed the same.
Avatar f tn The issues that you have mentioned are fairly typical issues tied to low testosterone, along with the Depression that I mentioned, as well as anxiety. Your numbers are pretty much in the neighborhood of where mine are, and I'm 37. I did not have the physical issues that often come with low T, but I didn't realize how bad my anxiety was until I started Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and saw how much my level of general anxiety dropped withing a few days of my first shot.
Avatar m tn Most of your symptoms appear to be due to low testosterone. Some common low testosterone symptoms are decrease in sex drive, ejaculation problems, shrinking testicle, fatigue, loss of body hair, difficulty gaining or maintaining muscle, depression, and loss of strength. With therapy there will be improvement in all these parameters with time. The cause of low testosterone has to be found out and treated.
Avatar n tn t that mean that there is no way I could have low testosterone? I always thought that if you had low testosterone that your sex drive would always be low.
Avatar f tn Hi. Your husband's testosterone was low, and normally they give testosterone shots for this, or I should say "you" would be giving your husband the shots. But he can also have the nurse at his doctor's office give them to him. It's good that he saw an Endo, and he/she really can't comment until his test results come back. At this time she will have lots to discuss with you.
Avatar m tn I took it for several months as my blood work showed low testosterone. There was no effect whatsoever on my fatigue, sex life or oven follow up test values. I personally think the whole testosterone treatment is a scam. Nobody tested me for free and albumin bound testosterone, the biologically active forms. Total testosterone is useless. This is like measuring total cholesterol without the HDL and LDL fractions. The primary practice docs are totally clueless.
Avatar m tn This past Jan 2012 I asked my doctor about testing my T levels after speaking with a friend of mine who experienced the same problems in the past and was diagnosed with Low T. My results came back and my testosterone level was 16ng/dl. Because I work as diver topical solutions were ruled out and I was prescribed testosterone cytonate (sp). I was told to take a 1ml injection of a 200ng/ ml solution once every month.