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Avatar n tn Hello, The typical male testosterone level is between 250ng/dl to 850 ng/dl. The primary treatment for low testosterone is testosterone supplement. Testosterone replacement therapy may be in the form of skin gel, injections, long acting pellets, patches or oral inserts. Clomid is not the primary treatment mode for testosterone deficiency. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn I do test I discove that I have low testosterone I start treatment and I take testosterone injection called Nebido 1000 after I take the injection The situation did not improve no sex drive or libido I do testosterone test I found result testosetrone high 8.7 but there's no any effect inside my body !!!!! What are the causes of high testosterone level without any effect on the body ???? the problem in testosterone receptor or in what ??
Avatar m tn Hi, I just got my exams an endocrinologist sent me, in them I have low testosterone I have 1.2 when the minimum is 2.7 if I am not mistaken, the thing is I guess now I will be patient a hormone replacement therapy for increase my testosterone and let me know what to expect, experiences or something that can help me with this new experience , thanks.
Avatar m tn My testosterone level was at 304 when first diagnosed .Began treatment with testim and 32 days later level was at 104.This was confirmed by 2 different labs.My FSH IS 1.82 AND MY lh is .60 yes so low not on the chart.My primary physician consulted with a endocrinologist and she said run am cortisol,prolactin,free t4,igf-1.After these come back they are suggesting MRI of the pituitary gland. MY question is which of the last 4 tests would be the definer in if i should have an MRI or not and why.
Avatar m tn If your Testosterone is really low, you may get prescribed something to help get that level raised and the doctor might give you Citranox to take. Eating right and getting some excercise will help and a little bit of Red wine also may help. I am not a Doctor but I know that there is stuff out there to help with Low Testosterone. The doctor may want to do an ultrssound on you to see if you really have ED and what your treatment options may be.
Avatar m tn 34 year old over weight male. My Dr just prescribed me Testim due to a low T count. Im extremely concerned that it's very transferable. My question is will i have to take this for the rest of my life. Is there anything i can do to raise my T count without medication? Also why didnt the Dr prescribe me something like viagra?
1139187 tn?1355706647 I am a 44 year old male who has literally suffered the last 2 years with very low thyroid and testosterone. My testosterone level is 215 , 230 and the highest it has been was 245. I never thought that my symptoms of absolute fatigue could be from low t. I also have no sex drive despite being mentally. Engaged in thinking about it like a normal guy. My ears ring as well. I had some androgel prescribed to me about 5 months ago and just started taking it about 5 days ago.
610665 tn?1237848048 I am concerned about my brother who has been diagnosed with Low testosterone and to cut a long story short I was hoping I could get some help with this and understand this as I am very concerned and worried for him... He is taking steroids and I worry that this is not good for him??? and what this will do in the long run... He has gotten himself into trouble with the law and I believe this is due to his mental state. I feel that I am not able to help in anyway due to not really understanding.
Avatar n tn I have most of the classic symptoms with Low Testosterone: Low libido, fat in mid-section, fatigue, grumpy, low stamina, medium/weak erections etc., Went to my Urologist. After blood work, he said I was fine and prescribed nothing. I'm thinking he's crazy. Can someone review my readings and give me an unofficial recommendation? I'm thinking I should've been recommended some sort of therapy, and if so, which therapy is good for my situation?
Avatar n tn I did some reading and discovered that leg weakness could be caused by low testosterone. I had blood work done and had requested a test of testosterone. I went for a neurologist visit today for an EMG to find out why my legs get so weak. After the test he told me that he was pretty sure I have Lyme disease. He had seen on my record that I had tested positive for Lyme a year ago and was treated with doxycycline for a month and that was that.
5295072 tn?1366115008 This may require further evaluation to identify a primary cause and classify the cause of low testosterone i.e. local testicular or central/ pituitary causes. Management would largely be aimed at treatment of primary cause and normalisation of blood levels. I would suggest considering a detailed evaluation by a urologist and an endocrinologist for an accurate diagnosis and suggestion of an appropriate management plan. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn 8) My Endo wanted to MRI to make sure there is no prolactinoma, in MRI it came back with 6mm adenoma . She thinks my testosterone level is low because of high prolactin although it is not significantly high. I had Neurosurgeon appointment on Friday , he thinks they should repeat prolactin couple of times before start bromocriptine as i have quite of side effects like headaches, all the time dizzy and fatigue. Jan 09 Test result Total Testosterone 216 (241-827) LH 4.4 (1.5-9.3) FSH 2.2 (1.
Avatar m tn Heart Failure and Strokes can be caused by Low Level Testosterone. It has made a world of difference for me since starting replacement therapy. Most people associate Low Libido and Erectile Dysfunction with Low Testosterone but the symptoms and consequences are far more serious. Replacement therapy is controversial but for some, there is no option. If you haven’t already, get it checked. What do you have to lose? Good Luck, R. Glass. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I think he is very comfortable with a low sex drive and the minimal amout of sex. I am sure the low testosterone level and the working alot of hours doesn't help matters, but I think he was like this the WHOLE time you. He might have put more effort into having the amount of sex that you wanted WHILE you all were dating and even that DIP over time. Secondly, you KNEW this was an issue BEFORE you married the man too.
Avatar m tn im a 22 year old male 6 ft. i think i have low testosterone because i have very low muscle mass skinny wrists and quite small hands i have been on weight lifting programs for months and done the diet but no results. my arms look like a young boys. i also have little facial hair. i really think i have some sort of hormone defiencey but i dont know what to do.
Avatar m tn Hi, It is important that you work with your pediatric endo, who would assess your present stage of pubertal development and the cause for late puberty. The treatment will depend up on the exact cause for the delay in puberty. If testosterone is presribed, it will be only for a short while to kick start the puberty, so that your body's natural development is brought in to initiate pubertal changes. The process will take some time to go through it and it will not be instantaneous.
Avatar n tn I have most of the classic symptoms with Low Testosterone: Low libido, fat in mid-section, fatigue, grumpy, low stamina, medium/weak erections etc., Went to my Urologist. After blood work, he said I was fine and prescribed nothing. I'm thinking he's crazy. Can someone review my readings and give me an unofficial recommendation? I'm thinking I should've been recommended some sort of therapy, and if so, which therapy is good for my situation?
Avatar m tn Hello everybody, I'm a 39 yo male. For the last year or so I've been more fatigue, gaining weight and have low libido. I got tested for low T and I just received my test results. The number was 274. I know that 's considered low. I've been doing a lot of research and reading and found out that most of the treatments available give a warning about sleep apnea. I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea. However, I'm under treatment for it (CPAP).
Avatar m tn I had low testosterone 225 (33 yr old male). I never had bad acne at all. Since the testopel pellets were injected my testosterone has gone to 500 which is still the low side of normal. I started getting breakouts on my face and a lot of acne on thew back of my neck and on my shoulders. Some of the pimples are very large others itch. Ive tried some acne treatments. The pads help with the face but irritate the skin. They do nothing for the shoulders neck or upper back.
Avatar n tn 2 works into these figures, but if you think yoiur testosterone is low you could boost it back up with some DHEA (a hormon)which I take for the same reason, it will boost you testosterone, lift your libido, and give your energy a kick, but please read up about if first, as it can have the add effect with the odd person, and you could back it up with some Tribulus, this is a herb and works along the same lines but takes 8 weeks to get to full power, the DHEA kicks in after a couple of days, start
Avatar n tn 6 (reference range 2 - 18 ng/mL) ESTRADIOL - 30 (reference range 13 - 54 pg/mL) SHBG - 32 (reference range 7 - 49 nmol/L) I was thinking I need to lower my SHBG and ESTRADIOL levels since my % Free Testosterone is off the charts low. Maybe I need more free testosterone. I really don't know much about this, please let me know what you think. Thanks !
Avatar m tn in May I had MRI done and had no visible pituitary gland identified due to empty sella syndrome (sella filled with CSF) and also had low testosterone...was put on testosterone injections and it helped a bit for a while but now back to the same again I had the cortisol ACTH test done and before the injection my AM cortisol was 3.6, and after the ACTH it rose to 27...