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Avatar m tn A lady was using this supplement for her dog just to give her dog the necessary enzymes/nutrients not present in cooked kibble, (that are found in raw food). She discovered, as a side bonus that her dogs incontinence ceased after starting her dog on the Fresh Factors. It works. You can double or triple the dose if you wish, to boost it in the beginning, as well, with absolute safety/no harm or ill effects, whatsoever. Anyways, I tried it, and it works.
1285651 tn?1319646029 Good luck on your HPT!! Hi nazor82- Wow my second week of the 2ww seems like an eternity away. I'm happy for you that you will know very soon if you are preggers. When do you plan to take a test? Considering this is your third round of Clomid you know what they say - 3rd times a charm!! Sounds like we are all trying for our first, how exciting!!
1436184 tn?1292087657 Had my Fentons procedure two weeks ago and still fairly sore to say the least. Where the "V" ends its quite low down and very raw. Stitches are still in tact but there is that particular part where just seems like it will take forever to heal. Anyone had this same thing happen? I've had Antibiotics already...completed the course. Not sure if it was infected, but my doctor prescribed them anyway. Now i'm not sure if thrush could be starting...
567488 tn?1244744266 It obviously is not mentioned in my file??? I was in today for BW/US - a nurse called me back with the results (she is a regular nurse and NOT IVF...??..) - Est=179/Proj=.3/LH=4/FSH= 9 - 19.3 follicle I called back immediately since I missed the call when she left a message. When I called the front desk back to talk to an IVF nurse, I was told to leave it in the IVF mailbox.
Avatar m tn Fatty red meat is high in saturated fats, which raises the bad cholesterol in the blood, known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Elevated levels of LDL cholesterol increase your risk for coronary heart disease. Fatty cuts of beef, ground beef (especially if less than 85 percent lean), lamb, pork, sausage, hot dogs, and bacon are all culprits. Deli meats, too, can contain high levels of fat.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
685623 tn?1283485207 One regular strength tablet of acetaminophen may cause damage to a cat’s red blood cells, limiting their ability to carry oxygen. In dogs, acetaminophen leads to liver failure and, in large doses, red blood cell damage. 3) Antidepressants (e.g. Effexor, Cymbalta, Prozac, Lexapro) While these antidepressant drugs are occasionally used in pets, overdoses can lead to serious neurological problems such as sedation, incoordination, tremors and seizures.
Avatar f tn If the phenylpropanolamine (PPA) was working but the incontinence returned, hormonally responsive urinary incontinence is still the most likely issue. Proin dosage in dogs is 0.4-0.8mg/pound every 12 hours or twice a day. Some dogs need estrogen replacement therapy. Usually it is possible to use low enough dosages that adverse side effects are unlikely. We never encountered any adverse issues using DES which is also called diethylstilbestrol (DES) for incontinence.
Avatar m tn Hormonal imbalance Weak bladder sphincter Urinary tract infection Urinary stones Spinal injury or degeneration (frequently seen in German shepherds) Protruding intervertebral disc Prostate disorders Presence of other diseases that cause excessive water consumption, such as diabetes, kidney disease, hyperadrenocorticism Congenital abnormalities Anatomic disorders Certain medications So the problem is going to be to discount these one by one, taking the most likely first - which is why I mention
931217 tn?1283484935 Or neutered pets studied in an affluent city may get more veterinary care, and better care in general, than intact dogs roaming loose in a rural area, so differences between the groups in some disease might be due to factors other than neutering. A good scientific study will try to control for such factors and the authors will identify potential problems with their data.
Avatar m tn You are correct there is a growing body of evidence and consensus among some vets that the absence of testosterone in castrated or aged male canines has profound adverse health effects. There is a vet in Florida, Dr. David Bieber, who is treating older large breed dogs. He is seeing tremendous overall improvements in their health through normalizing their hormonal balance. Unfortunately, he wants $2500 and a non-disclosure agreement from your vet to explain his protocols.
1927233 tn?1326673987 But after the surgery it only get much, much worse. I was treated for low iron and ferretin levels, but nothing changed. If I do anything physical - walk the dogs, go grocery shopping, etc - I get exhausted and need to take a nap to recover. Yet, the only test that was significant was my cortisol levels. Both tests showed my coritsol levels were too high.
Avatar m tn scientists discovered that gut microorganisms not only influence immune cell function, but actually support the production of immune cells that form the first line of defense against infection. About 80 percent of the neurotransmitter serotonin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract—not the brain. Since large quantities of neurotransmitters are manufactured in the gut, that means your GI tract is largely responsible for your general physical and mental well being.
Avatar m tn Cows are also injected with synthetic hormones such as recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) to increase the production of milk which can cause hormone imbalances and weight gain in humans. A diet low in fat, high in fiber and whole grains can help reverse Type-2 diabetes, reduce body weight and address unhealthy cholesterol levels. The addition of fruits and vegetables are also excellent at managing insulin levels.
Avatar n tn For example, if I am out of balance with my estrogen (even though it is the bioidentical and not the synthetic type) and progesterone (not progestin as we all know by now) I can get into trouble with estrogen excess. But if I am low on Progesterone, my thyroid goes crazy, my cholesterol goes up, and I cease rebuilding bone, I have constant and debilitating brain fog, (although the estrogen and testosterone contribute to clarity of mind) joint pain, soft muscle pains, etc.
Avatar m tn My recommendation according to your post is that your dog has Atypical Cushings Disease and Lysodren is currently the preferred treatment to treat this. With 3 days of Lysodren at a low dose your dogs elevated sex hormone levels will reduce. Trilostane will not help as it causes further elevation of sex hormone levels.
135691 tn?1271100723 Migranes, allergies, anxiety, depression, mental fog, leg cramping, weight struggles. I had it all. The reason I was in estrogen dominance and low on progesterone for years before my hysterectomy for ovarian cancer at age 47 was because I was not always ovulating. There were signs of this....once it was documented by a lab when a sample of my blood was sent in as I was bleeding profusely and needed a D and C . Turns out I had not ovulated at all (they were checking for miscarriage).
Avatar n tn Older spayed female dogs often become incontinent and leek urine because they are low in the hormone called estrogen as a result of being spayed. There are several products available that remedy this "leekage"easily which your vet should be able to provide for you. What does your dog weigh? Arthritis and its related pain are greatly improved by keeping your dog lean and eliminating any excess body weight.
209987 tn?1451939065 ) due to the high amount of soy in their diet. Soy is a phytoestrogen which mimics the action of estrogen in the body. Based on this article, my mother decided to try out a product called Phytolife by Blackmores (contains soy phytoestrogens). Within 3 months of taking this product her menopausal symptoms were gone. After 3 years she found she didn't need to take Phytolife anymore. Menopausal symptoms can last from 2 to 10 years.
Avatar n tn Actually, I know that from firsthand experience. In 2000 my doc treated my bleeding with that and it got worse and in 2004, I was given a depo shot, which I think is mainly progesterone, and I was already bleeding and it got much, much worse and I had my procedure done early. That was supposed to thin my endometrium beforehand, but all it did is cause a major flooding incident. Anyhow, if anyone knows the answer to this, please let me know and where I might pull the information up from.
333612 tn?1302886990 I wanna get my kids a puppy but momma says no. I always had dogs growing up and my wife never did. She said she might be willing to in a year or two. I bet your kiddos are loving it. I see you changed your picture along with everyone else. Guess it's time for me to get a facelift too.
594189 tn?1386920207 I am on metformin for the insulin resistance. I was told that my estrogen level is kinda low which is causing issue still with getting pregnant. I have lost 35 pounds to date since 09/11/08.
Avatar m tn I had 50 + symptoms of severe magnesium deficiency and one of my symptoms was nail biting. SEVERE nail biting for decades vanished with magnesium. Holy moly~! :) Magnesium is needed for dopamine production too. I can personally recommend magnesium chelated with amino acids supplements for better absorption. Excerpt from Best Magnesium Citrate - How to Fix Heart Palpitations or Irregular Heart Beat...
196469 tn?1365391575 When women start to skip ovulation, which can start as early as the early 30's, then progesterone is not produced and if you start skipping ovulation more frequently, you become so low on progesterone...then the estrogen in your system becomes dominant. This can happen even when your estrogen levels are dwindling as in perimenopause. So, even a small amount of estrogen without progesterone to balance it out can cause problems.
4966610 tn?1362057908 Cortisol Test Result Reference Range Cortisol 8.2 2.0 - 6.0 ug/d H Reticulocyte Panel % Reticulocyte 0.5 - % Reticulocyte 31 10 - 110 K/ul Senior Profile W/HW Chem 27 Alk.
1149072 tn?1269772847 Our dog would pee in her sleep, and she was put on Stilbesterol, for estrogen problems. It seemed to work well.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the post, AnotherKatie. You made me chuckle w/the comment about your dogs. Ain't it the truth?! In my heart, I want nothing but the best for everyone around me....I'm low key and easy to get along with. But sometimes I open my mouth when I shouldn't and say things that I should maybe not have. Don't laugh at me, but I swear I think that my eyebrows make me look like I'm always mad or something. I'm going to start plucking them a different way from now on!
Avatar f tn hot flashes......how am I gonna know if its gonna kill me if I am sleeping b/c I have pretty low bp in the first place.........argggggg Nauty.........