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Avatar n tn they can. also low estrogen can cause urethral spasms too. continue to follow up on your symptoms with your provider to try to get to the bottom of them. if you can find an urogynecologist near you, they are terrific for follow up on these sorts of issues too.
Avatar f tn Is there ONE treatment for both BV and UTI? I am 47, and struggle with vaginal dryness (which is probably the root cause of all these problems). I have had unpleasant reactions (itching, burning, redness, pain) to every lubricant I have tried, even those without glycerin & parabens. These infections are embarrassing and they are ruining my life. My husband is very understanding, but I feel like a lousy partner. We used to make love 4-5 x per week; now it is zero. Please help.
Avatar n tn At this point I feel I am going back and forth between yeast infections and low estrogen symptoms. Needless to say I am losing my mind and am in agony. Any suggestions? OR home remedies? Baths? Anything would help.
Avatar f tn The burning (all over my vagina, including my labia sometimes) really only lasts the two or three days before my period and generally stops as soon as I put the yeast infection cream on it, but it seems weird that it keeps happening, and is followed by a UTI sometimes, and that it started happening when it did. My questions simplified are as follows: 1)In your opinion, given the information could this be mild Herpes symptoms?
167426 tn?1254089835 No problems urinating, no UTI. Last scans were clear, vag and abd, pelvic hurt more than normal, She is waiting for a Cysto, they put her on macrobid {sp} today.
Avatar m tn therefore causing bleeding. 2. I have a mild UTI. 3. The Mild UTI and the bleeding is leading to a change in my PH and causing the irritation and itchyness. What are your thoughts?
Avatar n tn I sleep around 12 hours or more per day, inferitilty, neuropathy in hand and feet, low immune system, quick to anger for no apparent reason, memory loss -what would I do without sticky notes- , moderate muscle & joint pain 2-3times week, frequent UTI and was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 8 years ago when I was 31 but am now in remission. My tsh test shows 1.53 and my t4 shows 2.05. can this mean something is wrong with my thyroid???? I have been to countless general prac.
Avatar f tn I am also going thru menopause and was told that low estrogen can cause UTI's. Is this true? My symptoms feel pretty severe to me, is this just a simple UTI, or does anyone know signe of have gone to my kidneys?
Avatar f tn Thank you for your response. I have been on both the combined pill and an estrogen only pill. I have had a thyroid test and that's all normal also.
Avatar n tn I sleep around 12 hours or more per day, inferitilty, neuropathy in hand and feet, low immune system, quick to anger for no apparent reason, memory loss -what would I do without sticky notes- , moderate muscle & joint pain 2-3times week, frequent UTI and was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 8 years ago but am now in remission. My tsh test shows 1.53 and my t4 shows 2.05. can this mean something is wrong with my thyroid???? I have been to countless general prac., & neurologist.
Avatar f tn I took her through emergency after 3 days where the ER doctors did a urinalysis and cultures but as a result they both tested negative for a UTI or bladder infection. She was diagnosed with strep throat and is being treated with amoxicillin 400mg in which I was told it cures some symptoms of a UTI however she still complains. I followed up with her pediatrician where there was a second urinalysis done which also tested negative.
Avatar m tn After that I fan myself until I cool enough to go back to sleep for another few hours. I am on low dose estrogen replacement. The bedroom is kept at 66 degrees and my nightclothes do not exist. Each time I awaken I have to go back to the bathroom. I do have a sip of water when I am trying to cool off but never more than 2 ounces. I need some good uninterupted sleep. Please help.
Avatar f tn 5 cm tumor with calcification totally 4.5cm.in July 2008. Stage 2A/grade 2 with LVI-lymphatic vascular invasion. Estrogen and progesterone positive. If anyone can tell me something about Arimidex and the above side effects and osteopenia and whether or not I need to start a bisphosphonates please let me know.
Avatar f tn There are many problems that cause vaginal dryness such as hypothyroidism, Sjogren’s syndrome, vaginitis or inflammation of vagina, dermatitis of skin around vagina, condom allergy, or allergy to soaps and lotions. Menopause and low estrogen is another cause and you must continue to use Premarin while you rule out other causes. Sometimes the foreplay is not adequate for the female to be aroused as the arousal time of the two partners is different. Hence you need to pace yourself with your wife.
886230 tn?1242085320 The weight was around my lower tummy and hips, which I now know was due to the high levels of Estrogen and low levels of Progesterone. I fully expected to gain weight post-op. so losing my extra weight that I had put on the last few years is a huge bonus!!! Thanks for all of the support and awesome advice I got before and right after my surgery.
Avatar n tn Well he doesn't quite know that since I've had three since then. My Estrogen is quite low, almost bottomed out, yet I still get cycles. Supposedly in November I had a UTI but no pain or anything. If I did have one, it was the first in my entire life. The wipes is an idea I'd thought of but personally haven't ever known any one that uses them. The therapy I'm sure is to help see if any thing can be done about the muscles without going to last resorts.
Avatar f tn Discuss with your doctor underlying causes like estrogen dominance (over progesterone),low estrogen, insulin resistance and get these addressed. I hope this helps,however, please note that my comments are not intended as a replacement for medical advice.
Avatar n tn Hi Ladies – Long time! Sorry about that! Here are responses to your questions. This is a long one but I hope I’ve answered all your questions. And I promise to log in here more often!  Desperado: Congradulations on the conception but terribly sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Hang in there babe – you’ll get a babe yet. My recommendation is mortgage the house for IVF and PGD before time runs out. ;) see response to your Qs #1 and #2 below. Shayla: taking more is good.
Avatar n tn Many thanks for your reply. I am going to go on that web right away. I posted a very long message this afternoon that never got posted...I twitched all day, with numbness in my tongue, feet, and spasms in my fingers! I went out to dinner, had two glasses of wine, and of course feel better, but STILL feel the twitching in my legs. It is non stop. I have been taking valium, and someone has said that it may be the problem! I also am on estrogen and fosamax!
Avatar n tn Just started 2nd day of doxycycline and feeling no better - not sure when I would notice anything. No recent sexual activity. Gyn thinks it's estrogen deficiency and wants me to start vagifem, but I am questioning the acute onset of this?? Cannot detect any bladder spasms, but am extremely uncomfortable feeling like I always need to urinate. Notice it is particularly bad when lying down and on either side. Can only sleep on back.
Avatar f tn I had to do the research myself, and much like the writer who mentioned the testosterone, I was not helped until I was put on that, and also after getting a script for bioidentical progesterone, to balance the estrogen. The estrogen helped a bit with libido, vaginal dryness, and hot flashes and night sweats, but, three months after my surgery, I was feeling horrible. I needed the progesterone and testosterone. Progesterone has been shown to take the ill effects of too much estrogen away...
Avatar n tn This can also help greatly with discomfort, pain during sex, correcting the vaginal pH and stopping the overgrowth of abnormal vaginal flora. Local low dose treatment with oestrogen has been found to have significant effect on the postmenopausal urogenital symptoms related to atrophy.
Avatar n tn He also ran a test for a strange rare yeast and sent it to the lab. We will see. I'm very hopefully the estrogen will work, my skin feels like it needs some help rebuilding or healing. If not I'm to go see a vulva specialist. Any thing else you can tell me about your situation? How long did you try the estrogen, was it cream or oral?
970430 tn?1254324797 They did blood work that day and the day after and found my levels were low but rising so I was prescribed Progesteron supplement. I went back at 6w6d for an U/S with the Tech and she found the baby very easily and told me my uterus was tilted pretty far forward and the Dr.
641554 tn?1319844717 I am also taking meds for UTI. And baby Aspirin . I started baby aspirin on cd 1. I pray this works out for me. I'm giving myself 6 months and then on to help from docs.
Avatar f tn It took me 3months to get of pain killers and antibiotics and to feel normal again. But after that I have only had two UTI in a year which I think is cause of the surgery. Also I take cranberry tablets every day the higher does the better and drink at least 2.5 L of water a day. But to get to the point, I have only had 3 yeast infections but they start at my clitoris and itch and burn like crazy and have found the little white stuff around the hood?
2020005 tn?1476662562 I need input ladies, the past few days Chloe has been so cranky, she's teething so I assumed it was just that. Well Thursday night she got a low fever, runny nose, cough, etc, and started pulling at her ears so I took her to her dr. She checked everything, said it was probably viral.
Avatar n tn a small amount of Estrogen (into the age of about 80) and Testosterone until about age 75. This is still a minimal amount and often not enough for a woman to feel totally vital or feel well in an optimal sense. This is where your homework needs to come into play. So, you could be experience a loss of hormones due to the hysterectomy and also just due to an expected (or not) menopausal experience.
Avatar n tn The only problems I had with my pregnancies was low hemoglobin, b-12 and anemia with all four and some adema with just the last one. I hope you don't end up going on and on like I have the last several years. Take care, and let's keep in touch on this. I really think there is something causing all these common symptoms in so many of us. You'll maybe have noted that Sonie is active EB virus too. I don't know for certain that it's my ex-s fault. I just enjoy blaming him for everything. . .