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Avatar f tn The second time around, the doctor changed the meds, but I did not respond, and my estrogen levels were low. The cycle was cancelled. Now, I've started again, with a different protocol. My ultrasound was positive for follies, but once again, my levels were low. Not as low as the first time, but lower than what they would have hoped. Has anyone had this issue with IVF? If so, did your levels turn around? I'm sooo frustrated...I just don't know what to do!!!
1493378 tn?1288711591 so, there's a tendency that my doctor will cancel this cycle? i'm so worried...tomorrow will be my follow-up check-up with my doctor, but i'm really so confused w/ this result. On my previous ivf treatment, ,my estradiol level was 21 pg/ml, and this cycle it's >20 pg/ml...what was your estradiol level when they cancelled your cycle?
Avatar n tn Apparently bad news is if you have high estrogen on day 2. I am in natural cycle IVF and my follicle has developed well and my uterus lining is good. I am having aspiration tomorrow - so it did not look like there was a problem even though estrogen was low on 2nd day. I hope all works well for you. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I haven't done IVF before, but I've started my very first IVF for my third child a couple of weeks ago, and should be starting my puregon shots in just over a week. But, I did have to use drugs to conceive my daughter, for IUI. I think it is normal for your dose to be upped due to low response. I've had three IUIs this year - first once cancelled due to over-response - I started on 75iu but grew too many follies.
Avatar f tn I did an IVF transfer on 26 November. I had three embryos transfered and on Friday 7 December I did a blood HCG and it turned up positive at the clinic. On Moday 10 dec I ddi another blood owrk and it turned up with an hcg of 11. The next day I did another blood hcg and it turned up to be 6.8. The nurse had me do another blood work today 13 Dec and it turned out to be less than 5 on the hcg. She said that I was pregnant and I could have had a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn My RE is highly regarded in his field and he told me at my first appointment that he is not even going to consider Clomid for me because of my age and he would just start me off on Menopur but he asked that I take a repeat FSH/estradiol and I did and the results were worse than before so I don't know what his game plan is going to be. I am just leaving it in Gods merciful and miraculous hands and EXPECT to get pregnant and have a baby.
Avatar n tn Sorry i dont know alot about things but how high is your estrogen lvl supposed to be at? and i dont know what pof and ivf stands for. If i could give u more advise i would. Sorry that you are having a bad day.
Avatar n tn Have just had IVF, 14 days post IVF beta HCG is fine. E2 is low. Anyone have any information.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I got my first test and FSH came back as 18 and Estradiol as 16. My Obgrn told me I needed to see a RE. I am freaking out bc after looking online the FSH number is horrible! I'm 41, have totally regular periods but do have ovarian cysyts since my 20's from time to time. Small ones. Could this skew my FSH result? Also, what does my Estradiol level even mean?? Can't find anything on Google.
1834120 tn?1422945867 So, I spoke with the nurse who said my RE would call me tomorrow but from what I am reading my E2 is low. I triggered last night for a natural FET on 11/6 and my E2 is only 109. I have been reading that your E2 should be between 200-600 with one mature 18mm follicle. Yesterday I had one mature 20mm follicle. Anyone know if this is significant? I won't know anything more until tomorrow. Crap.
691236 tn?1311203574 I've only used progesterone in the past, but I'm currently getting ready for IVF and will be on both estrogen and progesterone after retrieval. Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn Also, do you think that the 500mg B6 supplement I've been taking could cause my LH and Estradiol levels to be low? Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn If you are still experiencing hot flahses and vaginal dryness then you should check a cycle day 3 FSH, LH and estradiol to see if they are elevated meaning that there may be evidence of perimenopause. Check with your Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility doctor.
497090 tn?1217515095 Dear Dr. My husband and I have just completed our first IVF procedure on 24 April 2008 and had 3 embryos implanted into me which one had 8 cells and two had 6 cells. I am a mother of 4 kids and I am 36 yrs old and had tubaligation on 11 June 2004 with my last daughter. We completed all of the test and everything was the way it should be. However, I start spotting on 2 May and proceeded to lose the babies on 3 May.
Avatar n tn my breast still sore but thats from the progesteron i take and from estradiol. i took a hpt on 9/27 and was negativ..and i took one today and it's negativ. i have a blood test on friday...but at this point i'm very upset. i'm still taking the meds, the doctor told me not to stop until i get the blood results on friday.. you can be pregnant..i felt the same in july, on my 3 ivf, i felt like i was about to have my period ...and i was pregnant. i reallly, realllllly hope you are. i'm 42...
Avatar n tn here goes.... I started IVF 2 years ago and started DHEA 1 year ago after 3 failed IVF cycles. I now have 10 embryos on ice and am in the middle of what we hope to be our last cycle. After alot of experimentation and mis-steps, our last cycle yielded 10 eggs, 5 were unfortunately immature but the other 5 all fertilized. I had 14 antral follicles at baseline last week and tomorrow is day 6 scan. Couple basics from my experience. 1.
1184481 tn?1264401890 I received the devastating news 2 months ago that my FSH was 11, estradiol 220, and amh 2.94. I was told IVF was a waste of money and my best chances of getting pregnant was through egg donors! I was shocked, upset, and angry! The doctor's bedside manner was horrendous! We then decided to go to a private fertility specialist and he recommended me taking 75mg of DHEA and to come back in a few months qnd retest my amh and hopefully try a cycle of ivf. I am also seeing an actupuncturist 1x week.
216278 tn?1308864682 , it has been determined that I have sub-clinical hypothyroidism and my estrogen levels are low. This is the first month that I have worn an Estradiol patch and am just getting concerned! I know that the best advice and words of wisdom come from those who have experienced it, so I thought that I would start here... Is it possible that this patch can raise my Estrogen to a level that would hinder my chances at pregnancy this month? (I wear it for 10 days after I ovulate!) Thanks!
Avatar f tn Just be cautious - it's easy to get swept up into the talk and promises of IVF and it's not a guaranteed success by any imagination. In many ways, it was more devastating to me!! I don't mean to be a downer, but I wanted you to hear another side of the story! Good luck!
Avatar f tn We did IUI last month but it was unsucessful. All levels are normal except estradiol which was above 80. Up untill two months ago she had LH surge every cycle. Now all of the sudden nothing. Last month no surge on opk but on ultrasound she had a good follicle so we did the IUI. Has anyone had success with preg when estradiol is high? If so we would love some advice.
1002983 tn?1349825686 Then I had two failed IUIs, but had OK estradiol readings and follies during these cycles. Anyway, I had my AMH and FSH test done and got the results today - no figure for the AMH, the RE just told me I am in the **AMBER** zone. It's somewhere between GREEN (good follicle reserve - meaning pregnancy should occur within 12 months) and RED (menopausal)!!! Also, my FSH has shot up to 10.1 - it was only 8.6 seven months ago!!
Avatar n tn My blood work came back fine. THe only problem was my estradiol levels were low so they put me on estradiol. When i went, i had 6 follicles ranging from 6mm to 18 mm. I didn't respond well to the meds so next time they will increas doses and add some new ones. I am hoping that when they did the egg retrieval and there were no eggs it was because of the sluggish response to meds and my follicles did not respond. I am going to try again soon.
1160986 tn?1486823325 Met with Dr today. He said that everything looks good and we can proceed with IVF. My cycle just started so will have to wait for next cycle at end of March He discussed the protocol with us. It's so much to take in but the clinic gives IVF classes so we'll be able to get more information and ask more questions. He said we will be doing the short protocol.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me what they experienced that first ultrasound appointment during an IVF cycle? I go in for mine tomorrow, which will be my 6th day if taking stims (Follistim) and I'm really nervous they won't see enough follicles. I had my estradiol taken yesterday, and it was really low, so they increased my dose to twice as much. If I don't have many follicles tomorrow, does that mean I'm just not going to have many? Or, will follicles continue to grow, and new ones will continue to form?
Avatar f tn dosage was increase to 375 ui for 3 days and still, estradiol is low and no follicles seen. doctor advised to cancel the ivf due to abandon cycle and try next cycle again with an increase dosge of 450ui. Why is it that my body is not responding to gonal f even though the dosage has been increased? Is there a problem? How sure i am that i will respond to next cycle if its already 450 ui? What would be my other options if i am really not responding to that med?
Avatar m tn We were not expecting anything else to be wrong however have recently seen my FSH and Estradiol results taken day 2 of my period and I am concerned. Can you advise as we do not have another appointment for another 2 weeks and I am really concerned. We are English - based in Spain, and would really appreciate any advice out there.
Avatar f tn Personalizing an IVF protocol is the art of this type of medicine. At 39 a key thing to start with is What is your cycle day 3 FSH (want it < 10) and What is your estradiol ( want it < 60). A mature follicle ready to ovulate has a estradiol level of about 200. EX: if a pt has 7 follicles, I am looking for an estradiol around 1400, now these are all muture, which rarely is the case, some large some small.
Avatar n tn In my last meeting with my Doctor he said he was confused about why I would have such a low egg count. ( Our reson for IVF was low sperm count and endometriosis , which had been scoped) I am 28, never smoked, no alcohol, average in height and weight, no family history of infertility. And he says " i can't figure it out but it must be genetic and I think you need an egg donor" How does that make sense at all? He didnt even ask me about my families fertility!