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Avatar f tn Since she has to get implants regardless, I asked her if maybe they can place 3-4 implants to replace the loose lower teeth and the ones that fell out. I know implants are more expensive, but the price of 3-4 with crowns might be about the same as the cost of teeth extractions, root canals, dentures, etc + the oral surgeon's cost.. If the infected teeth aren't bothering her or compromising her nutritional status, can't she just leave them alone for now?
Avatar n tn She is only 40 and mortified apparantly the only thing they can do is take some bone out of her hip and put it in her gums, this will take nine months to heal before they do any work on her teeth, and this just for the top set will cost £25,000? Is this right, is there not something else can be done, and something cheaper?
1012542 tn?1313354880 I did some research. Cost for implants is $1250.00 - 3,000.00 per tooth, with total cost for the implants between 15,000 to 30, 000. You need to add to this, the cost for anesthesia, synthetic bone (if needed) and xrays. Insurance does not cover implants. Studies show a five year success rate for lower jaw implants & 90% for upper (especially the posterior section) because it's less dense than the lower jaw, making a successful implantation potentially more difficult to achieve.
Avatar m tn A five unit bridge is a very long span. If those supporting teeth follow what your others did, it would leave you with a real problem. What your dentist is proposing is sort of "middle ground" between a partial denture, which can be incredibly natural looking and quite comfortable, and implants. If you haven't considered implants, I highly recommend them.
Avatar n tn My father in law recently got implants for all of his teeth which only cost him $7000.00. I am wondering if getting implants to replace the bridge would be better and less expensive. I am 43 and all my existing teeth and gums are in good condition. I live in Northern California - Humboldt County.
Avatar n tn s been in braces forever and we are looking toward dental implants when she is a few years older. However, I read where implants only last around15 years - is this true? Cost is definitely a factor since we have already spent a small fortune, so I am thinking bridge instead of the implants. Opinions?? Is there any other procedure we might consider? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I figure I have advanced gum disease. I talked to a Dentist and he said, the treatment is usually 4 to 8 visits. What treatments do they do and how far apart can they be done. I do not have insurance I was curious what the cost of 4 to 8 treatments cost me? I have bad credit so I'd need to pay cash.
Avatar n tn My teeth are about to fall out Upper Arch atleast holes in every tooth I use to have 32 teeth lol now I have 30,one split in half,14 rotting away, 2 wisdom teeth ect.. I know my opition is denture for the upper arch (implants are 1100.oo just for one its stupid.)Possiable bottom denture are there any good dentures out there that look real?, I have no dental insurance yet I have to be put to sleep for anything cause I have a history of punching my doctors.
Avatar n tn My dentist easily put in a spacer tooth, that only adhered to the side of the teeth beside it. It cost very little. It was attached with glue on the sides i believe and with a thin coat of material on the back of the teeth (on the spacer and one tooth on either side). It is not noticeable, nor can you feel the material on the back of the teeth serving to join them. The only problem was that the natural teeth colored, whereas this floating spacer did not, it stayed very white.
460185 tn?1326077772 After having some of my back upper teeth and one front tooth extracted, my other teeth began to "shift". It has effected my speech. I sound like I'm drunk and I'm so tired of being labelled drunk when I don't even drink. Does anyone know anything about dental implants for my front teeth. I'll probably have to have the other one removed if I do get them. All this is the result of gum disease and I couldn't afford to go to a periodontists.
Avatar n tn Fortunately I have good dental insurance that will cover most of this, but is there any chance of saving these teeth? Both have some mobility. My insurance also covers part of the cost of implants and the #7 tooth is already protruding and twisted -- would I be better off just having it extracted and then having an implant after the bone graft? Last question -- if I have the tooth extracted, is there any period of time that I would have to go without a temporary tooth/plate in that area?
Avatar n tn Any thoughts on which way to go? What are the risks for implants? Is the risk greater for the front teeth or is it reasonable?
1600546 tn?1297775526 Are dental schools good for doing dentures or dental implants? I was thinking about getting the dental implants because they will look more natural. But I don't know if there are any schools in Wichita Kansas and if they are cheap and do good work.
Avatar m tn Thanks for your help..but implants is really out of budget as of now.It cost a lot of money.The consideration I only have is denture or bridge.But Im considering implants also maybe in the future just need to save up for that. Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn I did enquire about implants but my dentist said that there was hardly any bone for the implants to hold on to unless of course i have, i think it was bone grafts or some thing like that which of course only cost around 17,000 to 20k which i just havent got plus it sounds hidiously painfull! MY teeth have driffeted terribly, and now have major gaps there are massive pockets i have recurring infections its just misrable.
Avatar n tn I am undecided between implant and bridge. My dentist has told me that normally for people my age he would advise implants, however, since my adjacent teeth have fillings, he told me that I should strongly consider a bridge. However, I am afraid of the damage that may be caused to the adjacent teeth. What do you think? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hi, Both my DH and I have had implants placed. I had mine placed at the time my teeth were removed and he had them years after this teeth had come out. Implants are just like screws. If the bone is there, they can be screwed into it. If the bone isn't, there are many ways to replace it. In both our cases, we needed bone graft material. As to costs, my implants were a little over $2K each (I had four) and the crowns and abutments were another $1175 each.
Avatar f tn Teeth and bones are both affected by tx. Calcium supplements and vitamin D could help to prevent problems. The other thing is avoiding dry mouth, a side effect of tx. Use biotene mouthwash and/or gel. Xylitol mints and gums are good too. Brush every time after you eat, floss daily and obviously stay away from sugary sweets.
Avatar m tn First I went to a dental school (chair professor) and he recommended I do 2 implants (I have 2 missing teeth next to each other) because they don't do anything under 10MM and a longer implants will not be stable alone. The cost would be $15,000 for 2 implants, bone graft and sinus life. I went to a 2nd different private dentist who said the school was wrong and he did the successful implant for $4500 with no lift or graft.
Avatar m tn They can't do a RC on tooth 14. It's loose and needs to be extracted, so needs an implant or bridge but I'm not sure if there's enough bone for an implant. I'm guessing that an implant PLUS a bone graft is even MORE expensive than just an implant right? Then I have the cost of extraction, two crowns, a buildup and who knows what else. I'm not sure what all this could come up to. My insurance won't pay for implants.
Avatar n tn My son is 16 and will be starting his 5 year of having braces placement. Several months ago he developed a cavity although small still needed filled. Then a month or so after that he complained of severe pain in the same area (upper right side) took him back to the dentist he did xrays and said he couldn't see anything wrong.
Avatar n tn Crowns left spaces between teeth allowing food stuck in there. Saw new DDS and he did full mouth x-rays and told to have my upper teeth pulled and have implants. I saw the film where former DDS filled teeth and placed crowns and it was all black (decay) I was told decay under the crown and gums was hopeless to do anything to save these teeth but extract and implants. I saw a Protodontist. He wanted 30,000.00 and gave me a form for low interest payment plan.
1819855 tn?1317137399 THe dentist told me if they need to come out he will give me a palate ,I wish I had chosen the pallate if I Am to have 3 implants a bridge and a palate all on my upper teeth ,I cannot cope with all this suffering! Forget implants!!! There are new dentures available made from a lighter sophisticated material I wish I hadn't allowed myself to be influenced by the professionals involved!!
1415174 tn?1453243103 Sounds like they are talking about a flipper for the space between your teeth while the implant integrates. It snaps onto the teeth on either side with little clamps and can really help. Don't worry about eating. The implants are placed below the gumline and closed over. Once it heals.....you don't really know it's there until it's time for your crown. The gum is then slightly opened and a healing cap is placed while your crowns are made.
Avatar m tn t be saved anymore, he suggested a three unit bridge. This means that the two other teeth that are still fine would be given crowns, and it would cost around $5K when everything is done. When I talked to some friends that had this, they told me it doesn't last very long, and if one of teeth that now would have crowns on them would ever have a issue, then you will need to redo the three unit bridge.