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Avatar n tn My PTH is also high as is my calcium serum. My serum Vit D is very low. My urine phosphorus is LOW and my urine calcium is very low normal. Didn't get tests results back for the TSH yet. Took nuclear and contrasted scans and ultrasound of my thyroid and parathyroids but they weren't enlarged. I'm seeing an Endocronolgist for this. She's trying to put the pieces together. High parathyroidism can be Primary or secondary.
665125 tn?1273023924 During my TT they had to remove 2 of my parathyroid glands and I had seriously low blood calcium levels and i wasa taking 2 0.25 mcg calciteral tablets and taking around 6 1200mg of calcium tablets. I had to get re admitted back to the hospital for 3 days after my TT so that they could monitor my blood calcicum levels and also had to go to the ER soon after my surgery so that they could give me some fluids and stablise me..
Avatar m tn Low hemoglobin can be caused by many factors, from kidney failure, to lack or iron in the diet. Often high blood pressure can be stabilized by a simple calcium supplement and some garlic every day.
Avatar m tn , because it is the nature of NA to inhibit the replication of hbvdna. But not all of all patients who achieved very low hbvdna are candidates for stopping treatment. Stopping treatment has been investigated very extensively, it can lead to re-treatment(the majority of patients), or becoming inactive without medication, and a few will lose HBsAg.
Avatar f tn You need iron to produce red blood cells. So without iron, you develop anemia (low red blood count) and it makes you feel a little breathless because red blood cells carry oxygen and you have to breathe a little harder and your heart beats become more noticeable. So it sounds like your doctor is on this and has increased your iron supplements? Anemia is very common in pregnancy, by the way, and usually responds pretty quickly to treatment with oral iron supplements.
Avatar m tn 1- is it true that calcium might be affected if he has low vitamin D even though the blood tests showed nothing concerning calcium ? 2- is there any relation between both ? 3- should he take calcium needles even though his blood tests were normal ? p.s , he is already on track on solving his vitamin D deficiency .
1535301 tn?1294715518 I have another question regarding my low calcium issues. I have been keeping track of when I have more symptoms and it always corresponds with when I am ovulating (mid-cycle) and menstruation. They seem to cause severe calcium drops. I have also noticed worse symptoms if I am more physical (which is every day). Is there some sort of hormonal treatment that could stop my symptoms around menstruation, and /or eliminate them since it seems to bring them on?
Avatar n tn Consequently if he is losing a lot of water via perspiration, then he is losing his fluid volume, which will lower his blood pressure, because low volume means low pressure. If he is not experiencing heart palpitations, which can be caused by low potassium, then I would just suggest drinking gatorade while playing golf. Also, is he on a low sodium diet? If so, then that would further put him at risk for hyponatermia. Is he on a diuretic?
1535301 tn?1294715518 I have another question regarding my low calcium issues. I have been keeping track of when I have more symptoms and it always corresponds with when I am ovulating (mid-cycle) and menstruation. They seem to cause severe calcium drops. I have also noticed worse symptoms if I am more physical (which is every day). Is there some sort of hormonal treatment that could stop my symptoms around menstruation, and /or eliminate them since it seems to bring them on?
Avatar n tn Now, 18 months later I still take them, probably more than average, but a lot less then I once had to. Routine bloodwork showed PTH level steadily came back up and calcium levels in blood steadily improved. A dexa scan, done about the 1 year mark, showed bone density has improved from a prior level of osteopenea. It was frustrating, but I kept getting assured things would improve because my PTH level was always moving up.
Avatar n tn Everything I have read about hypercalcemia talks about high calcium with high PTH or hypocalcemia with low calcium and low PTH. Anybody have any experience or knowledge about conditions that might arise in a generally healthy person with high calcium and low PTH? Thank you!
Avatar m tn Anyways, there are various disorders that cause low-calcium. If I were you, I would talk to my doctor about it, for low-calcium can be dangerous. Good Luck!
393419 tn?1228447393 Unfortunately, me Saturday blood work came back on the low side (calcium 8.6) and I am to remain on the same dosages for at least another week. Depressing! On another depressing note, my blood pressure was high. I never have had high blood pressure. The 1st time they took it, it was 150/90 (right arm) I begged them to take it again and in my left arm it was 135/85 my doctor said not to worry about it yet, but of course I'm freaked!
Avatar n tn PTH secretion also may be impaired when blood levels of magnesium are low, or when blood pH is too high, a condition called metabolic alkalosis. Also Hyperparathyroisim is where the Parathyroid gland produces TOO MUCH hormone. I would be going back to the Endo and asking him/her to explain it all to you and ask what is going to be done about it.
Avatar m tn I am not a doctor, however, I understand that hyperparathyroidism can result in calcium being removed from the bones. This will in turn elevate your blood calcium levels. Most people have four parathyroid glands. They are very tiny and located in the throat where the thyroid gland is located. Hyperparathyroidism can be caused by one of the parathyroid glands developing a tumor.
Avatar m tn Taking vitamin D for long periods of time in doses higher than 4000 units per day is POSSIBLY UNSAFE and may cause excessively high levels of calcium in the blood. However, much higher doses are often needed for the short-term treatment of vitamin D deficiency. This type of treatment should be done under the supervision of a healthcare provider.
Avatar m tn 5l of low calcium water (ca in water less than 10mg/L, best 1-2mg/L), then retest calcium in few weeks to see if it goes down after calcium is lower increase vit d3 dose to 30.000iu daily and retest calcium and ionized calcium in serum, urine calcium, intact pth by 1month you will not reach low pth by 30.
646449 tn?1245600910 the surgeon took out most of the cancer he could find and he also removed 2 of my parathyroid glands too.. I also ended up in the hospital for low blood calcium levels... I had to take Calictrol in order to control the blood calcium levels and also pop a lot of calcium tablets... My doctor didnt let me Thyroid medications after my surgery cause my RAI treatment was on Apr 2007..
Avatar m tn To start right a way with intf for e negative gives very low chsnce to clear the virus. Before starting any treatment test hbsag quantitive test in IU/ml this is needed for monitoring your responce to treatment esp to intf.
1069633 tn?1255242989 My albumin has been high, my total protein has been high, my vitamin d -25 is slightly low and my blood phosphate is moderately low. My calcium is actually on the high side of normal. Have they checked your blood phosphate? From what I've read, vitamin d and phosphate can be low and calcium high due to hormone and parathyroid problems as the body is reabsorbing the phosphate to keep the calcium from going too high or something along those lines.
Avatar m tn I get confused with calcium scoring because it only measures the hard calcified plaque and not the amount of soft vulnerable plaque beneath it, which is the dangerous stuff. I read that some ethnic groups show a low calcium score, yet have LOTS of vulnerable plaque. It will be interesting to see what an expert says because the resources on the internet are confusing over this and it appears there are two camps of trusting these results, or not.
Avatar n tn t get another blood test yesterday,I go Monday to get another calcium blood test. He is trying to get me an appointment with an endocronoligist. She has to see my files first before she will agree to see me and it might be 2 months before I get an appt with her. The gastric bypass really throws a curve into the treatment....I think my surgeon, the ENT is at a loss at what to do with me....He is worried but doesn't know what to do.
Avatar n tn with rapid weight loss, increased body temperature, high blood pressure, sweating, polyuria, rapid heart rate of 140+ , etc. Calcium 9.1 TSH 2.15 2006 Psychiatrist. Risperdal, Lamictal, wanted to try Alzheimer’s medication (Namenda. I declined). None worked. 2006 – Sleep study. Overnight oxygen 80%. Given a CPAP machine. 2007 Start thyroid and adrenal treatments. 2008 Calcium 9.4. Nov 2009 Ionized Calcium 5.1. Pth 46. Taking vitamin D. Did this test on my own. Suspect lab.
Avatar f tn i have had a total thyroidectomy but my calcium levels are low i am now taking one alphadicol tablet in the morning and 800 sandacol tablet at night how long will it take till i feel normal
Avatar f tn I had one of my parathyroids transplanted into my neck and the other 3 were left intact. I had severe low calcium issues for a while, but now, (5 months post-op) everything seems to be normal calcium wise. I still take calcium & vit.D but only the typical amount that the average woman should take. . .nothing like the massive doses I was for the first few months. How are you feeling?