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Avatar n tn Also I just had a baby two months ago and had to be on lovenox the entire time and any other time I get pregnant! This is CRAZY! Something more needs to be done about this!
Avatar n tn i was injured in hospital from a gravol shot in arm misplaced and it severed my radial nerve i come to you with this warning the doctor gave me neurontin whatever you do do not take this medication unless you take seizures-the side effects could be fatal there is a ongoing lawsiut against pfizer for pushing this drug as a drug for nerve damage also people have experienced depression to the point of suicide many drs will give you this medicine in place of a drug to help for pain look online you w
Avatar n tn I don't plan on changing doctors, so I would imagine if he thought is was a risk, or there may perhaps be a lawsuit, he would have told us this wasn't possible or safe and to stop right away! I'm encouraged my both of the OBs I saw and look forward to the day I can let all of you know we are having a baby. Blessings to all of you, especially Katie, stay well and to Jewel, thanks for the joy of your story.