Lovenox epidural anesthesia

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8650265 tn?1421569013 I have gotten better at needles since i have lovenox every night and blood draws n what not, but idk with this being my first baby that i will be able to go natural.. it freaks me out to think that this huge long needle goes in my spine! I have never seen it or obviously experienced it, and i have been dreaming about it lately.. any insight would be nice. Thanks!
281219 tn?1219118514 So they'll tell you to stop taking Lovenox 24 hours prior to c-section and if not, as there is a risk to hemorrage with an epidural, if you do need an emergency c-section or a c-section before the 24-hour timeframe of being off Lovenox, they advised me that I'd be put under general anesthesia.
Avatar n tn ( 2 different DX from 2 different cardio's - figure its somewhere in the middle) My cardio said anesthesia, post op pain meds would be no problem. In talking to some one who has gone thru it..they said if you have an epidural and then medicine to make you sleepy, that medicine is "versed" that you take. Now I think I recall people with MVP on another message board said they try to avoid medicine that is "versed".
193609 tn?1292183893 The risk is more to do with giving an epidural because there is risk of hemorrage at the epidural site. I don't know about any meds to counteract the anti-coagulant and I'm sure that c-section would certainly impose a greater bleed risk, however, I remember during my last c-section the docs were SO careful and cauterized (if that is the proper term to use?) each and every single little bleed they saw...I think they were more over-cautious than I was at that time.
Avatar n tn I'm going off Lovenox a week before labour too.
Avatar n tn 5 days x 3 a day and that was it. NO REFILLS.... I am not sure if Torodol will be contraindicated with Lovenox or Heparin which we hippers and knee-ers nned for surgery to prevent blood clots but you may want to ask your doctor about Torodol. I think I am toooooo old to even think about having anything done now about this Sprhinture problems. Knees, heart and hips are now in my "age group".
Avatar n tn Hello....I love your nickname!!! I would love to har more about your IVF process... I will be starting this soon and I have soooo mnay questions....I.E. - do you need to go daily for blood testing???? I live 1 hour away from my Dr.!!! anyway, back to your question... I think you need to wait to test, b/c if you took an hCG shot you will need to wait...Good luck to you and I am hoping that you are preggo as we speak!!! What a great feeling!!! Keep positive!!!