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Avatar f tn I also have to be induced at 39 weeks and then continue lovenox for 6 weeks after delivery.
Avatar f tn I hope I don't cause them the pain of loss and worry I endured with them and their angel brothers and sisters. And since my last c-section was so last second I worry ifvtge force me to have another one something could go wrong? I take pain well and am overall healthy I just don't want to worry my family I like worse case scenarios so I can prepare myself and them for it. I've not been near death but I am rare and many complications confuse all doctors I've seen.
Avatar f tn And then he said no shots for 24 hours. I got induced and right the next day started lovenox shots again for 6 more weeks..
Avatar f tn I am also on Lovenox and do injections everyday (to prevent blood clots). I am not sure about when to stop it for a c-section, but I have a question for you..........I am only 5 weeks, but when I'm further along and my tummy is sticking out, how to you give yourself injections on your sides? I don't go to the doctor till Aug. 1, so I just thought I'd ask here first. Good luck to you and these ladies sure do have great advise!
Avatar n tn Anyway, they also gave me torodol for the pain (I believe 48 hours worth Could there have been an interaction between toradol and lovenox to cause the bleeding? It has caused very high INRs for me in the past. They are saying that I now have a sensitivity to lovenox. What would be my alternatives to bridge if and when I need it? Or, is it simply the toradol interaction?
Avatar f tn I had a scheduled induction with my first and they had me stop the Lovenox 2 days before to avoid any excessive bleeding. We will have a scheduled induction again with this one. However I'm on a lower dose than you are and my clotting issue is estrogen related... I only need to take the injections for 6 weeks after the baby is born. I've never found the injection pain that bad...
Avatar f tn My doc,will switch me to heparin when I get to 7 months. I guess heparin is easier to control with bleeding. Lovenox I guess has a harder time being reversed. Ewww. So scary. I'm so terrified that I will hemorrhage during my csection. Thank you for making me feel not so alone. ♡♡ good luck and how far along are you?
1414636 tn?1288288280 With my two full term pregnancies I used heparin because my insurance wouldn't pay for it and it was very expensive. So now I have medicaid and the doc has perscribed me lovenox.
Avatar f tn She says she doesn't know what's causing the bleeding, but has me on activity restriction (no exercise, no running, no yoga,) pelvic rest, and flight restriction. I'm nervous, to say the least. I'm still bleeding too, but the blood is mostly brown now. I have been searching all over the internet and in books to find out what causes intense bleeding in early pregnancy when there are no apparent problems. There does not seem to be any answers out there.
1569985 tn?1328251082 I am going to a different hospital for oncology and they want me to discontinue Warfarin 7 days before and use a Lovenox bridge injection for the interim. I called my regular EP and they say no need. What would you do? 7 days seems a long time without blood thinner -- I'm on it because I'm at risk for strokes, right? Any comments and/or advice would be welcome. Also, any pep talks welcome!
1747005 tn?1311563804 We are currently TTC after 2 miscarriages and a healthy baby girl 2010 (on heparin shots). My doctor has me on Lovenox one time a day. I am finding the shots hurt and are bleeding. This is day #6. My doctor asks me to start as soon as I ovualte. I am thinking it is because the skin around my stomache is thin from the last pregnancy. I do ice, then alcohol. I also pinch the skin and give the shots about 2 inches from belly button. Another question is, can the shots be right beside one another?
281219 tn?1219118514 The best way, acc'd to my doc, to navigate this is to go on Heparin instead of Lovenox because your anticoagulant dose can be counteracted, thus reducing alot of the risk of anti-coagulant-based bleeding at the c-section site. And the side-benefit is that if I go into labor unexpectadly I won't have to be put under general and an epidural should be fine. I'm so sorry I can't remember who asked me this!! I know she wasn't pregnant yet but this was a concern to her.
Avatar f tn I'm concerned about delivery as I'm almost 37 weeks getting induced at 39 and I'm scared about bleeding. Can anyone share there story with me?
Avatar n tn blood clots and bleeding, vomiting up blood and clots from the stomach, drastic drop in blood pressure (99/45) and lower with high heart rate of 138. He had his stomach pumped through his nose, he was given numerous units of blood (more than 7-8 in 24 hours), along with frozen plasma, etc. to stop the bleeding after being endoscoped and having the esoghagus veins banded for potential bleeding--all related to liver dysfunction due to colon cancer.
377493 tn?1356505749 I apologize if some find this post upsetting, but I am now quite concerned. As many of you know I just experienced another miscarriage last week. It was the second time I required a D&C. This first D&C I had, I had initially taken medication (I think it was cypotec) instead, and wound up in ER bleeding heavily (to a dangerous point) and had an emergency D&C.
Avatar f tn Was little pink the first time. This is my first pregnancy, had to use Clomid to help get pregnant and I am on lovenox shots to do a factor 5 leiden mutation. Called my doctor and she said not to worry unless it becomes heavy bleeding with cramping. I'm still scared. We having been trying for a baby for so long. Anyone else go through this?
Avatar f tn I was put on progesterone when i was 8 wks and motrin at 9 due to bleeding and contractions.
Avatar f tn RE sent me to hematologist who retested and ran a more specific test and both came back negative. He said ACLs that go in and out of positives are nothing to be concerned about - only the ones that stay positive cause issues. He said I could do lovenox injections if I get pregnant again, but it is likely unnecessary. Oh, and my SED rate is always high - it is typically and indicator of an infection or inflammation, but neither my gp, a rheumatologist, nor a hematologist could figure out why.
Avatar n tn If your brother was hospitalized due to mini strokes he may have been given anticoagulants to dissolve clots and keep the blood thin. The side effect is bleeding. The bruise could be due to that. INR, bleeding time, clotting time etc should be done and he must consult his doctor immediately-ASAP as he could also be bleeding internally. Take care!
Avatar m tn Does anyone know if there is any correlation between a blood clot and hypothyroid/synthroid? i haven't found anything online. I know some people get DVT, pulmonary embolism from Birth Control and i know that thyroid/synthroid stuff is hormone related but is there any significance or anything documented about hypothyroid/synthroid etc.. and pulmonary embolism? I can't find a reason why this happened to me. I had a PE a few weeks ago with no DVT and docs can't find a reason for it??
552012 tn?1272859591 Hi, If anyone's reading this, It is now one month and 3 days post op. I feel pretty good most days. Today I'm having some left sided pain, probably due to sleeping on my left side. The home care nurse just called, my INR is 4.8 !!! It has been 1.5, 1.8, 2.4, 2.8.....then I had to go on the medrol dose pak (steroids) for a severe rash I developed from taking niferex forte (we think this is what the rash is from) . Niferex forte is a vitamin capsule with vitamin c, b12, folic acid and iron.
Avatar f tn I have a blood disorder called Factor Five Lieden (hetrozygous) and because of this I am also taking daily shots of .40 ml Lovenox. They re-scheduled my IVF and put me back on the BC and blood thinner. I have been back on it for 14 days and have felt sick to my stomach, tired and have suffered at least 2 severe migraines.
Avatar n tn We have had 1 previous m/c over 2 yrs ago at 11wks 6 days but baby was measured at only 8wks and have been ttc for the entire time with irregular mentruals and went in for my annual and learned we were expecting, that was a thursday, fridays test results came back preg and monday had some spotting and bleeding call DR and had more blood work and after my bloodwork came back with low HCG levels in relation to fridays blood work had an u/s and came back 5wks 6dys and a heartbeat.
Avatar f tn This is my third pg, I have a 17month old daughter and had one m/c. I lost the first after 10w I had cramping and bleeding early on. With my girl everything went great no cramps or bleeding at all just really bad morning sickness. Now I just took a pgt on Friday that was positive, but other then headaches, mood swings, and being really tired, I have no symptoms. I've been havin cramps on and off for over a week now(before I thought it was my period coming) but no bleeding.
1235159 tn?1323012919 I am 41 and have experienced a chemical pregnancy and a m/c earlier this year and am now having another m/c. I had read somewhere about taking DHEA to improve egg quality and also about taking baby aspirin to possibly prevent a m/c. Can anyone tell me more about this? I am also curious about a B vitamin...I had read about it having something to do with fertility? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
9137321 tn?1402713890 I'm 5 weeks 7days and it's 4 am here. .I'm on lovenox..or and I got up to pee and I have a rash on 2 sides of my belly I'm not sure if it's from Lovenox..or or sun burn or what...well when i wiped there was blood on the toilet i misscarrying??? This Is my 3rd pregnancy and the first time on Lovenox and I been taking it for 3 weeks and doing fine now I'm flipping out.
Avatar f tn hi i have been diagnose with a deep vain thrombosis in my right knee and with me been 33 week pregnant im confused to how this will affect me and my birth options also on breastfeeding what options do i have? as my plans were for home and to breast feed my midwife is unsure and so is my doctors on what my real options will be please help me!
Avatar n tn I'm on 40mg Lovenox a day and have been spotting brown blood for past 2 weeks. I have heard Lovenox causes bleeding. I don't think I need to be on Lovenox. My Rhemetologist said some docs would think Lovenox is necessary while other docs would think I wouldn't need Lovenox. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and am tired of the spotting. I don't think I need to take Lovenox anymore. My OBGYN isn't running any routine blood tests either. Should he run tests and if so what tests?
Avatar n tn I am now on warfarin and lovenox to thin out my blood. I have been on both for about a week and just want to know if there may be something else i can take to thin out my blood so the blood clot could get obsorbed. I just want to go back home to my baby, I am also taking an anti-seizure medication and it is working, haven't had a seizure since the first day, Do you think i could have gotten a stroke because of the birth control pills?
1041303 tn?1421390941 My period was 2 days late when i got my 1st BFP, then 2 days later I started spotting and the pregnancy test was still only faint. Well on the am of 3-3-10 I started bleeding heavily and was passing clots(more then normal and larger) but my BFP was darker then the 2 previous ones, I continued to bleed heavily for the remainder of the day and then spotted for like 5 more days. All the pregnancy tests were still + until the 3-6-10 then they were all negative.