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10286987 tn?1410261849 It is important to make sure that this journey is followed up with medical appointments. Find out your grandparents and parents medical history. You are looking for illnesses that can affect you. You also need not to get on FAB diets. Do it right, good eating and exercise. Remember that sometime personal emotional problems create eating disorders. It is your life and you need to be positive and own it.
199373 tn?1270487632 I gave birth 2 months ago, and I'm losing weight at a semi-slow pace (I'm breastfeeding so I cannot overdo it). I ordered an elliptical, and plan to workout on it for atleast 30 mins a day. I seem to be losing well in all places but my face and arms. Any advice on how to trim these two areas? Or should I just be patient?
1149046 tn?1264361586 For your height, you are just about perfect weight. Losing 20 pounds would put almost in the "underweight" category. I would not advise doing that. Here's part of a height/weight chart that applies to YOU.
Avatar f tn Internal parasites can prevent a dog from losing weight and they can also cause them to vomit. If she had fleas at any point in her life she could also have a tapeworm. Most wormers only handle the run-of-the-mill internal parasites like roundworm, hookworms, whipworms, etc., and a separate wormer is needed to kill the tapeworm, but there IS a wormer that you can get from your vet called Drontal that will kill all internal parasites INCLUDING the tapeworm.
Avatar m tn I am 22 years old! I am losing hair to the extreme. I can wash or brush my hair and I will pull handfulls of hair out of my head! This is concerning me. I need some help!!
1467664 tn?1288579313 m 5/5)and at one point was 81 pounds(yuck) I lookwd gross and felt worse.but in answer to losing weight the healthy way and not only am I a type 1 I also am a personal trainer.Timing meals ,excercise and insulin are important.Cutting out carb stotally is not a good idea because your body does need the enrgy especially when you are workinh out.Not sure what dose you are on but once you start a workout plan you will see your needs decrease .
Avatar f tn 4 currently at 138 I love everything about my body except my stomach, I used to be about 30 pounds bigger when I was young than I lost the weight, about a year ago I was at 115, now I gained weight and I'm loving having a butt and boobs, but if I lose weight ill lose them, point is what do you guys think I should do?!!
Avatar n tn Your Thyroid could be not working properly. I was losing my hair & gaining weight rapidly & found out that my Thyroid was to blame. That is why I take a synthetic hormone for my thyroid now. I've stopped gaining the weight but before we had discovered what was causing all of my problems I went from a healthy 150lbs to an unhealthy 360lbs in about 6months time. Now that we have me on the synthyroid.
Avatar f tn I would also set a realistic weight loss goal with your parents help. Some young people strive to be super thin and that can be unhealthy, so don't think we should be making recommendations here for you as you are so young. Eat a well balanced, healthy diet with variety to it. Lean protein, vegis and fruits. Take a multi vitamin and get plenty of water and sleep. Monitor your portion control so that it isn't too large but do not restrict yourself too much.
2188958 tn?1346444891 I think that was the key to me losing weight, bc as soon as I stopped nursing gained the weight back. My second it took about 6 months to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, and again I stayed skinny until I stopped breastfeeding, then I gained about 15 lbs. With this pregnancy I am much older, and I have gained so much weight already that I doubt I will lose it all very quickly, if at all :/ I plan to work out if I can this time.
Avatar f tn well dear being that your so young sleep in the dark you'll grow taller then the weight will situate a little better you can exercise to help with not gaining as well as some small loss of weight and not eating at least 2 hours before bedtime really helps as well. Also all that helthfood craze stuff well get plenty of fiber you can stop by whole food or even a local health store pick up some psyllium husk so that it will help the food stay in your stomach longer.
Avatar f tn Muscle doesn't "weigh more". A pound is a pound, whether it's muscle or fat. Muscle is denser than fat, so the pound of muscle takes up less space than the pound of fat. Compare muscle and fat, to rocks and feathers, with the muscle being equal to the rock and fat being equal to the feathers.
Avatar f tn Anyone else losing ketones and going into starvation mode? What did you do?
Avatar n tn ll plead with you *not* to do, however, is to cut your insulin, create ketoacidosis, and starve yourself into losing weight. Tragically, many young women (moreso than young men) use this dangerous method to lose weight. In doing so, they often cause irreparable organ damage and never do end up "looking" the way they long to.
Avatar f tn I weighed 158 before i got pregnant and I'm 20+4 and weigh 144 i actually got down to 141 a few weeks ago i hate this bcuz i did everything to lose weight before i got pregnant and could only get down yo 158 and now that i actually want to gain the weight I'm losing it!
Avatar f tn I'm 20 weeks. I'd lost 15lbs at one time. I've gained back 5 lbs but my baby's just fine. Kicking as I type.
Avatar f tn Hi hun?
Avatar f tn Losing weight is ok as long as u eat and keep fluids down.I'm 23 weeks and only this week Iv gained weight.was same weight up till then.
Avatar f tn What to expect when you're expecting says losing weight in the 1st trimester is normal bc of morning sickness. You will just have to make up for it when you aren't sick anymore. If you can't keep anything down, you may need to see your dr incase you become dehydrated.
Avatar f tn It depends on what your starting weight is and the way you are losing it. If you have a higher starting weight and you are losing weight because you are eating healthier and exercising than your okay. If your doctor says its okay, you should be fine. Plus you have more than half your pregnancy ahead of you to gain some of that weight back. Don't stress, i am sure you'll be fine.
Avatar f tn Is it normal that I've lost like 10 to 12 pounds since my pregnancy I'm 15 weeks pregnant. I mean don't get me wrong I like the idea of losing weight instead of gaining it. But still concerned about my baby.
Avatar f tn I didn't start gaining until my teen weeks, even then it was incredibly slow. I was so eager to put on the weight lol, but now at 25 weeks I'm a few pounds ahead and need to try to maintain. There are some women, especially if they're over weight that will continue to maintain their pre pregnancy weight well into their pregnancy. I don't think JTS until your second trimester that doctors will be concerned if there's no weight gain.
Avatar f tn I was average weight, not overweight or underweight, but i haven't had morning sickness at all really :/