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Losing weight yoga poses

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Avatar f tn No tingling or numbness, just a loss of strength especially in weight bearing yoga poses (handstand, upward facing bow, etc.) for my shoulders and when I do massages I can barely grasp or apply pressure with my right thumb and pointer finger. I don't know what to do! I love being active and my livelihood depends on it. I've been to the chiropractor with no avail. Thank you for reading, I appreciate any advice you can give!
Avatar f tn I'm new here btw.. The name is Cynthia :) Anywho, here is a little background for you. I was in a relationship for a long time. Almost 5 years. I'll be 22 soon. In high school I always weighed between 120-130. I was engaged for 3 of the 5 years. (Young for that huh?) During that time, I gained weight. Which at first wasn't that much. But it got so out of control and I didn't know I even ate that often. I was so stressed out and sometimes I wouldn't eat at all.
1430240 tn?1290434023 I searched online for a calculator that told me my caloric needs for each trimester. Prior to becoming pregnant I had just started losing weight through reduced calories and frequent exercising.
Avatar f tn There are lots if YouTube videos to help you know what poses are safe. If you didnt exercise before yoga is still safe as long as you are careful with the poses. My mother in law did yoga religiously and her labor was 10 mins once she got to the hospital. It really helps me with the back pain now. Don't know what I would do without it.
Avatar f tn I try and I do some of the poses and stretches buuut I don't know if it's because my uterus is getting bigger and is sitting right on that nerve but it hurts terribly. I mainly try the poses that pull my uterus off my spine (momentarily of course) but I'm just scared that I might be doing a pose unsafely... That's why I do the class... She modifies poses based on our individual week. My husband massages the area sometimes too.
Avatar n tn It's a great addition. Yoga tends to be more mussel building and toning your body, when working out to loose weight you need a good combination of cardio and body toning. I love doing Yoga and it's very helpful to me, but if I didn't walk/run on a treadmill I wouldn't have lost any weight.
1149046 tn?1264361586 Can you please tell us your height, current weight, activity level, etc are? Do you really need to lose weight or do you just need to tone muscles? I've read that it IS harder for women to lose weight than it is for men, but I'm sure that's not an "across the board" determination. I did try Mega-T Green Tea with Hoodia --- it did nothing for me......
Avatar n tn t underlying medical problems that might cause weight gain or prevent you from losing weight (hypothyroid, etc). By all means get his/her blessing before embarking on this journey. Once you've got your doctor's blessing, start a healthy eating program (right kinds of foods with the right portions). There are various websites where you can get info regarding calories and/or portion sizes and of course, everyone here is willing to help out with advice and encouragement.
Avatar f tn Healthy eating and moderate exercise are the best way to lose/keep weight off. You can't "spot lose", such as the belly, but you can tone the muscles, so it won't look as large. You might try yoga; it's excellent for toning muscles.
649848 tn?1534633700 Yes, strength training is good and actually yoga is a form of strength training, because it uses the body vs machines. There are certain poses that strengthen the core - which includes the stomach. Look up "down dog", "plank" and a couple others. But don't forget that as we get older (no you're not old, but I, our balance tends to weaken as well, so any yoga poses are good.
362249 tn?1441315018 This included, yoga (i practice bikram yoga), eating more organic foods, soy milk, losing weight to gain more energy, etc...I am happy to say that he was right. I am a much healthier and happier person. Plus, I have lost 18 lbs since last year so I am ecstatic.
Avatar m tn You can't restrict your calories too much or you won't have enough to live on. 1200 calories is not enough for most people. You need to calculate your actual calorie needs, based on your current height, weight, age and activity level. Talk to your doctor about yoga -- it's moves are very low impact and you have to be aware of how you do them. Yoga centers on building core strength, breathing and relaxation. It can help you build muscle, lose weight and regain lost movement.
Avatar f tn Some simple yoga poses for wait loss.
Avatar f tn You can try facial yoga. Yoga poses that force your head downwards are considered to give the facial muscles a good workout, along with deep breathing exercises. As a bonus, this helps to keep you looking younger.
Avatar f tn t take long, walking several miles/day at a brisk pace to notice a difference. Yoga is also excellent for toning/losing weight. Both walking and yoga will tone the whole body. You can check out YouTube for tons of videos on yoga poses. Yoga emphasizes balance, breathing and relaxation. It works a lot on core muscles. Sounds like something for old folks, but it's really not.
Avatar f tn Congratulations on the quitting smoking. I'm going on 2 years now and if I can do it, anyone can.. Good luck. PMoon is right about the swimming - or maybe you could try water aerobics or something. Are you sure you are doing the yoga poses correctly? You should be able to feel it but it shouldn't be painful. Maybe you are trying to push yourself too hard. I love yoga, but when I first started, I couldn't do anything near what the "instructor" was doing.
Avatar f tn Have either of you looked into chair yoga or a yoga for seniors? You don't have to be a senior to use them? Basically, there's a yoga for nearly every one, that will help bring back some mobility, without doing further damage. Check with your doctors.
Avatar n tn When you wake up in the night, nosh on grapes, instead of chocolate... Eat lots of veggies and try to add in healthy fats, like coconut and olive oils, as they will make you feel more satisfied for longer. You can use them to flavor foods and/or cook with. To cut the taste of coconut when frying just add a dash of salt. You can even use coconut oil in place of butter on your bread/toast... Check out yoga for exercise...
Avatar f tn I have been doing 7 miles a day on the stair stepper, but I am having trouble losing the weight. I plan on going back to bikram yoga in another 2 months when the twins are on solids and I can leave them for 2 hours at a time. My goal is to be back in a size 4 by September. What are you ladies doing to drop the weight? How is it going?
1695915 tn?1306508774 Have you ever tried yoga? There are poses for nearly every capability. I recently ordered a dvd that's done sitting in a chair. Yoga is very calming and relaxing. You might give it a try. As I said before, anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone knows if theres any excercises that are not safe to do while preggo?
Avatar f tn It builds a lot of muscle, particularly in your core and legs (all those balance poses). If you feel slimmer in your clothes you are losing fat and gaining muscle. So don't worry! Do you do your yoga in the morning? If so, maybe your headaches are from leftover dehydration. I would make sure you are well hydrated and maybe try a sports drink for electrolye replacement. Good luck!
Business woman2 Talk to your doctor about trying yoga. There are yoga routines for nearly every level of ability, all the way from losing big time, to chair yoga for seniors. Not sure if you're a senior, but maybe chair yoga would be a place to start. That said, since you can't get a lot of exercise, you will have to limit calories in order to lose weight.
1132307 tn?1357908608 Anyone know of a good yoga DVD specifically for fertility or any specific poses that can help? Thanks!
Avatar f tn There may be exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles, as well. You might do a google search to find some. Some yoga poses might help.