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Losing weight with zumba

Common Questions and Answers about Losing weight with zumba


Avatar m tn t losing weight I lost motivation. I really like Zumba so it keeps me motivated to go even when I am not losing weight. I have been a dancer since I was 3; which is part of the reason I tend to lean towards Zumba. I got shin splints running and my body hurt all the time.. I don't have that with Zumba. Honestly; I would do any dance cardio that would keep me motivated to keep going. Zumba just happens to be the easiest class to find.
Avatar f tn If you dance Zumba for one hour a day and eat 500 calories a day less than you need to maintain your weight, you should lose 2 pounds weekly or 8 pounds a month. This is a fast, but healthy rate of weight loss. Losing weight any faster means you're losing muscle instead of fat. You may need 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity daily to lose weight, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.
3360193 tn?1365871889 t concerned with the length of time it will take to lose the weight, I would suggest starting with yoga or pilates, that way you can get reacquainted with your body, and then after a couple months try a zumba class! It's a great way to have fun and workout all at the same time. And as always, make sure you eat well balanced meals!
Avatar n tn Losing weight quickly usually means putting it back on, because the only way to permanently lose weight is to permanently change your diet and lifestyle, and that takes time. Of course, if you're grossly overweight and completely sedentary, losing weight will be quicker doing anything positive than if you're not that overweight and already exercising, in which case it will take more time but also be easier to get to your ultimate goal.
Avatar f tn I'M pregnant with baby #5 I'M 25 wks and so far I've gained 11lbs. I know for me breast feeding helped me lose weight it Burns calories also zumba is a great fun work out I love it.
Avatar f tn I tried losing weight before I got pregnant. Worked out hard for two months and didnt lose any! Now im 6 weeks pregnant and I already feel huge. Nothing fits. And according to the scale I haven't gained. What could be the issue? Appetite is down as I get full really fast and stay full.
Avatar f tn I have failed many times trying to lose weight. I've been married to Mr. Skinny for the past 50 years. That man can pack it away and not gain an ounce. Me, no way. I know how hard it is and how defeated we get when that scale refuses to move. Barb135 offers some really good advise. I can only offer portion control (there are marked plates that help with that) and exercise. Just make sure that you enjoy the exercise you select. I'm going to Curves and have started Zumba.
Avatar f tn Completely agree with Gymdandee. Tell us more about your diet. What's the diet? And how much weight would you like to lose?
Avatar f tn That means you'd have to lose 40 lbs in just 3 months; I don't think you can do that safely. Safe weight loss is 1-2 pounds/week. The first thing to do is stop eating all junk food, such as chips, candies, sodas, pastries, white bread and regular pasta, etc. At age 16 your body isn't fully developed, so you have to be careful of losing weight too quickly.
505857 tn?1329681517 Hi I had similar issues to you with dieting I'd eat what I was supposed to on the diet I was on and still be hungry, it turned out taht I was insulin resisitant, so I changed to a Low GI diet and the weight literally jsut fell off. Don't give up, I was trying to fall pregnant at the time, and I found a really useful tool for me was to look at the food I was wanting to ask myself would I give this to my child, after waht she has already eaten today?
5147790 tn?1364304489 t that hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or PCOS, all of which can cause weight gain and/or make losing next to impossible. Good luck and keep posting.
Avatar f tn Ya with zumba u forsure have to modify...
Avatar n tn Do you do any strength training? A light weight work out would be excellent for you. If you do Zumba, do you go to a work out facility? They are excellent for the right equipment. AND, they often have trainers and for a fee, they can get you started with what to do with the weights. I bet, though, even if you don't use a trainer, that someone that works there would walk you through a work out.
Avatar f tn Have you talked with your parents about losing weight? Are they willing to provide healthy food for you to be able to accomplish your goal? You'll need to start out by not eating junk food like chips, candy, cookies and other snack foods. You'll also need to stop drinking sodas and other sweet drinks, including diet sodas or artificially sweetened drinks and fruit juice. Water is the best thing you can drink.
Avatar f tn It will help alot with your thighs a nd butt. I had a hard time losing the flab on the belly.but I also ate crappy a nd hated sit ups or crunches.
Avatar f tn Is there any 'fun' way to exercise ? I don't like going to Group because of my weight.
1527977 tn?1320542628 Im doing Zumba and weight watchers! Weight watchers is a great program and if you stick with it you will see results instantly! Id like to lose atleast 40 more pounds!
Avatar f tn During this rest break, I am seeing that my belly is slowly remodeling toward normal, even though I am no longer actively losing weight. There are a lot of metabolic processes that go on, of which we have no direct knowledge, and it would make sense that the whole system would need time to recalibrate after a big change. I will say, I firmly believe that both trans fats and added sugar are slow poisons, and so I try to stay completely away from them.
Avatar f tn Hello to all, I just would like to share this I lost my brother he was and still is my best friend I love him and miss every second of the day,I found something to help me and it's called zumba.
Avatar f tn com/Diet-Teenagers-Only-Barbara-Schroeder/dp/B000FDK7EQ/ref=pd_sim_b_1 Keep in mind that you should talk these programs over with your doctor if you choose to use them.
973741 tn?1342342773 Have you ever tried Zumba? What are your thoughts on it? Is it a good weight reduction exercise?
Avatar f tn I just read an article about SVT. I was hoping to find an answer as to wether excersise is possible with svt? I am 37 and have recently been diagnosed SVT and also have hashimoto's disease. I am a little over weight and very tired everyday. Other than normal everyday household chores and taking care of my children, I get no other excersice. I really need to change my sedentary lifestyle. I am confused however on what kind of exercise may work for me.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the feed back. I'm 35 , 5'2 and weight 186. My daily routine is Zumba, bike 10miles , and walk on treadmill for about 15min. However, I didn't take measurements I will do that today and check back in a few days.
Avatar f tn Do yall think it is a good thing to try and do zumba. I was doing before pregnancy and miss it.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm almost 8 weeks and I do high intensity zumba 4 days a week lifting weights for 1 hr per week keep moving up in weight it's actually like a PT session plus after my hour zumba I usually 3 days a week do the low intensity zumba class as well so Monday and Friday 2 hrs of zumba Wednesday weights the low intensity zumba which is hard for me to do lol I like to bounce and Thursday high intensity zumba and usually a trx class or weight room or just practice since I teach zumba...