Losing weight while trying to conceive

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4198232 tn?1365556650 I have a friend thats been trying to conceive. she recently had a miscarriage n her cycle began on april 7 ended the 12 she had sex continuously from the day her cycle started . Now its may her cycle started may 7 she had sex every day since then any advice on how she can conceive?.
465255 tn?1207038172 my period came back I recently got married and got pg 22 days after the wedding using nothing to help! I really think the key to PCOS and not only having a baby but loosing weight is carbs... I think we just can't eat as many. I now eat some carbs but I keep them down to like under 80 a day...
Avatar f tn Don't get discouraged... I too have pcos and trying to get pregnant for awhile now. I lost over 100 pounds and still have it. I have been on everything and was loosing hope but I have hope again. I started going to see a fertitly specialist at the Jones Institute which happens to be the best in the world. I'm not taking metaphormin which I'm happy about but they put me on Fermara bc chlomid doesn't work for me.
5246024 tn?1370372846 t think it affected me but in some cases an STD can affect your fertility. Dont be discouraged and continue trying to conceive also Ask your doctor because they know your medical history better...
Avatar n tn Been trying to conceive for almost 2 years. Started to take epo for hormonal imbalance. Will this help?
Avatar f tn Talk to your doctor to see what the ramifications would be of trying to get pregnant and carrying a pregnancy with the fibroids, and also whether they can be removed or not.
Avatar f tn Then not long after went on the depo shot. It ended last November of 2013. Me and my fiancee are trying to conceive but have had no luck what should we do? We constantly have intercourse but every test comes up negative.
Avatar f tn A friend of mine suggested that I try and just lose 10 lbs, she said that for some reason losing just a small amount of weight told your body that it might be time to have a baby. I said what the hell and tried really hard and lost a little bit if weight and bingo, got pregnant right away.
Avatar f tn Talk to your doctor about medications other than oral contraception that will treat your PCOS while allowing you to possibly conceive. Women being treated for PCOS do have children...there are meds available to help you.
Avatar f tn I'm 29 and I my husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost a year. I've gotten pregnant from him twice but both times I miscarried within the first 6 weeks. I have two kids from a previous relationship. My husband seems to think that the fact that we are both 0 positive has something to do with losing the baby. ..
Avatar f tn d either gain or lose weight, change our diet, eliminate just about everything we love from our diet, etc. ! Trying not to stress about ttc is so difficult. I think we just have to do all we can & then keep busy while we wait it out! Best wishes to all of us !!!
Avatar n tn Hi my husband are married for 3 years now. And we had been trying to have a baby for almost 6 months now and still no luck. I never used any birth control pill we just use natural pull out. I just turned 27 and I am 4'10" and weigh more or less 83 lbs. My husband is 33 and he weigh 190 lbs and he is 5'10". I dont know if he's weight and height matter. What is the best way to conceive? I am taking folic acid for almost 7 months now as well..
Avatar f tn t any cysts present the cycle you choose to take the clomid. They say it can take up to a year for a couple to conceive so there might not be much a doctor is willing to do at this point. You could also do BBT charting along with the opks your already doing. You can print the chart online. I would also take a prenatal vitamin and folic acid daily while ttc. Hope this info helps!
Avatar f tn Thank you doc for your reply , actually i dont know how bad is my obesity ..Am 183 Lbs , 5.3 tall and i have known people who r much bigger than me and got pregnant easily ... I got pregnant twice before ,,,had miscarriage in the first time and stillbirth in the sec due to down syn baby i was having so I became so depressed and stressful ..the seoc time i got pregnant i was on Clomid ...so i'm trying to conceive again using a Clomid .
Avatar f tn Hi Annie, I recommend the paleo diet to anyone who is trying to conceive.. do a search on paleo diet and pregnancy or trying to conceive.. you'll find lots of babies came from eating this way.. You'll lose weight, feel great and heal yourself.. it will help enormously with depression and regulating your hormones. Check out marksdailyapple.com he has a forum I'm sure you'll find lots of people there who are exactly in the same place as you are. hope this helps!
Avatar f tn We are just at our first step really with iui being the least agressive and I hope itll work out. In regards to my weight, not to advertise I used weight watchers.com. I only counted points on their website. Good luck with the IVF!!
Avatar n tn Hi hon. I think that is fantastic you are working on losing weight. It's so hard. Supposedly weight can affect getting pregnant--- but probably not much with being underweight more of an issue than overweight. I gained weight on purpose when my husband and I tried to conceive. Not because I probably needed to but I was a tad underweight (where, THAT was a long time ago . . you should see me now, ha ha) and I was willing to do ANYTHING to get pregnant.
Avatar f tn My husband and have been trying for years to have another baby our children are 20 and 13 with 2 mc I was told that I have pcos and have a slim chance to none to conceive just wondering if there is any success stories out there??
1308690 tn?1273696411 It seemed to work. As far as being able to lose weight while you are pregnant may happen in the beginning but you will probably gain weight as the pregnancy goes on but you can always change the ways you are eating during pregnancy. The healthier you eat the better no matter when it happens. I would also say that if you are losing weight your ovulation and periods may be off because of the changes that are going on in your body so it might not be a bad idea to get OPK's to monitor it.
Avatar f tn I hope that some of you guys will be able to help me here as I really am finding it very hard I am 29yr old women. Myself and my partner have been trying to conceive for the past to years .After 1 and 1/2 years trying ourselves we decided that we needed to go to try and get some advise .We attend a fertility clinic where we did some test and we were told that my partners sperm count was a bit above average .But I was told that there was some evidence that I have PCOS.
Avatar f tn Me and my husband have been together for six years and the entire time we have not used protection and for the last two years we have been trying extra hard to conceive but no luck.
Avatar f tn I also have pcso.. Im taking 2000mg and then im trying to concieve Im put on clomid 50mg I was also told to take prental vit and foclid acid..
Avatar f tn So we decided to wait and I decided to diet and lose some weight. Just get healthy I lost 15 pounds and ended up pregnant! Best of luck!
505857 tn?1329681517 I've been ttc for almost 4 years, in April last year i had a laparoscopy which confirmed i had adhesions on both my tubes, the right was twisted and was blocked, it is now slightly open but my chances are only 5% of conceiving on my own, i'm now on the NHS waiting list for IVF which i've been told i'm to obese for treatment and have to lose 3 stone. I also have slight endometriosis.
Avatar f tn My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a year now, my doctor wants me to do a lap surgery, I dont know if that will help because I only get a about 2 or 3 periods a year. I am considering IVF. In need of advice desperately.
675770 tn?1226149348 My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 15 months now and still nothing. It only took 6 months to conceive our first child. I am a little overweight but can not seem to lose the pounds. Could this be why?