Losing weight while taking synthroid

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Avatar f tn I am suppose to go and start that B12 diet at south hampton health services but I had my thyroids taken out in 2004 and I am on .125 mg of synthroid my dr will not asist me in losing weight he keeps telling me to eat fruit and drink water to fill up on and get full i have been doing this for about 3 months with no results same weight I would like to know if this B12 would work even though I have a thyroid condition and take meds for it..please help I could really stand to lose about 50lbs.
Avatar f tn Now, you are still not losing weight, you say. But your sluggish thyroid might have caused weight gain if you weren't on the synthroid. But, is there another problem, say with your adrenal function, for example, that is causing you not to lose (ie- do you have any Cushing's syndrome symptoms)? Re: high triglycerides- there is a strong connection between your triglycerides and your sugar intake.
Avatar f tn t seem to loose my baby weight gain after having my son 15 months ago.... I want to start taking diet pill Phentermine (30 mg) 1x a day but I'm also going to be taking synthroid 100 mg 1x day is that safe?
Avatar f tn I'm 22 years old and I exercise every weekday for a hour and I also don't over eat. I'm not losing any weight or inches and I'm sweating bullets every time in work out. I started taking inositol hoping to see results, but after two bottles I haven't seen any changes except hair growth which of course I don't mind. I'm thinking of trying d-chiro-inositol next to see if that helps. But are there any suggestions you may have on losing weight? (Something besides bcp).
1122836 tn?1259593265 Is taking Armour while pregnant and trying to get pregnant safe? My endo told me if I want to get pregnant, I need to go off the Armour beforehand.
Avatar n tn Has anyone been successful losing weight while taking zoloft? I've been on paxil, and now zoloft for 12 years, I only seem to be able to gain weight.
Avatar f tn my thyroid levels are normal now and then taking synthroid causing weight loss and once i stop the medication i will no longer lose weight? One more question: Will i get back to my normal weight once the thyroid levels are normal without medcation?
Avatar n tn Unfortnatly I can not answer.U said u were losing weight, are u concerned, or is it weight well lost?I am new to my dx of Hashimotos os I try and read all the threads. Good luck I am sure someone here can help.I will continue to watch this thread.
Avatar n tn Is that the same as Synthroid? That's what I take for Hypothroid. I just had a blood test and it came back with my T4 count elevated. I've been losing a lot of weight. Have you lost weight or gained? I don't know about the HCG but I will do research and see what I can find.
Avatar f tn ve been hypothyroid for 2 months (approx) (flipped from hyperthyroid/ thyroiditis) and on Synthroid since July 8...the 5th day after taking it, I began to feel a bit better...Now, in this past week, I'm losing weight for the first time in years! (I was one of those that gained even while hyperthyroid and didn't lose while doing chemo either!) I've gone through a lot of muscle pain and aches these past few weeks, but that is lessening too...
Avatar n tn How much weight did you lose, and how quickly? Losing weight may not be a reason to cut back on your med. As FTB4 said, please post your latest labs, with reference ranges from your report, so we can see what your levels are. Did your doctor advise this cut?
Avatar n tn My 11 year old Golden Retriever (sweetest dog you ever met) started losing hair, along with gaining weight, and not being as energetic as he was when he was younger. I chalked it up to getting older as I have the same problems and I'm not a spring chicken! Well, lo and behold, the vet did a blood panel that they do at senior dog (10 plus years) check-up and he was WAY low on thyroid.
Avatar m tn I noticed that before my dose was changed I had regular periods and I was feeling more peppy and energetic my heart rate was also a little elevated and I actually ended up losing a bit of weight and I am not someone who needs to be losing weight seeing as I only weight 112lbs. But now since I was switched to the 62.5mcg I've been feeling like I have less energy. Sorry this is so long I just want to make sure there is enough information. Thank you to anyone who can help.
1915196 tn?1322344599 All I know is that I went to have blood work done because I kept losing weight, losing hair, my gums kept bleeding, spotting 2 or 3 times out of the month, felt tired, forgetful, weak, and could not process information. I started to take synthroid and was on it for about 3 days and decided to stop taking it because I became constantly hungry, restless, emotional, tired, my body kept feeling jittery and my weight kept gaining 5 lbs or losing 5 lbs.
Avatar n tn i am on 125 mcg levothyroxine for seven years,today i started taking 5mcg of cytomel.will i start losing weight?how will i feel?with the synthroid i feel tired and it's very hard for me to lose weight.please help.
Avatar n tn It might not be COMMON to lose weight, but I can tell you first hand that in the last year i have lost close to 15 lbs. I have not changed my eating habits and if anything i am exercising less... I think that weather you have weight loss or gain depends on many factors... such as what your body type is. I was always a very skinny child with a high metabolism. I can lose weight pretty easily and as i've been feeling worse with my Hashi's i've been losing weight.
Avatar n tn i am trying to lose weight. i was just put on synthroid about a month ago for thyroid problems so i finally got back some of my energy and have been trying to workout. i eat very healthy and always have. i am curently doing advanced pilates 5 days a weeks and have been using a stepper for 20 minutes a day at home 6 days a week. i have alot of trouble doing much more than this because i have knee and hip problems.
474314 tn?1219345522 I was able to lose some weight the winter following my TT while on synthroid - started taking an aerobics class and eating better. However, I haven't been able to keep it off, I think more because of 3 other surgeries (I have had orbital decompression and eyelid surgery for Graves Eye Disease, with a bonus sinus surgery thrown in for good measure!) and several rounds of prednisone for sinus problems. I am going to try again to shed a few pounds now that spring is here.
Avatar n tn I also had my thyroid removed and am having trouble losing weight. My dr. has me on 125mcg of synthroid and also 112. I alternate every other day. All of my bloodwork comes back good and my cancer markers are good but I cannot seem to lose more than 2-4 pounds. I have tried weight watchers where I had success before my cancer but now nothing works. I also would appreciate any advice. My job is very stressful and I know that doesn't help but I don't have control over that.
Avatar n tn Hi. Can you say more about your diagnosis and what led to your thyroid's function being checked out? I'm aware of at least one thyroid condition that's "transient" (goes away in time), but generally patients whose thyroids aren't making enough of the hormones they need to be healthy continue to have that problem -- and do continue to need a medication like Synthroid to be well.
Avatar n tn I've been taking my synthroid regularly ( .125 daily) in the morning 1 hr before meals & coffee. They now have me on .125 & .137 every other day. They said my TSH was at 5. which is odd as I am losing weight. As a matter of fact....too much. In one years time almost 50 pounds and in this past month 5 pounds. I think that losing weight is fine "Great" being after the thyroidectomy for an incidental papillary cancer seemed to keep weight on me for 4 years however....
Avatar n tn 2/ Is it common to GAIN weight while taking Synthroid? If so, how hard to go back to normal weight and after how long? 3/ Is it more difficult to get pregnant while on Synthroid? 4/ Is it a given that once someone start taking Synthroid (or any other thyroid med for hypo), it's for life? 5/ should i have my baby tested for thyroid problems? Would love to read your experiences and feedback. thanks! hyponofun :( This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I'm also having issues with fatigue and I'm also dealing with Thyroid Eye Disease. I know not to eat for 30-60 min. after taking my Synthroid in the morning, but am curious about ChitChatNIne's comment about the coffee. Is any food or drink off limits for the 30-60 minutes after taking the Synthroid?