Losing weight while taking medications

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Avatar f tn Hello, My question is for anyone who may be experiencing what I'm going through.... I've been on medications for some time now that I cannot just stop taking. I take Methadone for Chronic Pain, and Xanax for severe anxiety... I've literally gained over 100lbs since being on this... help.. is it the medications?
Avatar n tn Has anyone been successful losing weight while taking zoloft? I've been on paxil, and now zoloft for 12 years, I only seem to be able to gain weight.
Avatar n tn ) and have stopped taking Paxil about 3 weeks ago. I also have just began taking Hydroxycut for women. I do not understand why I am not losing weight. Last summer, I ran 2 miles 4-5 days a week and lost 15 pounds. What am I doing wrong? I am sweating profusely when on the elliptical and believe me, I am giving my heart a strong 30 minute workout. Could there be a medical reason why I am not losing any weight or seeing any noticable difference with all of the effort I am putting forth?
572021 tn?1330905654 For many, throat structure issues were the cause of the sleep apnea, so it stills exists after losing weight. And actually, sleep apnea contributes to weight gain due to affecting the appetite hormones and metabolism. Glad to hear you'll get a repeat sleep study to better know what's going on while you sleep. Please post back here after that study. Would love to hear how that turns out. And the results of a ferritin level.
516556 tn?1232138886 and cholestramine causes a person to put on weight.....also steriods can cause weight gain....so possibly it was your medications that cause the weight gain. What meds were you taking.?...maybe researching their side effects may help you.....also just a suggestion if you have a reason to think that you may need to see a Doctor than that is reason enough to see one......
Avatar m tn My daughter (who is young -13-) had to start taking zoloft because her anxiety got so bad. She was losing sleep, losing weight and doing really poor in school because of it. She has really benefited from the zoloft. It is a low dose, but in the last year she's only had 2 anxiety problems. They weren't severe enough to produce panic, but enough where she felt very nervous. She would often worry about death, me dying, school issues, boyfriends, siblings, car accidents, etc.
Avatar f tn s common for woman who are overweight to lose weight while pregnant..
Avatar n tn I did reduce my cholesterol level down to about 220, but had a first, then a second heart attack, then another, and have a total of eight stents. I started exercising daily taking a statin, and started a slow weight lose process, about a pound or two a month and I lost 40 pounds. Since I quit losing weight, my cholesterol level is starting to rise.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if any of you have successfully lost weight or stayed the same while pregnant. They only thing I plan on doing as far as losing weight is to eat healthy foods and not to overeat like I tend to do and to also excercise. I know if Im prego I shouldnt overdo myself on exercise but light exercise and walking wont hurt! :) I just would like to minimize the chance of getting gestational diabetes or preclampsia while prego! :) Thoughts, opinions, concerns, etc are all welcome!!!
Avatar f tn I more than understand about chronic pain. I also understand about being overweight. I am a male 6 feet 2 inches 300 lbs. I though am a compulsive overeater. I use food as a drug. I use food to deal with life. However a friend suggested Overeaters Anonymous to me. I have had success with working the program. I was also up at the Mayo Clinic a few weeks ago because of chronic pain in my neck, left arm, lower back, and left leg. I have had three lower back surgeries and two neck surgeries.
Avatar m tn I'm taking 20MG of Citalopram as well, I've been taking it for about a year and a half now. I had always maintained my weight prior to taking this drug, and I didn't have any weight gain at all. I have IBS as well, but my DR recently added Wellbutrin and Buspar to my Citalopram and I'm actually starting to lose weight. So, if you're maintaining your weight right now, I'm not sure it's caused by the Citalopram.
1657977 tn?1302310546 Why am I not losing weight ?I am eating 1300-1400 cal a day with 30-45 min brisk walk daily.It is frustrating.Please help.
1033596 tn?1252519593 Now I want to lose this weight and more through diet and exercise. Other blogs state that losing weight while on these types of medications is VERY difficult. I have found this to be true. Getting started is hard because my desire for food has increased--particularly with carbohydrate rich foods. Right now I am exercising vigorously once a day, and I have cut back on my alcohol consumption by a lot. Still--I battle with snacking. Any suggestions?
2207135 tn?1338934254 Yes, Annabelle. I have never been good about taking my medications. Began this year with horrible gall bladder and intestinal issues, recurrent oral and vaginal yeast infections. Lost 20lbs because couldn't eat anything with GB. Finally got it taken out in May. Felt great for a month then a lot of symptoms came back. One was not gaining back the 20lbs I lost despite not exercising because I was so fatigued.
1337483 tn?1383544183 Are you having any "symptoms" along with your weight loss such as pain, fevers, nausea, etc.? If not, I wouldn't worry too much. Are you taking any medications now that you weren't taking before the surgery or vice versa? there are many medications that can cause an increase in appetite and when these medications are stopped, most of the time the appetite reduces greatly.
Avatar f tn I've changed my diet, I'm following the paleo diet. But since I've started with GM, up til today.. I've lost quite a bit of weight. In 6 months I've lost 23 pounds. Has anyone else experienced quite a bit of weight loss? I'm hoping the weight loss is due to my new diet plan and not the cause of some other underlying health issue.
Avatar n tn I recently went to a personal trainer who said that she has several clients who have had difficulty losing weight while taking Wellbutrin. I thought it was supposed to help with weight loss. Do you know if Wellbutrin or Zoloft can cause weight gain or difficulty losing weight?
Avatar f tn I have been taking 150 mg a day of Welbutrin for about 2 1/2 months now and have noticed my hair thinning. I'm not losing hair it's just not coming in like it used to. I'm 57 year old female and wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Also, I seem to be losing weight and don' t have an appetite like I used to. AND I don't sleep very well.I want to stop taking this drug immediately but hear there are side effects to doing that. How do you stop it slowly?