Losing weight while smoking weed

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2026433 tn?1337650833 Hi girls i research on smoking weed while pregnant there is no proof that it will harm unborn child but because most smoking mix with Tabasco n others staff there is high chance of having some type issue so try to smoke green n cut down or stopped all together you getting high is all good but unborn child getting high that is not fair.
Avatar f tn Smoking causes low birth weight babies. My hubbies mom smoked through her pregnancy and went into premature labor and my hubby was born with cerebal palsey. Keep trying to cut back you can do it!
Avatar f tn I totally disagree, I'm 17 weeks and I smoke weed also, I've been smoking weed but I cut down on it a lot one blunt will last like 3 days I smoke right before a meal and its the only way I can eat! It is also the only way I'm not feeling sick all through the darn day! But this is my second child and I do plan on stopping when I am about 6 months which is soon! Also when you baby comes there's like a 1% chance that it gets in their system!
Avatar f tn low birth weight are most common from smoking while pregnant! I think slowing down on smoking is safer than just quitting all @ once. I also think if it's too hard of a habit to quit all @ once.. you should at least lower the amount as much as possible!
Avatar f tn I Been Smoking Weed Not EveryDay But When I Do I Get Two Mess Up On Weed What Can That Do To My Baby ???!
Avatar f tn I was wondering if smoking weed while pregnant could have any effect on the baby? & what kind of effects if there are any. I myself am not pregnant, but one of my best friend's is and she is saying that there would be no harm done to the baby.
Avatar n tn okay well one time when i was smoking weed i reacted to it wicked funny. Like everything around me started to go in slow motionn. i couldnt walk rightt and when people would speakk i couldnt understand them, and it was almost like things where like strechingg. i didnt like it AT all and it would last like 2/3 days. I thought that maybe the weed was laced but i did like 4 times and everytime it happend. it was different weed from different people too. Is this normal? is it bad?
Avatar m tn Hello, can someone please read my question, and answer it. I've smoke marijuana a few times. I know its not for me, because I'm not a smoker. However, I was with my co worker best friend one night and I dont know anything about her. He asked me if i smoked, and i told her sometimes, and I was hesitated to tell her because I was afraid. We were riding on the road and she asked me if I could break down weed, and I told her "no" I've never done it.
Avatar f tn Does anyone still smoke weed while pregnant? I used to smoke when I was like 15 weeks. But I stopped. I'm 23 weeks now & I want to smoke a joint sooooo bad. But I don't want to hurt my baby. If it even does hurt the baby. Any Advice???
Avatar m tn Yes they can. Smoking is extremely detrimental on the adult body let alone a fetus. The child could have low birth weight, breathing problems, asthma, stillbirth, birth defects, etc etc. Smoking after the child is born also places them at an increased risk of SIDS, slow lung growth, etc etc. You will ALWAYS hear about how this person did it and their babies were fine, similar to how women abuse drugs while pregnant and their babies are fine.
Avatar m tn We are not experts here on "smoking weed", you'll need to look elsewhere. But, we all know smoking anything is bad for your health and especially bad for you heart. Recommendation: stop smoking. You didn't say how you know you have SVT, was it diagnosed by a doctor?
Avatar m tn Then as the vision starts to return everything is blurred and goes on and off like that for a while. I think when it turns back to normal the bubble may actually be lower in the eye, leaving me with more vision, but i'm not positive on this. I told my surgeon of this, he did not seem concerned, said that this can be normal.When he last examined it on day 8 he said all appeared good, the iop in the eye was 24.
Avatar n tn Ok I just found out I am 5 weeks and ive been smoking weed pretty heavy this past month. Will my baby be okay if I stop now?
Avatar f tn I also was a weed smoker but you have got to thank about your baby I stopped for myn they will take that baby cause they test at every Dr app and they test baby at birth
Avatar f tn Okay so 6 weeks pregnant. I am so miserable pleased help meee . I can't eat, im so stressed, I can't sleep, morning sickness 24/7, I can't poop, I get headaches. Nothing I've done helps except taking a few puffs of weed. That brings my appetite up helps me relax, helps me sleep even prevents my nausea and helps me eat which I need to do cus I'm 5'3 and I was weighing 120 now 101 and I think is cause of the morning sickness I'm losing all my weight.
Avatar f tn So all this talk about weed and pregnancy made me dream that I was smoking weed just for the fun of it... I felt horrible in my dream (and after) but I just couldnt stop smoking.. idk if this is how these women feel but its not a good feeling. I guess now I understand these women a little better but ivstill wouldnt actually do it for myself.
Avatar f tn I've heard from multiple people that you can smoke weed while pregnant, you just cannot smoke a lot or smoke often. I just want to know, I won't smoke even if you can. Just a question Im interested in knowing the answer.
Avatar m tn And yes they can test. my friend is from NC and she was smoking weed and got in trouble they checked without even asking her.. I would stop right now.
Avatar n tn I don't smoke weed, but just keep in mind, alot of states now have mandatory drug screening when you go into labor. And if your positive it has to be reported to Children Services. Just something to think about.
Avatar f tn How do you get your baby daddy to stop smoking weed while.