Losing weight while not smoking

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Avatar n tn I am sweating profusely when on the elliptical and believe me, I am giving my heart a strong 30 minute workout. Could there be a medical reason why I am not losing any weight or seeing any noticable difference with all of the effort I am putting forth?
Avatar f tn re eating like you should and not losing weight on purpose.
Avatar f tn I'm 11 weeks and since I became pregnant I have lost 6 pounds. Keep in mind that I'm not drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes anymore.. but is this normal or okay? With my first pregnancy I was 119 when I got pregnant, and that was 6 years ago. With this pregnancy I was 146 and now I'm weighing 140. I eat constantly but worried this isn't okay. Can anyone help ease my thought process?
Avatar m tn Overweight, large neck circumference, structurally abnormal airway, smoking, alcohol and sleeping pills can be some causes. Losing weight is one of the best things to do, avoid alcohol, smoking and sleeping on to your back. You need to consult a sleep specialist for sleep study assessment. Take care.
Avatar m tn Whether or not you stop smoking, probably has little to do with losing weight. But you will have to change your eating/exercise habits. Healthy food doesn't have to be unpleasant, neither does exercise. I'm sorry to say, that you can't keep doing exactly the same things and expect a different outcome.
Avatar f tn Some people have nausea and vomiting and some have sores in their mouths so they may be losing weight because they are not eating much. In addition, I make sure I get plenty of fat. I would rather gain a few pounds and get rid of this virus than skimp on the fat and end up keeping the virus. Incivek, espceially, needs that 20 grams of fat every time.
Avatar f tn Okay let me make myself clear!!! I'm not smoking cannabis right now with my baby girl been clean sincr the get go! But im sooooo curious and have a question? If some doctors recommend cannabis while pregnant can you still get your baby taken away from CPS? That just doesn't make sence too me? Like i said im not currently smokinh i was a smoker prior pregnancy i love my baby girl and would never risk her being taken from me!
Avatar f tn First if your body is not getting enough foods it can easily go into starvation mode and decide to hold or even gain weight. 1200 calories seems very low, especially given how much you exercise. So maybe you should keep your food around 1300 at minimum? It's hard to know the "sweet" spot that will keep your body healthy while loosing weight, but if you don't find it you will have a really hard time loosing weight.
Avatar n tn My nicotine cravings are now under control, (I quit cold turkey so there is no nicotine substitute), so I have gone on a low fat, low calorie diet and I am participating in an exercise program of low impact aerobics. My problem is I am not losing weight. I have read that nicotine withdrawal slows your metabolism. Is this true and will I ever be able to lose this weight? Will my metabolism return to normal? Thanks, G.C.
Avatar m tn i see a lot of pp they smoking like me (i use too) and they never losing weight, i restart smoking and losing everything , why?but the thing really is annoying is this nausea , probably now i know , why i was feel very week the beginning on this week , eating very little (because the cigarette) but now i eat i little more but the nausea kill me . any suggestion?
Avatar f tn Losing 32 lbs in 13 days, along with coping with nicotine's absence, represents your body is under massive shock, an extremely unhealthy situation imo. Assorted and varied symptoms seem likely enough.
Avatar m tn t changed my lifestyle in any way, regarding eating habits, exercise, how much water i drink, etc, but i have recently quit smoking (~4 months), yet have not seen any visible changes, i.e. new fatty tissue, nor muscle because i am not more active than i used to be. The charts put me towards the overweight range (5'3", 130 lbs), yet i don't feel overweight at all, in fact it feels like i'm losing fat extremely fast.
Cat I had bariatric surgery, gastric bypass surgery two years ago, lost 170 lb, then 3 months ago I stopped smoking and now I am putting weight back on, 8 to 11 lbs, so far, I worked so hard to get to where I am, I am glad I stopped smoking but afraid of the weight gain, lost on what to do now.
Avatar m tn I stopped drinking alcohol for 17 days now and I am losing weight. I lOst about 3 kilos in this period. I also had some stress but my experianse with stress did not show weight lose I. The past. Can that be a reason of this weight lose? Or is this something I need to go to the doctor for?
Avatar n tn As far as exercise, get some weights and do some weight training, or do some push-ups. Cardio is not necessary for losing weight. In fact, I believe that running too much can be bad for you. That's a whole other topic of conversation. Stick to high-intensity workouts for shorter periods & you'll be healthier. Also, remember that it's not what you do at the gym that makes you look/feel great, it's what you do at home in the kitchen that counts.
Avatar f tn I quit smoking at 5 weeks because it made me so sick! My girlfriend is also prego and she has been struggling to quit! She got an e CIG from the gas station and it has helped! But her doctor told her if she can't quit and it's stressing her out then she shouldn't quit fully! The stress is worse for the baby then smoking. So she is smoking 3 cigs a day now and she's 28 weeks. Smoking gives lower birth weights and can cause lung issues for your baby.
Avatar n tn Now I worry about my weight. I was working on losing weight when I got preg lost over 200 pounds was at 197 when I got prey. Now I'm up to 225. My doctor told me to cut back on food but if I eat any less I'll be starving myself. Is 28 pounds a lot to gain by 29 weeks? I'm worried I won't lose it.
Avatar f tn u really shouldn't try to lose weight while pregnant. but if u get bad morning sickness u may not have a choice. try to keep ur weight the same or if it bugs u talk to ur doc. good luck dear!
1043311 tn?1253217338 my question is that nicotine exits the body in 72 hours, does that depend on weight?