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Avatar m tn Honestly stop trying to lose weight. You are in a healthy weight range now. But you should consider eating a little more and drinking more water.
Avatar f tn 110 lbs is not too much for a person who is 5'2" tall to weigh. You don't say your age, but it's not unusual to gain weight as we get older. I, personally, do not recommend the vegan diet, because it doesn't provide enough of the necessary nutrients the body, typically, gets from animal products, such as eggs and dairy, but maybe others will have tips for you.
Avatar n tn The best weight loss diet I had to start for my new lifestyle healthy change. I know fresh is better but frozen is just as good and more convenient...
Avatar f tn Losing weight quickly is never good and causes yo yo effects. Regardless to one of the comments earlier swimming is the number 1 best over all total body work out. Have you ever seen a fat swimmer??? No. As for losing 5 lbs in one week that is probably mostly water weight and not actual fat loss. You need to find your calorie maintenance number and shoot to be calorie deficient by no more that 500 to get the body to lose weight healthily.
Avatar n tn Personally I lost a lot of weight by becoming vegan. I was 143lbs 5"1 and my lowest from there was 118lbs from 5"1. Since I haven't exercised lately I'm back at about 125.5lbs but still I'm losing again.
Avatar f tn So if the net calorie consumption is less than need for basal metabolic function and burning of calories is reasonably good, you will start losing weight. You can get many charts online which show you how many calories you burn with a particular exercise. You can use this as rough guideline to help you with an exercise regimen that does not tire you out. These online sites also help you choose from a wide array of food items to build up your calorie need.
Business woman2 My mom has had her tested for everything that could possible be keeping her from losing weight because she just keeps gaining and not losing. My question is does anyone have any ideas that could possible help her lose weight?
Avatar m tn and nothing to concern myself over. Still, this is when I decided to go vegan, which worked great until I stopped losing weight, no matter what I did. (As a side note, I used to have some chest pain when running. I was told it might be heartburn, but it went away when I went vegan) I love being a vegan. I usually feel pretty great eating like this (unless I'm eating all grains, then I just feel all heartburny).
Avatar n tn you have a lot of options re bariatric surgery if you have failed all less invasive attempts at weight loss go to www.obesityhelp.
10286987 tn?1410261849 Birth control pills can cause weight gain. You should talk to your parents about getting a different type of birth control.
Avatar f tn People who are successful in losing weight and maintaining it are the ones who make lifestyle changes which are acceptable to them, their palate and their working style. To do this you must look for healthier cooking options for meals you love, and slowly cut down on the fat in it so as to not irritate your taste buds much. It's best to join a nutrition expert and a physical trainer and follow their advice.
7989976 tn?1403493624 Losing weight is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. I plan on losing a lot of weight ehen thr baby gets here... this isnt for everyone but I will be changing my life style to paleo dieting. Basically you can only eat meats and veggies no carbs. Look into it... but thsts not a good diet if u choose to breast feed... best of luck!
Avatar n tn Not a pregnant female (or any other kind) but the mere fact you eat a vegan diet has nothing to do with whether you're eating a healthy diet or one suited to losing weight. You also say you work out, but don't say how much, so it might not have been enough for you to speed up your metabolism. Some people are not suited to vegan or vegetarian diets, and some are -- you might be one of them and you might not be, but most vegans eat according to ideology, not health.
Avatar n tn I've been feeling sick to my stomach lately, maybe for a week now, I thought it was the flu, but I've been losing weight and I haven't been able to eat, I typically eat normal, besides that I'm vegan, reguardless of that I take my vitamins and I eat right. I usually sleep a lot but I've felt more exhausted like I have no energy what so ever. But I'm active, I do pilates two times a week and dance everyday.
Avatar f tn My doctor recently changed my long acting insulin from lantus 90 units at night, to toujeo 90 units. Since taking toujeo I have gained 8 pound in 3 weeks. I'm so not happy. Lantus I didn't have that problem. I just had hip surgery so I can't move around as much. The doctor is like your making excuses about gaining weight. I follow a vegan vegetarian meal plan I'm not making excuses. I haven't gained weight in two years. I've been losing. She is pissing me off.
Avatar f tn Nor does it necessarily have anything to do with weight loss. A vegan eats as much as they want, so you apparently are still anorexic to an extent if you eat very little. A vegan actually needs to eat a lot more carefully, as getting enough protein can be hard and if you exercise a lot you need more protein but still a balanced diet, which means when we exercise more we actually need more food, not less. And a vegan can eat horribly if they want.
Avatar f tn Hi I was diagnosed with moderately severe erosive esophagitis and chronic mild gastritis a month ago via endoscopy and biopsy. I have been on 40 mg omeprazole QAM for 4 and a half weeks and 300 mg ranitidine Qhs. I have no relief of my symptoms. Esophagus feels as something is stuck in it much of the time with sharp pains and burning in chest, arms and back much of the day as well. It doesn't matter if my stomach is empty or I have eaten.
Avatar f tn I kept losing weight at the beginning too, I wouldn't worry about it too much, I'm 30 weeks and have barely gained 15 pounds.
Avatar f tn I am thinking the goal is to get my body into an alkaline state or close to one... and just that alone will help me lose weight... and losing weight is said to help me be more fertile and get pregnant easier... If I can go RAW, lose weight and then maintain it... better for the baby and my body!!! Again thanks for your input!!!
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Gallstones back in November of 2014 and my gallbladder was removed that Black Friday. I had already lost 25lbs during the time I was struggling with the stones and had visited the ER 6 times before they found what was wrong. After the removal I had your typical loss of about 5lbs I was at 160lbs at that point and time. Now almost two years later I am still struggling to keep weight on. I weigh a shocking 118lbs right now and I'm still losing about 2-4lbs a week.
1314425 tn?1273909880 My point is that going vegan is a lifestyle choice which is based more on personal beliefs and convictions than losing weight and being healthy. You might not get the results you want and if you don't do it properly you can harm yourself. You REALLY should talk it over with your doctor before going into it as he/she can tell you more about what you need to do to make sure you're taking in all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need.
Avatar m tn Is it possible to relocate the kidney to the original place where it has to be and can my walking style be changed? Due to the abnormal walking style Iam losing my confidence to live. Please anyone can guide me what I have to do to overcome this problems.