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Losing weight tips to lose

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Avatar m tn When I was going to college, I took a workout class that was actually ROTCs pt class. The group encouragement was amazing!! Try looking into group classes offered by your gym or get a friend with similar goals. The buddy system is such a motivatior. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Its good you've set a goal and are looking to find out how to achieve it! However losing 15 pounds in a month is unrealistic and unhealthy. Did you know it takes about a year for your body to adjust to losing 10 pounds? It's important to remember weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you shouldn't look at it as weight loss but a way to become healthier!
Avatar f tn They should be able to set and appropriate goal weight for you, and give you some tips on losing some weight. Never try starving yourself or making yourself throw up. You are wonderfully made. Keep going. You can do it.
Avatar f tn Doesn't anyone have any advice at all?
Avatar f tn We are challenging ourselves to lose at least 1lb a week, she is super helpful and gives so many tips. I need to lose 50lbs still but overall have lost 10. What is working for me is keeping a food diary and tracking my calorie intake on here. My calorie limit is 1200 a day or 1300 max. With that, I walk if in outside just around my house. You have to be careful that you don't go too low on how many calories you have though. You want to lose at a healthy rate.
Avatar f tn I was wanting to know how many calories, fat, carbs, ect... I should eat to lose weight. I cannot exercise a whole lot do to a medical condition where I suffer from daily headaches and pressure in my head. Losing weight will actually help this condition. Besides my overall health, this is why it is so important that I lose weight. I have lost weight in the past, but always seem to gain it back. I think that I was not eating enough calories. i was staying at about 1000 a day.
Avatar n tn I'm 16, and I weigh like 135-140 I want to loose weight well just get my stomach in shape, and get toned for the summer what are tips that could help me on a diet?
Avatar n tn I need tips on how to lose weight fast and healthily of course. I need someone to tell me what to do. Please I really need help. Thank you!
Avatar f tn I am over wight and shouldnt be gaining much weight. I gain 17 kg in few month for 3 years ago and still havent lost that. I am planning to lose wight after the baby(in a healty way)..but thats why I dont want to gain much now. Any tips of what kind of food I should stay away from now? Or another healty alteretiv? And I am soon 19 weeks.
Avatar f tn You need to find your calorie maintenance number and shoot to be calorie deficient by no more that 500 to get the body to lose weight healthily. Exercise at least 4-5 days a week for a min of 30-45 min but no more than 1-1.5 hours. Use weights and interval/circuit training to boosts your bodies metabolic rate and reduce you carb intake to about 20-30% of your total daily calories. Focus more on proteins from lean meats and vegetables such as broccoli.
Avatar m tn Here I would like to know how Green Coffee Bean Extract help us in losing weight, can we find weight loss by using alone this and how many times we have to take Green Coffee to get weight loss? Please let me know.. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn The best, healthy way to lose weight is to eat about 4 or 5 small meals a day and to exercise daily, switching between cardio and resistance training. Also try to cut out soda and drink lots of water instead. Healthy weight loss should only consist of losing a couple pounds or less a week in order to keep it off long term.
Avatar f tn Im 17 years old an a newly mum I find it really hard to try an lose weight an eat healthy foods. Any suggestions that could help me?
Avatar n tn m a bridesmaid so I obviously want to look good I am also going to centre parcs also so I really wanna lose some weight I weigh 136lbs and I want to weigh 100 lbs so I really wanna lose 36-40lbs in 4 months any tips / tricks would be helpful ???
Avatar f tn I'm not sure that's a factor given the amount of weight you intend to lose. At your age, you probably won't have that problem, but as we age, we get loose skin whether we're losing weight or not. Better to lose it now than later. I would imagine that if you incorporate resistance training in your exercise regimen you can work on that, but know that once you do resistance training and gain muscle, you have to maintain it or it will turn into loose skin. Look.
Avatar f tn I really want to lose weight. I am 70 kg and 163 cm only 20 years old..I need help..I want to be 55kg in only 3 months ...N.B: I love chocolates alot...I want a diet food planning because I do no sports coz I have exams this month...please help ..
Avatar n tn t try and lose weight quicker aslong as the weight is coming off at a nice pace your fine because the quicker you lose the weight the quicker it goes back on and as for you noy losing as much weight as you were a few weeks ago its normal most people when they start to lose weight lose more weight in the first or second week than any other week after that and the reason you might not be losing as much weight is because you are now excercising which means your fat is now turning into muscle so you
Avatar f tn So I started on this program about a month ago. I weighed 175 pounds.I now weigh 157.I'm really just here to help you and give you some tips as to what to do and how to burn off the weight without extreme exercise.
Avatar f tn I didn't have any weight to lose after my hysterectomy; however, it's not any different losing after a hysterectomy than it is any other time. You have to make sure you're eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise (do not exercise until your doctor says it's okay); however, walking is always good.
1395792 tn?1358115792 i can give you some tips to lose weight 1 – Getting Enough Sleep You might not be aware of this, but getting enough sleep is an integral part to losing weight. 2 – Stress, Stress, Stress Stress is one of the main reasons that people gain weight and keep it on. 3 – The Dreaded Plateau Even if you have been doing all the right things you will eventually come to a place where you stop dropping the pounds and just maintain. This happens when you hit a plateau.
Avatar f tn d have gained most of my weight after back surgery and then retiring ,7 years ago. But I have been trying but have had problems losing the weight,I had gained about 28 lbs, my height is 5in. I recently got really determined and lost 10 lbs and needing to lose another 20 lbs! I workout 3-5 times a week,usually dvds ,Rocking Body by Shaun T,turbo jam or biggest losers walk .if the weather permits I also walk outside. My body frame is pear shaped,my weight goes directly to my hips and rump !
1372716 tn?1278527329 I am on a weight loss program called Take Shape For Life and this program has allowed me to lose 20 pounds per month the last two months and 77 pounds over all. It is healthy and rapid with Medifast Meals. Check out this website www.midwestweightloss.tsfl.
Avatar f tn I am getting married this summer and want to lose weight - almost 50 lbs! Is it possible to lose it in 4 months (16 weeks x 3lbs = 48 lbs)??? Anyone with any tips - greatly appreciated!!
Avatar f tn exercise is the best way to lose weight. you should go to gym or do it on home. Try to eat clean and find the best healty diet that you like.
Avatar f tn Reduce the carbs you eat. I took out bread as this started to cause me trouble and replaced with homemade alternatives. One of which was banana pancakes made with ground down almond instead of flour. Delicious!
Avatar f tn Anyone have any good tips and or experiences for losing the pregnancy weight after giving birth?
Avatar f tn You can try light exercise like swimming if your doc says ok and just try to have a good selection of healthy foods to eat and you may lose weight as a by-product but again i wouldnt try to lose weight while growing a baby. :) good luck.