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Losing weight tips for diabetics

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Avatar f tn Eat well ( organic helps-- look for healthy recipes, they don't have to taste bad to be healthy!) Exercise often (at least 3 times a week) Drink lots of water Treat yourself occasionally Research (I recommend the documentaries Clean, Sugar and Food INc as they provide insight into the food industry) Find a community ( this helps encourage/ support and motivate) Don't think of it as weight loss, think of it as a lifestyle change (this will help you get healthy and maintain any changes!
Avatar m tn When I was going to college, I took a workout class that was actually ROTCs pt class. The group encouragement was amazing!! Try looking into group classes offered by your gym or get a friend with similar goals. The buddy system is such a motivatior. Good luck!
Avatar f tn They should be able to set and appropriate goal weight for you, and give you some tips on losing some weight. Never try starving yourself or making yourself throw up. You are wonderfully made. Keep going. You can do it.
Avatar n tn A good dietary regime and exercises all will be helpful in losing weight. Losing weight in a healthy way is important for maintaining the glow of your skin. Eat lots of fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, fruits and consume less of potato, sweetened and processed foods. Start your day by drinking lemon juice in warm water. Have fruits with lots of vitamin C in breakfast that will help you cut fats as vitamin C is a fat burner. Exercise daily for 30-40 minutes like walking or aerobic exercise.
Avatar n tn The same things that work for non-diabetics trying to lose weight work for diabetics. Reduce caloric intake and increase exercise. Many of us believe in low carb eating and the lower carb you eat you will also lose weight. Be sure if you do this to reduce your insulin intake as it will also lower your blood sugar. Obviously lowering fat intake will also help lose weight and you will have to eat a lot more vegies, salads, and more lean meat (skinless chicken or fish) to compensate.
Avatar f tn There is a woman on here, Barb135, she started a weight loss challenge for 2015. We are challenging ourselves to lose at least 1lb a week, she is super helpful and gives so many tips. I need to lose 50lbs still but overall have lost 10. What is working for me is keeping a food diary and tracking my calorie intake on here. My calorie limit is 1200 a day or 1300 max. With that, I walk if in outside just around my house.
Avatar f tn I am over wight and shouldnt be gaining much weight. I gain 17 kg in few month for 3 years ago and still havent lost that. I am planning to lose wight after the baby(in a healty way)..but thats why I dont want to gain much now. Any tips of what kind of food I should stay away from now? Or another healty alteretiv? And I am soon 19 weeks.
Avatar f tn I cannot exercise a whole lot do to a medical condition where I suffer from daily headaches and pressure in my head. Losing weight will actually help this condition. Besides my overall health, this is why it is so important that I lose weight. I have lost weight in the past, but always seem to gain it back. I think that I was not eating enough calories. i was staying at about 1000 a day. I lost 70 pounds, but gained it all back plus a lot more.
10286987 tn?1410261849 how do i loose weight. im 14, 5'3" and i weigh 200 lbs. i've been on birth control for almost 2 years and my family's weight is right around 110-130 lbs. what is a good diet or exercise plan or what may be the problem?
Avatar n tn There is never an easy way to lose weight in my experience. Dieting and losing weight is not easy for anyone, but I do understand the particular challenges for diabetics. After going through a few lows, you often just feel like giving up. The one nice thing about diabetes is that it provides you with the basics for a healthy balanced diet, so we already know what we should eat.
Avatar f tn After my mom passed i went from a decent weight for my height 180 to 240lbs. I am very weight proportioned but let myself go after her passing. I really want to get back down to that weight! Hopefully breastfeeding will knock me a little closer to my weight goal.
Avatar f tn My glucose has always been normal. I have been steadily losing weight and now weigh 102. I previously 208. I lost my weight without trying, but doctors say I'm fine. I just had labs done and all liver tests decreased but still within normal levels, but most alarming to me was my glucose level rose from 95 to 113. Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn Hi there! If you are aiming at losing weight, it is important to calculate your current BMI and the target BMI. The target BMI should be in a healthy range. Aside indulging in moderate amounts of physical exercise it is also essential to maintain a healthy diet plan. A healthy diet should consist of adequate amounts of calories with carbohydrates, proteins, fat and plenty of fruits and vegetables to supply vitamins and minerals.
Avatar m tn But you are absolutely right, that diet and exercise are important ways to manage diabetes. First off is losing weight if you need to do so. Some people who are very overweight find the weight loss alone reduces their blood sugar dramatically. Then I would suggest cutting out sugar and reduciing carb intake. There is lots of information available online and is a good site that lists carb counts for all foods. (you can also get them on labels of prepackaged foods).
Avatar f tn For non-diabetics, normal is below 100. Prediabetics is 100 to 126 and diabetics is 126 and above. Sometimes lack of sleep and stress can cause a temporary rise in the fasting level.
Avatar n tn How the hell does anyone cope with diabetic teenagers? My 15 year old is hopelssly out of control, using her condition as an excuse to skip school as often as possible, do as little as possible, using her 'food' money to buy fags and worse, losing weight, hb1c off the chart, etc., etc....I feel she uses her condition to manipulate me....Help!
Avatar m tn They should be done at least every 3-6 months (at least my dr. does) anyway. Losing weight will help you stay with good sugar levels. If your doctor does not want to could find a new doctor that is more proactive. He may feel that your are not being proactive by losing the weight. Do you have a lot to lose?? Just wondering what his reasoning is.
Avatar f tn d have gained most of my weight after back surgery and then retiring ,7 years ago. But I have been trying but have had problems losing the weight,I had gained about 28 lbs, my height is 5in. I recently got really determined and lost 10 lbs and needing to lose another 20 lbs! I workout 3-5 times a week,usually dvds ,Rocking Body by Shaun T,turbo jam or biggest losers walk .if the weather permits I also walk outside. My body frame is pear shaped,my weight goes directly to my hips and rump !
Avatar n tn Hi. Did you get checked for diabetes? I m 54 In menopause. Losing muscle to. Sugar is poison. Even for non diabetics. Find out about that. If you are, metformin is The usual 1st med they try. It can help with losing weight. Train yoursejf to cut out all sugar.