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Avatar f tn Anyone have any good tips and or experiences for losing the pregnancy weight after giving birth?
Avatar f tn Hi all, I am severely depressed & have been taking Prozac for a month now & my doc suggested Abilify to add. I had already put on 30lbs from lexapro, which is part of becoming depressed again. I have been on the Abilify for 6days now & can tell it is having a positive impact on me. I have had enough motivation to work out the past two days & I am really watching what I'm eating. Has anyone here had success with losing weight on Abilify & prozac?
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any success stories about losing weight after being put on Synthroid? I would like to hear some encouraging words. I have gained 50 pds. and are miserable. I have not been on meds long enough to tell any difference in energy or hunger, but I am hopeing there will be some difference in the future.
Avatar f tn These were garnered from another site. I hope everyone will get some inspiration from these stories. (BTW---- I know most of these people and have known them for years---- if not in person then as eFriends.) 1. "I am 100% today!! 2. "I feel better than I have in 25 years (I'm 54). I have no pain anywhere, and ALL my symptoms are gone except some inflammation inside my right eye (and that's 70% better than it was).
Avatar n tn First, Welcome to MedHelp; we're glad you are here. While this community focuses on losing weight utilizing a healthy foods choices and moderate exercise, the question you have raised has been posted here before. Hope you will allow me to share a link to a previous post where you may find some useful information. http://www.medhelp.
1498386 tn?1403027653 I guess my main question is are there ANY success stories out there of women losing weight with PCOS and taking metformin? I could really use some encouragement. I want so bad to start our family, but if I am this uncomfortable being my weight now, I fear how I will feel being pregnant.
676912 tn?1332812551 Coming to join you guys/gals on the wonderful journey of losing weight. Blah!!! It's been hard for me in the past, and now it's going to be hard again. I've set a goal of 25 pounds to get rid of in the next five months. A little history, I just found out today, unfortunately, that I'm not pregnant. I have a wonderful son who will be one in just 7 short days, and my husband and I tried for three months to get pregnant again.
316002 tn?1246553137 I speed walk 2x daily and dont get any results..each walk is at least 30 minutes. Any success stories???
Avatar m tn The doctor scales weighed me at 156 and this moring I was at 153.4. After reading all the success stories I figured I would lose more. I am 5'3 (size 10). My goal weight is 130. I have been following the WW diet and walking for at least 20-30 minutes a day. I have been drinking ALOT of water. Any suggestions? Is it going to work for me? Does it work for everyone?
Avatar m tn This is a pretty surprising reaction to being on a birth control pill. Are you sure that there isn't something else going on?
579258 tn?1250649343 tall and tipping the scales at 260, definitely knew what it felt like to be obese. Read of her success at losing more than 100 pounds and keeping it off in an article written by Christine Gorman for Time entitled The Secrets of Their Success http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,994396-1,00.html WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF AT THE END OF 2009????
1269044 tn?1393189903 I really need to hear some success stories and how your moods progressed from day 1 to day 7. Then day 8-14. And then maybe a month out. I need some inspiration and some idea of how I might feel. I'm struggling with hydro wd's. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Anything positive that has happened since you quit, please share with us. I love reading the success stories, even those that are just starting out with a day or 2 clean and excited about what sobriety has to offer is success. Addiction comes with so much pain, but when we fight for what we want and stay clean, we begin to heal and life changes. Life becomes worth living again. How has live improved for you, since you made the decision to get clean?
Avatar m tn I would like people to post their positive stories on this thread. Those stories that give us all that hope and spirit to keep fighting. Please, if you have overcome this condition, share with us. Share with us what you went through, how you overcame it and how your doing. Give is all that hope. God Bless you all and know you are in my prayers.
461993 tn?1245693352 I'm only on Day 4 C/T off Percs/Vics; I would like to hear/read some success stories as I am sure others just beginning the battle would... Please share.
676032 tn?1315674063 Hey guys, I was just sitting here and started thinking about the past year (he!!) and think that I and others would benefit from hearing any success stories... I feel Iv come far from what I was, learned a lot, gained new friends and people to talk to. I know I would feel great knowing this anxiety can be beaten for good!!!! I would like to see hope for me and others alike! Anxiety has turned my life upside down.. I missed out on a lot the past year!!! I want to know there is hope!!
Avatar f tn I am very new to this type of thing, but I do find that reading pregnancy success stories from other women who have PCOS, really helps me to cope with the fact that I have fertility issues. I am on my second round of 50mg of clomid and Im also taking Metformin. Are there any women who have successfuly conceived on Clomid and how many rounds did it take?
1834120 tn?1422942267 I just wanted to share some extraordinary success stories with everyone. Most of these will ring truer for the older crowd because that is the crowd I belong to (42 yrs and ttc), but they should give hope to everyone who is ttc no matter what your circumstances are. 1. Friend, 43, never ttc, BD for 6 months with her hubby and voila, a beautiful girl, no stim drugs or yoga or fancy positions! 2.