Losing weight slowly but surely

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Avatar f tn t hard to cut back on but I did do it slowly bc my doc said to. I have Xanax but hardly take them honestly. They make me sleepy. If I do take them I take like 1/8 if a 1mg. I'm Rx 'd 2 mg a day. I think those may come in handy for those few days at the end for sleep but ill try melatonin first. I'm not trading one pill for another narcotic!
Avatar f tn the feeling i get from working out is way better than the feeling any drug ever gave me. plus, it is helping melt away the extra lbs (slowly but surely). best of luck in your endeavors!
Avatar f tn In the first trimester my weight would go and down on weekly basis as far as 3-5 lbs. N second slowly but surely I be started gaining.
29837 tn?1414534648 Also, could be, that you are eating more correctly - I am doing that and slowly but surely lcontinuing to lose - but in my case, that is a good thing!
Avatar n tn Your Thyroid could be not working properly. I was losing my hair & gaining weight rapidly & found out that my Thyroid was to blame. That is why I take a synthetic hormone for my thyroid now. I've stopped gaining the weight but before we had discovered what was causing all of my problems I went from a healthy 150lbs to an unhealthy 360lbs in about 6months time. Now that we have me on the synthyroid.
9455625 tn?1412820762 I lost weight in the early stages from morning sickness but have been slowly gaining weight like normal then all of a sudden I lose 3lbs in 3 weeks.
1519805 tn?1291058650 I'm 18 yrs old & I've always been a chubby chick but my weight is increasing ridicioulsly. I'm really up for losing weight but its just so hard for me I've tried so many things & don't really see results so I give up. I want to go to a dietician or a fat camp I don't care I jus want to loose weight. Please help me!
Avatar f tn Its hard for me to do crunches because I have sciatica and it gives me bad back pain. Anyone know of some workouts that could be helpful for my situation?
368690 tn?1284357253 ) And my belly is still expanding slowly but surely.
Avatar f tn hahaha slowly but surely! if i haven't gained my weight back by jan 8th, doc said we gotta have a talk lol. ohhh great. but i eat like, seriously 7 times a day.
Avatar f tn I am arthritic and need to lose weight. How can I do this when I cannot move.
649848 tn?1534633700 4 on sunday of last week, have been eating healthier and going for a mile walk a day with my kids and as of today am 168 even! getting there slowly but surely!!
Avatar n tn He also was a man who was very interested in current affairs and read the paper everyday . He slowly lost interest in life. Then he started losing weight and his legs started to get weak and he would feel very very sleepy and would go to bed and sleep during the day. This is not something he would normally have. done. As theyear went on he became more and more removed from social family interaction and speaking to to him was a one way conversation.
Avatar f tn I developed hypothyroidism when I was pregnant with my son and now I'm on a pill for it. I've been trying really hard to lose my baby weight but I'm not getting very far very fast. I take my pill like I'm supposed to and diet and exercise. I was wondering if there was any helpful tips to weight loss for a person with hypothyroid disease?
Avatar f tn ve been on a slow road to recovery and very slowly losing some weight. Looking back at pictures of myself and seeing the clothes I used to wear, I realize now that my opinions about myself and my weight were ridiculous and cost me many years of feeling good about myself. It was a tough way to learn a lesson, but it is a lesson I have learned. I will never get down to my previous weight, and I'm completely fine with that.
7981160 tn?1400440941 i am 18 weeks and still losing weight and i look bigger it is normal
3360193 tn?1365871889 Yes I haven't given birth yet (due in 2 days - woohoo) , but any mommas out there who know any decent ways to lose baby weight after baby has been born? For the first 6 weeks I know I won't really be doing very much except my usual daily 4 mile walk with the dog (and the pram), and I'll also be breastfeeding. But I do wanna lose my baby weight and a little bit extra as well.
Avatar f tn My diet has been the same for about 20 years, and I always maintained at 128. I thought I was going crazy,as the weight slowly crept on, did liquid diets, no bread, no dairy, no sugar, no white flour..nothing budges that disgusting fat. As the mother of 2 young active boys, I want to be able to participate in all our summer activities.Feeling heavy, fat and slow... My internist said the Effexor is definitely the weight gain culprit.
Avatar n tn Is anyone else struggling with their weight gain while pregnant?
Avatar f tn So brace yourself, plan and emotionally prepare yourself one step at a time to start reaching for your weight loss dreams once again. This time, do it slowly but surely.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am first week without Effexor and I have started to be very moody and negative. I dont know if this is normal reaction to withdrawal but if this continues, i might go back on pills. I would rather switch the medication than go back on Effexor .In your situation did u go back on Effexor or something else?
Avatar f tn I lost about 10 pounds a few months ago, b/c i struggled through an anxiety spell for about a week. Slowly but surely the anxiety lifted, and my appetite returned, and I gained probably 15lbs back over the Holidays. LOL. Just be rational if you do weigh yourself. Don't be scared. It's ALL LOGICAL. If you are losing weight, it's not b/c you are sick, it's just simply because you are not eating very much. That's what happens when you don't eat very much.
649848 tn?1534633700 8, finally eating better now that my sister and i have started this weight loss challenge. love it!! losing this weight slowly but surely.. started at 180 exactly as of April 10th and have lost 4.8lbs since.. hopefully it keeps coming off! I'm trying to transition my diet to just better eating though.. my sister is only eating 2 salads a day and a couple fiber one bars.. im eating meals (3) a day and snacks in between.. i want this to be a life choice not a temporary fix.
Avatar n tn t last, whereas losing weight slowly by eating better and exercising more takes time but will last. Given that your fiance appears to love you the way you are or you wouldn't be getting married, what's the hurry? Losing weight slowly will keep it off because you'll have permanently changed your life and your health. Losing fast, yeah, there are ways to do that, but then you'll go back to whatever got you where you are.