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Avatar f tn Regular cardio for 1 hr like walking, running, skipping, jogging, treadmill, cross trainer, elliptical or swimming is strongly suggested for you for the next 1 year till you achieve your desired BMI. Take care!
Avatar f tn -running or even fast walking (NO WALKING) for about 30min each day is really helpful (fast walking actually burns alot more calories than running and works you out more) With running or fast walking, make sure you move your arms alot. -50-100squats each day will definitely tone your legs and hips -Horizontal bicycle or situps workout your stomach (I personally find that horizontal bicycles work me out more than situps) Sooo yuup!!
Avatar f tn and the problem is i know running and walking are effective in raising the metabolism but due to my schedule i cant find time for it ! but really thanks for the advice... will try to exercise atleast !
Avatar f tn Does walking and running help reduce weight loss.
Avatar m tn ve heard that some machines can either keep you at your weight or not do anything for you. Have you tried walking/jogging/running? And if so do you know how to run correctly? Also, what kind of weight machines do you use? Targeting the entire body will help you more vs. spot targeting. Another thing that will throw off your hard work is your calorie intake, find a calorie calculator to see what is the appropriate number of calories for your body specifically and use caloriecount.about.
Avatar f tn Well always remember it will take time for your stomach to get where you want it to be but in the end it will be awesome if you stick to the routine. I have experience in this area of losing your belly so I know the process of it.Some exercises that really help are crunches in general on a ball or on the floor, tucking your tail bone under well u do it is super effective. you can even so the crunches do your elbows things like that. the pelvic tilt is a really good one.
Avatar f tn Honestly, I'm more healthy now than before the pregnancy. I've stayed in the normal range of weight gain and developed better habits. I plan to breastfeed and keep walking and eating well to lose the weight. Also I hear you don't have as much time to eat, so I think it will just happen. I was trying to lose weight before the pregnancy with paleo.
Avatar f tn Ok thank you ladies I just had well firm legs not no more I would do lots if squats and running and still losing weight lost 28 soo far it's been 2 weeks since I had mine
1950518 tn?1333219865 So I finally weighed my self! i have put on 34lbs from my pre preggy weight !! 33 wks so still got more to put on =/... this is pretty bad isnt it?!
Dog I recommend to others to get their weight under control before trying much more than walking so as to not stress your knees. Control your diet and as your weight drop slowly increase your physical activity. Remember to get a good overall work out as that will help overall toning and as your metabolic rate rises it will also help with losing weight. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I am 54 years old and having a difficult time losing weight. During the past 8-9 months, I have not been able to continue my typical exercise regimen due to knee pain and surgery. As a result, I have gained the nine pounds I lost and added 7 more.Approximately two weeks ago, I started to exercise again, managing to workout four days each week, although no change in weight. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn For losing weight the most effective way is to sprint for about 30seconds then jog for 30seconds and keep this going for about half an hour
Avatar f tn I do feel losing 15 kg in 3 months is unrealistic if you plan to do this healthily. I've lost 15 kg but it has taken me 12 months. However, it hasn't been an onerous task, whereas diets I've done in the past have been. This time, I changed my life style as well as my eating habits. I haven't cut out chocolate altogether, and I cut it down gradually (which is why it's taken 12 months). I found that the craving for it dissolved over time, and now I rarely eat it.
1149046 tn?1264361586 For your height, you are just about perfect weight. Losing 20 pounds would put almost in the "underweight" category. I would not advise doing that. Here's part of a height/weight chart that applies to YOU.
Avatar f tn What are the best exercises I can do to lose weight in the abdomen (stomach) area? Just by walking with the correct eating habits, I won't have any problem losing fat in my legs, arms, face and neck. I need some advice as to how to lose weight in my abdomen (stomach) area. Can someone help with this issue?
649848 tn?1534633700 There are many different methods of losing weight -- a new diet comes along almost every day; new articles are printed in magazines with suggestions of all kinds, from diets to exercise routines and of course, they all profess to be the best. I still find that making small changes and taking baby steps is the safest way to go. Healthy lifestyle changes that we can maintain are by far the best...
Avatar f tn I do. I started dieting in earnest this summer and lost about 5 pounds. I thought it was 10, but the scale said otherwise. I'm running now 3 days a week-6 miles running/6 miles fast walking. I am now REALLY seeing a difference. At first I seemed to gain weight, but my pants are loosening dramatically and I'm getting great results. The only way I've ever lost weight dramatically is by exercising.
Avatar f tn Have you thought of keeping a food journal, if even for a couple of weeks, to make sure your getting enough calories and the right kinds of foods? You could also measure yourself to see if your losing inches instead of weight. Don't forget even if you know what your doing your body sometimes takes a little longer to figure it out. Don't stop what your doing.
Avatar n tn As the first comment correctly stated, losing weight fast doesn't last and leaves you weaker, which you don't want to be if you're getting ready for basic training. Why not wait to join the military until you're ready?
Avatar n tn Hi there, Hope you are doing well. A good dietary regime and exercises all will be helpful in losing weight. Losing weight in a healthy way is important for maintaining the glow of your skin. Eat lots of fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, fruits and consume less of potato, sweetened and processed foods. Start your day by drinking lemon juice in warm water. Have fruits with lots of vitamin C in breakfast that will help you cut fats as vitamin C is a fat burner.
Avatar m tn Exercises- walking briskly, jogging a small amount of running, too much running can be bad for you and your bones as your still young and developing. Horse-riding, swimming, karate. even like using a skipping rope or trampolining half an hour a day can make a difference. I would also recommend cutting out or reducing sugary and yummy foods, this will include fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate, cake, biscuits, crisps.
Avatar f tn Start a vegan diet and jump rope for quickest slimming without building large muscles. Any weightbearing exercise, be it walking, running, elliptical, vigorous dancing, running up and down stairs, whatever, can burn calories and tone. Other good exercises include Pilates, yoga, lifting weights, karate, biking ... many choices. Just MOVE. Sweating itself is not the object, although exercise may lead to sweating.