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Losing weight ruby

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2135214 tn?1335873663 s arms and told Sasha Ruby is her daughter. Sash was a great adoptive mum to Ruby. I know Ruby misses her. Sasha got along with everyone and everything. Even cats when they were in their house. She hated cats outside and loved them when they were inside. A beautiful and unusual pup that Sasha was. I hope you take comfort in the cool things your pup did.
Avatar f tn I thought I remember a while back someone posted that they were doing OK on Lamictal but when the doc increased the dosage, the person started having anxiety attacks. Is that true? I recently went up to 200mg/day and I've started having anxiety and now wondering if I should ask the doc to decrease the dosage. He also discontinued the Seroquel but now I'm having major depressive episodes.
Avatar f tn Thank you. I wil and will continue to.
Avatar m tn I have been feeling weird head sensations for a while and have been dizzy while at it. My brain feels like it's tired and feels like exploding. These are at their peak when I sit down. This is very hard to explain, I also visited the doctor but he doesn't see anything. All my vitals seem okay. It's been going on for over 2 weeks. I'm losing my concentration in class because of this. Please help me.
180395 tn?1287493997 While searching Cheri22 and Ruby, I found my original thread from June of 07. There were 2 others that did it and she was wrong on both counts there, too. I can't find anything on Ruby other than people looking for her.
Avatar m tn As Ruby stated you are at risk. However the odds are in your favour with the risk at something like 1:600. Try educating yourself in correct condom technique and you can get extra durable ones for anal sex.
Avatar f tn I weighed 158 before i got pregnant and I'm 20+4 and weigh 144 i actually got down to 141 a few weeks ago i hate this bcuz i did everything to lose weight before i got pregnant and could only get down yo 158 and now that i actually want to gain the weight I'm losing it!
Avatar f tn I'm 20 weeks. I'd lost 15lbs at one time. I've gained back 5 lbs but my baby's just fine. Kicking as I type.
Avatar f tn Hi hun?
Avatar f tn Losing weight is ok as long as u eat and keep fluids down.I'm 23 weeks and only this week Iv gained weight.was same weight up till then.
Avatar f tn What to expect when you're expecting says losing weight in the 1st trimester is normal bc of morning sickness. You will just have to make up for it when you aren't sick anymore. If you can't keep anything down, you may need to see your dr incase you become dehydrated.
Avatar f tn It depends on what your starting weight is and the way you are losing it. If you have a higher starting weight and you are losing weight because you are eating healthier and exercising than your okay. If your doctor says its okay, you should be fine. Plus you have more than half your pregnancy ahead of you to gain some of that weight back. Don't stress, i am sure you'll be fine.
Avatar f tn Is it normal that I've lost like 10 to 12 pounds since my pregnancy I'm 15 weeks pregnant. I mean don't get me wrong I like the idea of losing weight instead of gaining it. But still concerned about my baby.
Avatar f tn I didn't start gaining until my teen weeks, even then it was incredibly slow. I was so eager to put on the weight lol, but now at 25 weeks I'm a few pounds ahead and need to try to maintain. There are some women, especially if they're over weight that will continue to maintain their pre pregnancy weight well into their pregnancy. I don't think JTS until your second trimester that doctors will be concerned if there's no weight gain.
Avatar f tn I was average weight, not overweight or underweight, but i haven't had morning sickness at all really :/
Avatar n tn I am 9 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy and instead of gaining weight I am losing weight. I haven't had any nausea or vomiting in the past 2 days but I am still losing weight. I am scared that this could affect my baby. Is there something wrong or is this normal ?
Avatar f tn Hey yall, I've lost about 10 pounds in 2 days and I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I haven't been eating much because I'm so worried about what's good and bad for the baby. I have awful anxiety and depression so I over think and worry about everything . I haven't been taking my anxiety medicine due to risks of harming the baby and I think that's why I can't eat and am losing weight so fast. Is this dangerous or will it get better with time ?
29837 tn?1414534648 I saw the primary a week ago regarding this problem. His take, as well as mine, is the result of stopping the dreadful pain medication Oxycodone abruptly, which was prescribed for me after my spinal surgery. As my ideal weight is 185, I now am 173. However, that's one pound more than a week ago. What this means, is that I'm not losing anymore weight, but have gained one pound. This tell me it's a gradual recovery from the withdrawal I'm going through. I know losing 15 lbs.