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Losing weight quickly without dieting

Common Questions and Answers about Losing weight quickly without dieting


Avatar f tn These types of weight loss are not recommended, because they lose weight too quickly, and are most likely losing water and muscle, not fat. Nearly all lost weight is regained as soon as the plan is stopped...
Avatar f tn He thinks I've been dieting. I haven't been dieting though. I don't even walk. Lol. I hope it means I'm gonna meet my little man soon. I'm not dialing.
Avatar f tn Not sure about pregnancy weight ftm.
2090601 tn?1334515062 Jenge, I have not done the latest triple therapy but I know when I treated with the SOC I lost about 15 lbs without even trying and losing weight was the last thing on my mind! Don't worry too much about losing weight rather than being healthy while on tx and gets lots of rest and drink lots of water! Good luck!
634745 tn?1256844310 well i am overweight but i am also loosing weight mainly all meds, i dont even like taking paracetamol but i do when i really need it i would try something and i will take clomid and the others when i get fed up i just want to try a different way first
1766274 tn?1326743907 I wouldn't assume that you look retarded or have physical problems simple because you have no thyroid. While that's uncommon, there are a lot of people who are born without one. I have a thyroid, but it's "dead" due to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, so we're basically in the same boat. The only thing I'd assume, is that you are on thyroid replacement hormone. Do you have thyroid blood work regularly to make sure your levels are good?
Avatar m tn Please be careful to eat enough calories to prevent your body from going into starvation mode and reaching a plateau or losing too much weight too quickly as you can do damage by having your body use muscle instead of fat. Remember, your heart is the largest muscle in your body. Best wishes .. feel free to join us in the Weight Loss & Dieting community .. as we're doing a year long challenge to help each other losing weight in a healthy nutritional and physical manner.
Avatar f tn There are liver cleanses, colon cleanses, kidney cleanses -- they can be very good for health, but not very useful for losing weight in a healthy fashion because the weight will just come back as soon as you return to your normal way of eating. The only way to lose weight long-term is to change your metabolism, which doesn't involve calories as much as it involves what you eat and how quickly it turns into sugar and how easily it moves through your digestive system.
Avatar n tn If you've doing these things already for awhile, then no, it won't suddenly start making you lose weight. If you just started doing this, then it might. If you were completely sedentary your whole life and you're young, starting any exercise program and eating better should start showing some results quickly.
Avatar m tn Honestly stop trying to lose weight. You are in a healthy weight range now. But you should consider eating a little more and drinking more water.
Avatar f tn -) The first couple weeks of dieting your body will drop the pounds off very quickly. I lost 7lb in my first WEEK of dieting and assumed that it would always be like that. It's not! You'll find that once your body starts getting used to taking in less saturated fat - or calories - that the weight loss tends to decrease and you'll just lose a couple of pounds at a time, if that sometimes.
7606649 tn?1392686521 Ive been losing weight for the last 8 weeks. Im down 8kg and wondering if its ok to continue to do this as I just found out im 5 weeks 5 days pregnant. I still need to lose 40kg. I haven't been dieting just been eating healthy. Not having fizzy drink or fast food. Just fruits veggies and water. Is it ok to continue to lose weight?
Avatar f tn Due to some health issue, I cannot go for too much exercises for weight loss, so I thought I'd better start dieting. By even though I was following a strict diet plan (and always going hungry), recently when I checked my weight, instead of being reduced, it has been increased. It's 100 kg now which is really appalling to me. Though I'm already considering getting checked to find out the real reason behind weight gain, but I'm confused why the dieting backfired?
1448446 tn?1284774417 I'm 5'5 5'6ish, 17 and weigh about 129 :/ I'm looking to lose weight quickly! I eat healthy and don't excessive hard core but I'm relatively active. anyways what's a good dietary supplement to help me lose the little bit of weight I can't seem to get rid of quickly????
793833 tn?1237085165 ve also heard that drinking pure green tea (without sugar and all the added chemicals) can help lose some weight. I mostly want to lose stomach fat but eventually I want to lose some of my butt and thigh weight (probably from an exercise bicycle). Does anyone know how I can lose weight easily without having to work out as much? What would be the best diet for me (an on-the-go college journalist)? Reach me at ***@****.
Avatar m tn I apologize for the length and any incorrect spelling. I included a bit of background on how i got them and leading up till now. Over six months ago i felt a bump coming out of the rectum, it worried me but i soon forgot it because it went away shortly after. It was alittle after that i decided to start losing weight & get healthier, I was eating much less and working out daily sometimes with intensity.
649848 tn?1534633700 Please feel free to join the challenge and get support and motivation for your weight loss. We hope to have some fun in the process. See you there...
Avatar n tn Okay I recently decided to get serious about losing weight and I have been dieting for a few weeks now. I am consumming approx 1100-1300 calories per day. I started the diet off at 5' 2" and 157 pounds and now Im up to 163 pounds. Instead of losing weight I am gaining weight and I am very frustrated. I havnt been cheating and as of a week ago I have been keeping a very detailed food journal with the calories for everything that I eat along with the fat count.