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Losing weight quickly stretch marks

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4658567 tn?1364142123 Yes scratching tears the skin which can cause stretch marks. ..
Avatar n tn I'm not a celebrity, and I don't have stretch marks. With my first I lost my baby weight quickly while breastfeeding. Every body type is different, that doesn't make anyone any less qualified for representing real motherhood.
Avatar m tn I am a sixteen year old male. I weigh 278.5lbs and am 6'4.5". I have stretch marks in every place I can think of besides my face (so far). They are showing up on my hands, groined, knees, fingers, under arms, biceps, triceps, back going vertical and horizontal, sides, thighs, legs, and are very painful when they come... which is how I know Im starting to develop one that is very small on the right side of my neck.
Avatar f tn t imagine I will feel confident with my tummy, no matter the size, if my stretch marks stay so prominent. My fellow new mothers have been losing weight like crazy, not me yet, but have not said anything about stretch marks... The lotions I've been using haven't done anything to reduce the appearance... Please help!
Avatar f tn It depends on your genetics. I have faded stretch marks from gaining and losing weight and yet have no new stretch marks from pregnancy. Skin can be different and more stretchable at different times in our life. It really just depends on your skin and genetics but use a lot of lotions and oil on your belly to keep the skin well moisturized.
Avatar m tn I began dieiting losing only 2 lbs a month from January 2012, until September 2012. Even when I was losing weight I gained a stretch mark on the inside of my right bicep, more on my left bicep, and two stretch marks on the surface of my rear deltoid on my right arm. I am not 180 lbs and I have stayed at this weight since September 1st, 2012. Today I woke up to go workout and I noticed a stretch mark below my left arm pit that is traveling to my left pec.
Avatar f tn We all get stretch marks, as we get growth spurts, gain weight quickly, have swelling, or other conditions. These marks will fade away on their own as time goes on and typically won't be noticeable at all or just lightly visible. Has anything happened lately to cause them?
Avatar f tn And of course - try to avoid gaining weight TOO quicky ( also losing weight too quickly ). And drink water at least 1,5-2 litres per day. Have a nice pregnancy time!
Avatar n tn Hello, Not only weight gain but losing weight can also cause stretch marks formation. Creams containing alpha hydroxyl acids and retin-A are said to be useful in decreasing the stretch marks but the advertised antimarks creams have no proof of effectiveness. Eat healthy, nutritious food ,drink plenty of fluids and do moderate exercises. Laser therapy and dermabrasion, alone or in combination have also been shown to be effective in diminishing the appearance of stretch marks.
Avatar f tn m 23 and none so far. I recently had weight loss surgery and had stretch marks from being overweight and then losing it so quickly.
7502680 tn?1405284034 I'm 15 weeks & 3 days, & I have never seen a stretch mark before.... so when I'm in the shower I noticed three little pink stretch marks, ugly looking little things!! I'm not even 4 months yet!!!! Anyone get stretch marks really early in their pregnancy? Any good home remedies to get rid of or avoid any more?
Avatar f tn Okay sooo...I'm only 17 and I only weigh 115 lbs BUT I have had these deep purple stetch marks around my inner thighs and around my hips. I don't look fat to other people but when I look at myself I can see just how bad these areas are. I can pinch a good three inches off my waist and a good 6 or 7 off my thighs. I've had them for a long time now, about three years and I don't know how to get rid of them. I've tired losing weight in a shameful way but it didn't work...
1365504 tn?1295777637 is there any way i can take preventative measures to not get stretch marks? any tips anyone?
Avatar f tn But there r a couple things u could do to delay them from forming quickly by not gaining weight so quickly and moisturizing ur skin. I ended up getting stretch marks on my breasts while I was pregnant and a bit on my hips during my 8th month of pregnancy with my first. The have faded a lot since, but u can still see them. Oh well...I hope not to get more with this pregnancy...
Avatar n tn Hello, Claw like marks cannot appear on their own unless there is any trauma to the skin. These marks can be due to stretch marks. Stretch marks can appear when there is rapid stretching of the skin. It is common in rapid gaining or losing of weight, pregnancy, puberty, cushings syndrome and overuse of steroids. They appear red at first and then become glistening white.
Avatar f tn i am 18 and i have stretch marks on my butt! wheneverr i see them i get depressed! i really want to get rid of it!! i want to be happy!! pls anyone suggest me what i should do about these!!
Avatar m tn m starting to loose weight but my problem is that i developed a really bad case of stretch marks in my abdomen, thighs and underarms. i want to know is there is a cream that can help with my problem or ill yest have to learn how to live with them???
Avatar f tn I had a few stretch marks from before I was pregnant from gaining and losing a lot of weight in high school and started using palmers and they aren't gone completely but they are really light now.
722070 tn?1246024974 s elasticity, and genetics. If you gain weight quickly your skin is more likely to develop stretch marks, but if, for example, your mother never got them then you are not likely to get them. Maternity clothes have nothing to do with stretch marks. Plus, I wouldn't torture myself by trying to stay in regular clothes.... sounds so uncomfortable!
Avatar m tn Hello my name is Sean and I am an 18 year old male who has been weight lifting for two years now, in these past two years i began to notice stretch marks which gradually got bigger on my arms and upper chest and arm pits currently the stretch marks are red and some are faded, i tried using a RetinA cream and mederma stretch mark cream and also cocoa butter none helped me that much i also tried lazer surgery but only went in for two sessions which didn't work I was wondering if any one could
Avatar f tn 90% of the time stretch marks are genetic, though they can be caused by gaining weight too quickly. I weighed a little more than you pre-pregnancy. I weighed roughly 110lbs. I am now 28w and have gained 16lbs. The recommended weight gain for someone who is a healthy weight beforehand is 25-35lbs. You still have 26w to go until baby gets here, and right now baby is tiny, so the weight you've gained isn't baby, its from indulging your cravings slightly too much.
Avatar f tn I know there our tiger stripes but I have a feeling its gonna be hard to feel sexy for my boyfriend after the weight comes off (if it even does!
Avatar m tn Im 26, I was on steroids (prednisolone) a few months back, and a couple of months after id finished them i started getting stretch marks on my bum and top of my leg. They have got worse and now are really bad and I seem to be getting more and have them coming on my breasts now too. I dont know if its the steroids that could have caused it and some sort of after effect, of because i put on half a stone.
Avatar f tn So I'm getting stretch marks on the sides of my belly..its kind of stressing me out BC I feel like they are going to be there forever ! :/ what lotion/cream can I use so that they won't get worse and so that my belly won't itch that bad ?
10909590 tn?1416437106 I did not really get stretch marks my first pregnancy but I did have a little heartburn this time my stretch marks a real bad but I already had them from being fat did not really get stretch marks during my pregnancy this time I still don't have new ones just the old ones from me gaining a lot of weight and getting fat and then losing weight. but I have gotten heartburn a couple times not real bad though.
Avatar f tn I always see lots of new stretch marks creams/ lotions in the market with high price tags. I have tried some for the last 10 years but they work. I have medium brown skin so my stretch marks (on my legs, thigh, buttocks) are very visible. I am 39 yrs old and have never worn bikini, never worn minis and didn't get married becos of these stretch marks. Is there any treatment that will make stretch marks disappear completely??