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Avatar n tn re not the most important tool for choosing a diet -- some high calorie foods are very good for losing weight, some low calorie foods are bad for losing weight. The real issue is how you metabolize and digest your food, and that will differ by the person.
198506 tn?1251156915 t start noticing a diffeent in my weight until after 10lbs. keep on losing and you will notice your weight loss soon.
594189 tn?1386916607 Even if you manage to lose weight that quickly- your body probably wouldn't stabilize that quickly and you risk health problems and/or gaining it back.
11100381 tn?1436779908 I am at week 10, and instead of the morning sickness getting better, it's getting worse. I went from massive fruit cravings, to eating pancakes now and then, to eating portions about half a sandwhich, and now, I can barely eat a piece of toast. I was drinking ensure to make up for what I havn't been eating, but now I can't stomach even that. I feel so hungry and everytime I try to eat, my stomach screams in pain at me and I usually end up throwing it up.
1519805 tn?1291058650 I'm 18 yrs old & I've always been a chubby chick but my weight is increasing ridicioulsly. I'm really up for losing weight but its just so hard for me I've tried so many things & don't really see results so I give up. I want to go to a dietician or a fat camp I don't care I jus want to loose weight. Please help me!
Avatar n tn As the first comment correctly stated, losing weight fast doesn't last and leaves you weaker, which you don't want to be if you're getting ready for basic training. Why not wait to join the military until you're ready?
10286987 tn?1410261849 Thank you, Yesterday I started jogging. I normally drink lots of water. but i cannot tell you how much i thank you.
6520484 tn?1399082398 But I still have 20lbs of fat that I put on during the pregnancy. Just wondering if anyone had success in losing the baby weight? I could use some pointers. I already eat healthy and all I drink is water and milk, no juice or pop or anything. I'm too tired to exercise (with Two week old baby and all). Anyone do anything to lose the weight that really worked?
Avatar f tn I don't have a problem losing weight, I just have a problem with losing weight. Like I can't seem to gain any weight at all. Before I got pregnant I weighed 145, by the time I had him, in April 2013, I weighed 173. I breastfeed and two weeks after having him I was down to 155, then two weeks after that was down to 146. And now that I'm not breastfeeding, I'm still constantly losing weight. I can't seem to stop.
978106 tn?1285108401 I do not expect to lose alot of weight at a time. I want to do this slowly so it will stick, but the problem is im gaining weight. I lost 11lbs at first and have since gained back 3 in the last 2 weeks. I also have been more active over the last month, but admit not so much in the last week, I took a full time temp job and go to school full time so I have not had the time as of late. Help!
Avatar n tn ). If he starts to look like he is losing too much weight seek immediate vet attention.
Avatar f tn I lost more than 50 pounds on treatment (almost all in the first three months). I am one year post treatment (svr), and I have 40 of the pounds back. The weight loss is not pleasant, but the weight comes back quickly, so I wouldn't worry too much.
Avatar f tn There really isn't a way to lose weight quickly, if you're going to it in a healthy manner. In order to have a body that's healthy and that you can be proud of, you have to eat healthy and exercise. For starters, give up sodas (including diet) and drink water instead. That alone could save quite a few calories, depending on how many sodas you drink each day. Additionally, eat a yogurt after exercising, instead of a candy bar, etc.
542730 tn?1234673838 t need to give up all the yummies either a treat once a week isnot going to hinder any weight loss, weight watchers , Inches they are great places and resources to go to , they may feel likle there expensive , but I am telling u they work, I have a friend who weight watchers got her to her goal and then some and she has stayed that way for years, I myself went with inches and I tell u it was amazing how quickly I lost weight,, I am not a very big person and needed to lose 25 pounds after my firs
1466277 tn?1286312305 t keep food down or is losing too much weight, food can be fed through a tube into the stomach (or even if needed, directly into the small intestines). The main problem associated with gastroparesis is that if someone is vomiting up everything they eat they lose weight quickly and become malnourished. I am also lactose intolerant, and I believe that a breath test isn't needed to test for lactose intolerance, as just eliminating lactose completely is easier than the test.
Avatar f tn Plus, I breastfed and ended up losing the rest pretty quickly.
Avatar f tn I am also having problems gaining weight. I am 14 weeks and I have lost a total of 6lbs when I found out. I want to eat bit when I start I get so nauseous that I quit. I eat a lot of tomato soup, yogurt, and popsicle's. My Dr is very upset lol so he proscribed me a bunch of meds for its he also told me o had to weigh myself every week and if I haven't gained anything he wants to see me back asap. But read the side effects and don't like them.
5891248 tn?1406410864 I don't think u should try to lose weight... If ur gaining weight too quickly try changing ur eating habits... When ur pregnant u should never try to lose weight..
Avatar n tn Losing weight quickly is not a solution it will only cause you too gain more when you start eating normally again. You should aim to lose 2 pounds a week and can do that by simply eating a healthy balanced diet. Drink 8 glasses of water a day and try to have vegetables with everything you eat!
Avatar f tn I am still losing weight and my stomach problems have returned. So, the weight loss came right before the stomach stuff...... We will see what the GYN says. I also have to go to the GASTRO, so between the two of them, hopefully they can figure something out! Side point: Two Fridays ago I weighed 162 according to doc.