Losing weight quickly before a wedding

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3360193 tn?1365871889 If you aren't concerned with the length of time it will take to lose the weight, I would suggest starting with yoga or pilates, that way you can get reacquainted with your body, and then after a couple months try a zumba class! It's a great way to have fun and workout all at the same time. And as always, make sure you eat well balanced meals!
Avatar n tn Losing weight permanently is a long-term process requiring a permanent change in how and what you eat and how you exercise. But 6 pounds in three weeks is doable if you don't care if you put the weight right back on again after your wedding, which you probably will if you don't make permanent changes. Just eat less and exercise more. But given the person you're marrying must like you the way you are, the slow way is the best because it will last.
Avatar f tn I agree with Barb135 losing weight in a month is not a magic. Exercise and diet plan are the most important things to achieve your weight goal. Exercise plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body, and it makes it possible to create a calorie deficit and lose weight without starving your body.
Avatar n tn re not the most important tool for choosing a diet -- some high calorie foods are very good for losing weight, some low calorie foods are bad for losing weight. The real issue is how you metabolize and digest your food, and that will differ by the person.
1650779 tn?1342036603 In thinking about your main motivation for weight loss, are you most focused on losing weight by a certain date (e.g. I want to lose weight for a wedding or graduation), on losing a certain amount of weight (e.g. I just want to lose 15 pounds), or on weight loss in general (I don't care about weighing a certain amount, I just want to weigh less)?
414635 tn?1272217693 So.....here goes. The last few years I've been up and down on the scales. About 2 years ago I started yoga and watching what i ate (no diet, just being aware, and cut back alcohol) and lost some weight before my wedding (5'4" 140lbs at wedding) my goal weight is 130-135. About 6 months later I stopped going to yoga, started suffering w/severe back pain (and depression) and ended up on the coach everyday b/c of pain.
Avatar n tn 67 x 23 (age)) = 191 191 - 65 (resting heart rate) = 126 126 * 65% (low end of heart rate zone) OR 85% (high end) = 82 OR 107 82 + 65 (resting heart rate) = 147 107 + 65 (rhr) = 172 The target heart rate zone for this person would be 147 to 172 First thing in the morning before you get out of bed have a clock with a second hand and check your resting heart rate then figure your rate by the Karvonen Formula above.
Avatar n tn I have recently lost a lot of weight and I have struggled with my weight for a long time but there is no quick fix, you need to follow a plan of healthy eating and exercise and I know that is not what you want to hear but losing weight is a life choice and you will need to think about what you eat for the rest of your life as your body has got to be with you for the rest of your life.
873416 tn?1250335346 I have a membership and I used it last for tanning for my wedding a year and a half ago. If I would just lose 30 pounds that would help me out a lot in terms of conception I think and I need to do something now before too much more time passes. Does anyone have any advice?
542730 tn?1234673838 t need to give up all the yummies either a treat once a week isnot going to hinder any weight loss, weight watchers , Inches they are great places and resources to go to , they may feel likle there expensive , but I am telling u they work, I have a friend who weight watchers got her to her goal and then some and she has stayed that way for years, I myself went with inches and I tell u it was amazing how quickly I lost weight,, I am not a very big person and needed to lose 25 pounds after my firs
Avatar f tn I just had twin boys may 21st I feel that it is time to lose rest of the 24 pounds!! I have a wedding for a friend in October and at least wanna drop two sizes I'm 199 now and was about 175 before babies it's mostly in my stomach and love handles a a bit in my legs i changed my diet and started calorie counting today what can I do to loose and get down two sizes?!!!
Avatar m tn Weight training is a key element in weight management. You need muscle to burn calories and as we get older we lose muscle. Look for some type of weight training you can do with your condition; a pilates machine may be something to consider. I have an Aero Pilates machine, a mid-price range one that I found on Craig list used. You can buy these new on QVC also; go to their website and type in Aero Pilates to watch one of their presentations.
Avatar f tn I did something similar during a detox and it worked like a taper! I would skip a day take one skip two days take one skip 3 days take a half and hadalmost zero symptoms of withdrawal!
Avatar n tn I know the feeling. There is always a tomorrow or next week when it comes to proactively losing weight. And if I feel overweight then yes I want the weight gone yesterday. Some advice. Don't drop the weight quickly, this is rarely a long-term solution. If I took time and had the mental discipline I could have lost weight many times over. Do it once, do it right. Issues with weight and body image are taxing (emotionally, physically and financially) and demoralizing.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you've got momentum, you just need to know how to keep going. After a while you will hit a plateau in your weight loss; don't stress-change it up. For example I first started loosing weight by cutting out the crap from my diet and having a normal sleep schedule. Then I fixed my diet so it was a healthy balanced diet and started to learn how to swim. Over the past 2 years and 40lbs I've had to periodically switch up my work out routines and total calories.
534975 tn?1224152462 It just didnt look like a baby bump. That is a hard one because it isnt like you can diet for a few weeks before the wedding to fit in the dress when you are prego. I would say wait as long as you can to buy your dress. maybe pick some out in different sizes so you know what you are dealing with and ask what the shortest amount of time before your wedding you can purchase the gown is. Good Luck and enjoy!
198506 tn?1251156915 t start noticing a diffeent in my weight until after 10lbs. keep on losing and you will notice your weight loss soon.
5891248 tn?1406410864 I don't think u should try to lose weight... If ur gaining weight too quickly try changing ur eating habits... When ur pregnant u should never try to lose weight..
Avatar f tn I am now only 13 lbs. Over pre preg weight. I can see I am still retaining water as my feet and ankles are swollen. To lose the water weight I have been told by Dr. To drink plenty of water....you must be hydrated for your body to release excess fluids in feet/belly etc. I will continue to do this, eat helthy, breast feed, and walk for excercise and do expect to be at pre preg weight within 4-6 weeks. Fastest way to lose weight post preg.
649848 tn?1534633700 Well..its really a great day for me..because my new routine for 4days..has a result now..and I'm losing my weight moreover I had a lot of workout everyday...I think at the end of 2weeks..I will get my ideal weight....;) godbless all..;).. We will be fit soon...best of luck to everyone..;)..
11100381 tn?1436779908 I am at week 10, and instead of the morning sickness getting better, it's getting worse. I went from massive fruit cravings, to eating pancakes now and then, to eating portions about half a sandwhich, and now, I can barely eat a piece of toast. I was drinking ensure to make up for what I havn't been eating, but now I can't stomach even that. I feel so hungry and everytime I try to eat, my stomach screams in pain at me and I usually end up throwing it up.
Avatar n tn Fighting through the sluggishness and fatigue of hypothyroidism is difficult, but adding daily exercised can be a great aid in losing weight. If you aren't currently exercising, start with an easy walk. Get plenty of rest. The National Sleep Foundation reports that people who sleep less than 6 hours each night have a higher body mass index than people who sleep 8 or more hours.
Avatar f tn There is a diet call Fat Loss 4 idots, i just started it 5 days ago and have lossed 6 lbs, maybe you should try it.
Avatar n tn I would suggest that if you want to lose weight in a short time, do not lose too much weight too quickly. For long term weight loss, losing the weight gradually is best. Your family doctor who knows your health history is the best place to start before starting a diet.