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Losing weight over holidays

Common Questions and Answers about Losing weight over holidays


Avatar f tn I put on 37lbs with my son last year. I lost a lot of it during delivery and the weeks following. Then I did next to notjing and went back to my normal diet and was back to my prepregnancy within 8mths. I just wanted to focus on my baby so didn't worry that much about it. This time ive been more careful tho and have only gained 12lbs so far at 32wks so I'm hoping its mostly baby.
Avatar f tn i dont like the holidays. my dad died in december his birthday was 12/12/12. im having a rough time. losing more weight and cant get my nerves under control. i guess i will be home alone thanksgiving. my niece has to work thursday and friday. for black friday. she is dreading it. i will get me a turkey dinner. yummy. yuch. i was invited to go be with mt other niece but everything is so messed up if i go i will hurt someone and if i dont go i will hurt someone.
973741 tn?1342342773 Hi everyone. There is a really quick and easy poll that they are asking as many as possible to participate on within the Healthy Cooking Community. Peekawho is the moderator and it is just a choice about whether you are trying to maintain your weight during the holidays or lose it. I'll post the link in a second but until then------ you can go to Forums and find it in the Community section. Thanks!!!!
Avatar n tn First, if you're at all muscular, you're not all that overweight. If you're not muscular, you don't need to lose a ton of weight. Calories aren't key to losing weight -- how quickly and efficiently you metabolize your food into sugar and how well you digest your nutrients is far more important.
Avatar f tn m 33 wks n have gained 30lbs so I feel your pain, but what I have tried to do is maintain the weight I am. I try to keep busy around the house and since its the holidays I walk a lot in the mall. Also try to eat more fruits, vegetables and drink plenty of water. I've been the same weight for 5 wks now, so I know it's working.
1519601 tn?1298475950 We know that losing weight over the holidays is hard -- we actually had a challenge going to "not" try to lose, but to simply maintain our weight........I think we are going to get a new challenge going soon........... love to have you stick around and join us.......
Avatar n tn I was wondering if losing weight (if thats even possible with the unexplained weight gain I seem to be having) would help out with the nasty side effects i know are part of the treatment. I have heard that many people lose weight while on the treatment of peg interferon and ribo. Is this true and does it lower your dose of the ribo? I am confused about treatment as I am only a grade 1 and stage 1. Yet I am developing fibromyalgia and RA.
Avatar f tn Im eating but losing weight and have not thrown up at all. Is this normal? The first time i went to the dr i was 176lbs average body size... And now almost three weeks later i am down to 170lbs. Yes ill admit i am drinking water and only water.
1722607 tn?1335747858 waiting for biopsy results. Been over two weeks. I just hate not knowing. This past year has been a lot of tests and waiting for results. I'm tired of it all. I wish it would all just go away. Thanks for letting me vent.
649848 tn?1534633700 Well, since I just started a new challenge, in which I said I was going to suspend the weigh in for a while, I wasn't going to post one this morning........... but since I just posted the challenge yesterday and I see there are only 2 of us signed up, I thought maybe I should go ahead and post the weigh in, in order to give everyone a chance to catch up, since I know everyone has been busy with the holidays, etc. I'm still holding steady at 150.
Avatar f tn Hi hubby on wk20 on Tues out of 24wk when he finished with the teleprevir his appetite came back but he is still losing weight so far he as lost over 2 stone and we cant understand why when he eating so well.
649848 tn?1534633700 Hey - it's Sunday once again - did everyone weigh today?? I'm holding steady with what I was last week. Haven't been exercising a lot lately, but definitely watching what goes in the mouth. Got pretty good work out today, cleaning the screen room, including all the windows. Of course, hubby helped, but was still a lot of work. Ok - who's next??
Avatar f tn I thought pregnancy was ALL about gaining not losing weight...anywho this is my third pregnancy and its never happened before.
Avatar f tn chart can possibly tell me i am under weight or over weight. My sister had a 3 month looking belly at 9 months and baby weighed 7 lbs. If u listen to everything these american doc say then u will go nuts. ( just my opinion btw) they told me i was over weight according to my height etc..mind u, i had a flat stomach, nice "***" big breast etc ( i am from d island) but according to their bmi chart i was over weight.
Avatar f tn I I am 20 weeks today and I have lost 23 lbs so far. I am actually at the dr now so we will see if I have gained any back maintained or lost weight again. Dr isn't worried all the ultrasounds have shown baby is big.
Avatar f tn Yes it's normal to lose weight while pregnant. I lost weight the first trimester and my doctor didn't worry as long as baby is growing. Just eat healthy and stay active! !
Avatar n tn You don't really need to gain if you were over weight when the pregnancy started. Eat healthy meals, normal portions, exercise moderately. You may lose weight naturally as baby takes up some of the excess calories you were consuming. I'd consider yourself weight neutral right now and just eat healthy with proper portion control and not worry about the end result of your weight.
Avatar f tn My doctor wants me to loose weight but its cause I am over weight. I lost 3 ponds but gained it all back plus more. So it depends if you are healthy then you shouldn't loose weight.
Avatar n tn 7 and fructosamine was 2.00. This was over the holidays but I need to get serious about my health. I jog every weekday for 2 miles. I am using a lot of SlimFast to lose weight. I need to lose about 30 pounds. What can I do to lower these numbers naturally? My glucose was 83. Am I getting close to Diabetes Adult Type II? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/722103'>How do i lower my hemoglobin A1c?</a>.
Avatar f tn Diet aids such as Releana are not the best way to lose weight. While you might lose a considerable amount of weight on it, which might be nice, the chances of gaining it all back, once you go off the med are extremely high. I can't think of anyone I've ever known, who would stick to such a "diet" for any length of time.
Avatar n tn I'm trying to join the air force but I'm 10lbs over the limit. To lose weight I started doing 2 hours of cardio one in the morning one at night. At first I started losing but after 2 week I'm gaining what cardio should I do to lose weight without muscles?
649848 tn?1534633700 As we put aside the abundance of the Halloween “haul” the kids might have brought home from trick or treating, it’s time to think about dropping a few pounds before the holidays – if you have any to drop… If you don’t need to lose any weight, perhaps you simply want to maintain your current weight over the holidays, which can also be quite a challenge. It’s easier for me to have people to do these things with, hopefully, it is for you, too.
Avatar f tn Is it normal that I've lost like 10 to 12 pounds since my pregnancy I'm 15 weeks pregnant. I mean don't get me wrong I like the idea of losing weight instead of gaining it. But still concerned about my baby.
11696213 tn?1420470907 Anyone else losing weight? Im not throwing up or anything. I actually feel fantastic dont feel pregnant at all. Im a bigger girl and have been eating healthy (more then usual) and im dropping weight like crazy. Im down 15 pounds. Should I be concerned?