Losing weight over age 60

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Dog I have lost weight then I get off track and gain weight back. I have a hard time walking because both knees are bone on bone. I need a friend that will help me stay on track. My roommate does not help.
Avatar f tn Hey, Im the same age and height as you and so is my best friend. She weighed 84 just over a year ago and now weighs 69. She doesnt exercise much a part from walking the dog but she eats super healthy. Its all about how much you consume and what you are consuming. I started the same healthy eating as she did and have so far lost 3kgs. My current weight is 74 and I want to be 68. For breakfast I have oats or boiled egg, lunch I have a protein and salad and dinner I have a protein and veggies.
Avatar f tn I would like to drop my weight down to 50 or 55. Is that an unhealthy weight? And this weight tracker thing says I have to eat around 1200 calories in every day, isn't that a little bit too little? Or is that right? And a side note, I have an injury that doesn't allow me to do any high impact sport, including running, any helpful tips?
Avatar n tn diabetic-byetta and 60 units of lantus. i have manage to keep my weight within 3-4 lbs of what i was before the heart attack. losing it has become a major battle. i am insulin resistant. i walk at least 25 minutes a day, very active, cholesterol is down from 360 to 112. so instead of making myself crazy with weight loss, i try to consentrate on getting stronger. i suffered severe anxiety attacks for 4 months (mom died unexpectedly at age 67) so i have xanax for bad ones that pop up.
Avatar n tn I turned 60 and up until this point...I had no trouble losing weight and then suddenly it seemed over a 3 month period that I gained about 20 lbs and I have been excersizing eating no sweets and I can not lose the lbs I want to lose...I would like to lose 30 I weigh 170 but I am much too heavy for my 5'5" frame. Please help....
Avatar f tn Hello, I wanted to know what kind of diet pill I can take for losing weight?
Avatar f tn I am 37 years old, mom of 3 beautiful children. I use to be extremely over weight most of my life but in 2008 I lost 100 lbs. Well over the past 2 years I gained abit of weight after having 2 kids, I lost my 2 nd baby at 22 weeks and ended up getting pregnant again less than 8 wks later so I didn't lose much from the first pregnancy. I gained a total of 60 lbs. I have lost most of it I have 20-25 lbs to go but u can't seem to get rid of it. So I am looking for any advice.
Avatar f tn If I don't hate it, the only thing that I hate is when I binge. Sometimes, depending on my weight I can binge and feel okay. I just want someone to tell me it's society and their definition of normal which is making me feel so abnormal, and not the fact that I'm abnormal. I feel okay 60% of the time I guess, maybe. I just don't want to stop losing weight, I mean if someone didn't want to stop gaining would there be as much drama caused?
Avatar f tn I've had Parkinson's for almost 20 years. I am 64 years old. All of a sudden I started to lose weight rapidly. In the past year I've lost over 60 lbs. and I was 180 lbs. Why am I losing a lot of weight so fast with Parkinson's?. I've had tests and everything else checks out good. I drink a lot of protein drinks and try to eat a lot but I keep losing weight . What to do ?
Avatar f tn I've had Parkinson's for almost 20 years. I am 64 years old. All of a sudden I started to lose weight rapidly. In the past year I've lost over 60 lbs. and I was 180 lbs. Why am I losing a lot of weight so fast with Parkinson's?. I've had tests and everything else checks out good. I drink a lot of protein drinks and try to eat a lot but I keep losing weight . What to do ?
Avatar f tn I have been trying to lose weight for over a year now, I am 45 yrs old, and I quit smoking in Oct 2008 and had foot surgrey in June 2009, between the 2 I put on 40lbs. I have joined Goodlife and go to there Step Aerobics 2-3 times a week, at 60 mins a class...I am trying to stay at 1500 cal/day and doing a pretty good job, I eat at 7am, then I have protien around 10 and 2:30, lunch at at 12 and dinner around 6/7 depending when I get home.
Avatar n tn Why do you want to be underweight? If you love sports you most likely have a lot of muscle mas making up your current underweight BMI. Get a fat percentage measurement done and you may find that you should actually worry more about properly nourishing and taking care of your body's needs than losing weight. Don't hurt yourself, and your body will continue to play sports. Underweight is not good. http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/guidelines/obesity/BMI/bmicalc.
Avatar f tn Losing 10 pounds by Sept 23 is not a reasonable goal, as that's too much weight to lose in such a short time. Most likely the reason you can't stick with a "diet" is because you're cutting your calorie intake too severely. Nobody can stick to a diet in which they don't provide enough food. If you provide adequate calories of healthy foods, chances are you won't have any trouble losing the weight and keeping it off.
Avatar f tn If I drink a whey protein shake for breakfast and tuna fish without bread and for dinner eat quinoia with edamme drink plenty of water everyday for 60 days how much weight you think I will lose
Avatar f tn I have a short haired dachshund that we adopted over a year ago. His age was unknown, but he looks to be grown, but fairly young. He has done really well, and I try to feed the best foods. Within the past two months he has taken to drinking a huge amount of water (about a gallon a day) and eats well, but has lost an awful lot of weight. He was really really heavy before, but now his ribs are visible. He runs around and looks happy and healthy except for the weight loss.
Avatar f tn Im about 69kg and 160cm hight and have blood tipe 0. So can you advice how to lose weight until I reach about 60 or even 56 kg? Thank you.
Avatar f tn The problem I have is, over Christmas I put on around 10 pounds, and am now absolutely unable to shift it at all. I have never had any problem losing the weight once I put my mind to it but it doesn’t matter what I do I just can’t seem to shift it at all.
Avatar n tn As the first comment correctly stated, losing weight fast doesn't last and leaves you weaker, which you don't want to be if you're getting ready for basic training. Why not wait to join the military until you're ready?
Avatar f tn I am an 18 year old male, and weight about 210. I am muscular but I have a stomach on me. I've been trying to lose weight for over a month now. I play basketball for atleast an hour a day, along with an hour of weight lifting and a twenty minute cardio session after that (normally on a bike). I quit drinking soda and other drinks and now only drink water, fat free milk, and an occasional gatorade. I eat less then I use too with minimal snacks. I have not lost any weight in a month.
Avatar f tn So, stabilize your diet for a month and see if you are losing weight or not. If you are not losing weight, then consult a doctor to rule out anemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism and polycystic ovaries. If you have any of these problems, which can start at any age, then you will find it difficult to shed weight. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn First, if you're at all muscular, you're not all that overweight. If you're not muscular, you don't need to lose a ton of weight. Calories aren't key to losing weight -- how quickly and efficiently you metabolize your food into sugar and how well you digest your nutrients is far more important.
Avatar n tn Hello,i'm 25years old and my waight is about 98 kg so i am doing walk 2tims daily( 40 mints one time ) & losing waight ,I Want to ask you about my period,my cycle is not regular. Its come 60 to 65 days after. Please sages me, how it will cure. Please sages home remedies for me, because in past i used medicines Although its effected but its not a permanent treatment so guide me. I'will be thank full to you.