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Avatar f tn I'm 52 and any female . I want to lose weight and I've been trying but it is so so hard so it's true after you turn 50 it's hard to lose weight anybody have any suggestions !
Avatar f tn t kill yourself) and no soda, alcohol or cigarette smoking. The key to losing weight (and keeping it off) is to never diet... diets don't last! Changing your life does! Remember, real changes don't happen over night, things on life worth having takes effort, dedication and time. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I'm about 13 weeks and keep losing weight. Not sure why. I eat, but i know I'm not getting the calories I need. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables mostly because that's what's sounds good. I'm also eating a lot of protein too. Anyone else experienced weight loss?
6520484 tn?1399082398 But I still have 20lbs of fat that I put on during the pregnancy. Just wondering if anyone had success in losing the baby weight? I could use some pointers. I already eat healthy and all I drink is water and milk, no juice or pop or anything. I'm too tired to exercise (with Two week old baby and all). Anyone do anything to lose the weight that really worked?
Avatar n tn First, if you're at all muscular, you're not all that overweight. If you're not muscular, you don't need to lose a ton of weight. Calories aren't key to losing weight -- how quickly and efficiently you metabolize your food into sugar and how well you digest your nutrients is far more important.
594189 tn?1386916607 I'm was 197 lbs but I got down to 176 lbs before I got my BFP. So losing weight will definitely help you conceive! I didn't use fertility drugs or anything beyond the Metformin.
Avatar n tn I can tell you from experience that if you plan on losing more weight...wait to have your tummy tuck. I lost 50 lbs and now I need to have the surgery all over again. I have also lost alot of weight (185 lbs) to begin with which may have a bearing on my results as well cause my skin is really bad...best thing is to talk to your Dr and let him know your concerns. Good luck.
Avatar f tn With my first son I gained over 50 pounds by the time I had him. I was 136 when I got pregnant. I lost only 30 of those 50 but I could have lost more if I wasn't being lazy. I was 19 when I had him.
Avatar m tn I lowered mine greatly over a twelve year period by losing 50 fifty pounds over that period of time, exercising daily and taking 2000 mg of fish oil daily.
1467664 tn?1288579313 m 5/5)and at one point was 81 pounds(yuck) I lookwd gross and felt worse.but in answer to losing weight the healthy way and not only am I a type 1 I also am a personal trainer.Timing meals ,excercise and insulin are important.Cutting out carb stotally is not a good idea because your body does need the enrgy especially when you are workinh out.Not sure what dose you are on but once you start a workout plan you will see your needs decrease .
Avatar f tn My doctor said im over weight and need to lose 50 pounds.. Thats sound crazy..
Avatar f tn Hi hubby on wk20 on Tues out of 24wk when he finished with the teleprevir his appetite came back but he is still losing weight so far he as lost over 2 stone and we cant understand why when he eating so well.
Avatar f tn I thought pregnancy was ALL about gaining not losing weight...anywho this is my third pregnancy and its never happened before.
Avatar f tn chart can possibly tell me i am under weight or over weight. My sister had a 3 month looking belly at 9 months and baby weighed 7 lbs. If u listen to everything these american doc say then u will go nuts. ( just my opinion btw) they told me i was over weight according to my height etc..mind u, i had a flat stomach, nice "***" big breast etc ( i am from d island) but according to their bmi chart i was over weight.
Avatar f tn I I am 20 weeks today and I have lost 23 lbs so far. I am actually at the dr now so we will see if I have gained any back maintained or lost weight again. Dr isn't worried all the ultrasounds have shown baby is big.
Avatar f tn A lot of first time moms gained alot with first baby. I gained 60ls in total with my first, this is second baby and I have only gained 28lbs! & due in 5 Days. I am also over weight for my size & age. as long as your doctor tells you your ok than dont worry, but watch what you eat, being over weight can cause you to get diabetes! And try to walk alot.
Avatar f tn Yes it's normal to lose weight while pregnant. I lost weight the first trimester and my doctor didn't worry as long as baby is growing. Just eat healthy and stay active! !
Avatar n tn You don't really need to gain if you were over weight when the pregnancy started. Eat healthy meals, normal portions, exercise moderately. You may lose weight naturally as baby takes up some of the excess calories you were consuming. I'd consider yourself weight neutral right now and just eat healthy with proper portion control and not worry about the end result of your weight.
8793709 tn?1409594060 By the time he was 3 weeks, I lost 45 lbs. The rest of the weight came off over 6 months. I only breast fed. After this birth, I'm breast-feeding again and getting back to my regular exercise. Don't "eat for two", eat healthy portions of food, drink water, and exercise. The weight will come off.
Avatar n tn Im losing weight wether i want to or not from my morning sickness so you might end up losing weight anyways
Avatar f tn My doctor wants me to loose weight but its cause I am over weight. I lost 3 ponds but gained it all back plus more. So it depends if you are healthy then you shouldn't loose weight.
Avatar f tn Diet aids such as Releana are not the best way to lose weight. While you might lose a considerable amount of weight on it, which might be nice, the chances of gaining it all back, once you go off the med are extremely high. I can't think of anyone I've ever known, who would stick to such a "diet" for any length of time.
1220456 tn?1266796749 So I went back to 50 and now am having trouble losing. I just had new labs and see her next week. I am guessing she will probably raise it from the 50 but I am praying not back to 100 because I felt horrible there. Good luck, I know first hand how frustrating it is to be sticking to the WW plan and still not losing. I am starting to really hate going to the meetings because I feel like such a failure when I get on the scales but in my mind I know I stuck to the plan.
Avatar n tn I'm trying to join the air force but I'm 10lbs over the limit. To lose weight I started doing 2 hours of cardio one in the morning one at night. At first I started losing but after 2 week I'm gaining what cardio should I do to lose weight without muscles?