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Avatar f tn Is there an option within the app to toggle decrease/increase the daily calorie budget? I've had great success on a strict diet plan losing 70lbs and would like to use this app to track and manage results as I transition from the weight loss phase to the maintenance phase. Please advise.
Avatar f tn using the above example, you are given 2075 as a daily calorie budget to sustain your current weight. to lose weight, a pound is 3500 calories. one should aim for losing a pound a week. take that 3500 calories and divide it by 7 (days in a week), that's 500 calories per day. so if 2075 is your calorie budget, but you want to lose weight, then you can either subtract 500 from the 2075 total, which then leaves you with 1575 as your new calorie budget.
Avatar f tn ve had great success on a strict diet plan losing 70lbs and would like to use this app to track and manage results as I transition from the weight loss phase to the maintenance phase. Please advise.
Avatar n tn This is based on symptoms, findings and problems you’ve encountered with prior weight and fat loss efforts. We determine what’s been preventing you from losing weight, then we create a plan around your schedule and budget. This ensures that our programs are effective for your goals and manageable for your lifestyle.
Avatar f tn I've only been on this three days and mine has decreased by over 100 calories a day lol not sure why, I thot the first day would be my amount for the duration of my goal..
Avatar f tn it is often the snack food that ends up blowing my budget. A bag of chips is outrageous, for example. So, cut down on snack food of any sort that you buy and you should have amounts in your budget to get healthier food. Buy your chicken breasts in the bulk pack and refreeze them separately. Then you can pull out one or two for a dinner verses having to thaw a whole pack and it is cheaper when you buy the big packs.
723660 tn?1247163511 m not out of this yet, which brings us to the question of how to manage weight and nutrition on a tight budget. What sort of foods and supplements should I look for as affordable staples?
Avatar f tn I started counting my calories n recording them in a log, with a budget, that actually works 4 me ..
777555 tn?1402323978 I'm a newbie to the site and would love to do WW on my own but,I need support. I am on a budget and we don't always have the money to go out and buy alot of food but,I want to loose this weight once and for all. does anyone know of anything that would help me. I'm on a tight budget being a stay at home mom. I've lost about 10 lbs in the last month just by walking.
Avatar f tn I previously went over my calorie budget so it caused a deficit each day after that. This is only my 4 day of using the diary. Thanks for any input!!
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5104126 tn?1413329079 Yeah were on a tight budget as well... Were trying to move into a bigger place n everything before our baby get here. We already have a 3 year old. Im trying to wait until my baby shower in a few weeks to see what else I will need.
Avatar f tn I am on a tight budget for buying baby stuff being a single mom,so what are some things that should be bought new and what is okay to buy used.Also do you use any websites to get any free stuff?
Avatar m tn m not sure if not having enough protein is contributing to me not losing weight. I hear people talk about how they lose a pound a week and the such, but I've run 5 miles a day for 5 days straight for 1 month and have only lost 1-2 lbs. What am I doing wrong?!
Avatar f tn 3kg and I need to be under 75kg to be normal weight ( calculated based on my height) This issue is starting to bug me and even affect my confidence. Am in college living on campus hence not on a budget to afford the sort of expensive healthy lifestyle but I am slowly incorporating the cheaper aspects like drinking water 2L a day. I wanna be 75 by the end of this year. Please help?
Avatar f tn There is already a deficit built into your budget so that you will lose weight without doing exercise. The deficit is calculated using your target weight, current weight and the date you want to reach target. As you exercise you burn more calories so your budget increases so that your overall calorie deficit stays the same and keeps you on track for your target.
Avatar f tn How can you have a negative calorie budget? You don't have something set right. Not eating enough calories is just as bad, or worse, than eating too many.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone - This could be for a couple of different reasons. First, if you are using it on an Android device, the calories will decrease in small amounts each day, assuming you are losing weight. It's predictive, rather than reactive. It will adjust as you enter new weights. Even though it's correct, it's confusing to users, so we will be adjusting this in a future update. It could also be that your goal is rapidly approaching.
649848 tn?1534633700 Thank you. I know there's been some confusion over this. It seems that the app might not be set up right. If one has a calorie budget and we exercise, our budget shouldn't go up, because we're trying to burn fat, not eat more food... For instance, if my needed calories is 1500/day and I want to lose weight, I have to either decrease my calorie intake or increase my exercise.
Avatar n tn During setup, I wasn't asked what my current weight is, just what my desired weight is. Isn't that required to figure out my calorie budget? How do I enter that?
Avatar f tn Why is my calorie budget so low? It's only 376, if I have 2 cups of coffee an apple and a granola bar, I'm done for my day! I've been working on burning more and more calories everyday, something is wrong with my app. My BMR is set for 1100, my target date is August 15th to go from 134 to 115 lbs.
Avatar m tn I would like to know if there is a way to adjudt the calorie budget intake on the app? Mine is set At 2800cal for weight loss, but I need to reduce that to 1800. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn This budget helps you understand the amount of calories you can safely consume without adding weight. The over budget indicates the number of total calories you have gone over the budget. The 1693 may be the total calories gone over the budget. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
4740177 tn?1358604985 I just downloaded app, and filled out all info, including the desired weight loss (20 lb), and a realistic goal date of 3 months from now. Info it gave me was a weight loss of 1.8 lbs per week (very realistic)...but with a "calorie budget" of 975 per day! THAT is not a realistic, nor healthy calorie consumption for anyone. The app did not say anything regarding this (ie..."hey, that's not healthy, your body needs more, so choose a more realistic goal...
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