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Avatar f tn I want to loose weight and im 126 pounds and im trying to go to 80 pounds but if i loose all this weight will it shrink my rib cage or not??
Avatar f tn Are you guys losing weight without trying or are you having to count calories and or working out to lose it??
Avatar f tn I'm only 6w1d, but over the past 7 days I have lost 3 lbs and it is NOT from morning sickness (I've only thrown up once so far). I'm not trying to lose weight, at all, and as much as I hate to admit it, I have fully embraced the eating habit of "eating for 2" already. I'm overweight, so it's not like I'm getting unhealthy thin or anything, but is it normal to lose weight like this without trying?
Avatar f tn breastfeed for 18 months day and night,and now I weigh 105 pounds,and now am trying so hard to gaing some weight,not gonna say I eat right because there is days when I can only afford one meal per day,but it stressing me hear people ask why am so skinny whats wrong?
Avatar n tn Most experts recommend 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise three or four days a week, along with two or three days of weight-bearing, resistance exercise (such as weight lifting). This is sufficient to achieve satisfying results. You can exercise daily or on alternate days, depending on the availability of time. Walking is one of the simplest aerobic exercises. You can vary the intensity to match your fitness level.
Avatar n tn 60 pounds seems like a lot of weight to lose without trying. The rule of thumb for weight loss and blood cancer is 10% of your body weight within 6 months. As you mentioned, there can be a number of reasons for elevated eosinophils (allergies, medications, infections, parasites, etc). I would think a reasonable amount of time to recheck would be around 2-3 months. You mentioned that you had some other symptoms. Can you elaborate on that?
Avatar f tn I'm 13 weeks and I've lost 7 lbs. I've only thrown up 2 times so I can't blame morning sickness. I had the hardest time losing weight before I was pregnant now it's super easy cause I'm not trying to!
Avatar f tn They should be able to set and appropriate goal weight for you, and give you some tips on losing some weight. Never try starving yourself or making yourself throw up. You are wonderfully made. Keep going. You can do it.
Avatar n tn Always check the ingredients, calories, fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins of the food you buy. Do not get frustrated if you do not see results immediately. The goal is to lose weight gradually.
Avatar f tn I am 20 and 5 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I was trying to lose weight before I found out I was pregnant and my weight just wouldn't move off 11st 6lb, I have weighed myself a few times and have been recording it on here and I now weigh 11st 1lb I only found out I was pregnant a week ago today. Is this normal?
930138 tn?1244345904 Hi its my 1st time here so I hope im doing this right.Im trying to lose weight does n-e-one know of any diet supplement that realy works?
Avatar f tn Hi Sammyg, Don't be discouraged with no weight loss in two weeks! Some people may lose 5-10 lbs immediately starting a new diet, but that is usually water weight and not true loss. I gained 25-30 lbs without diet change and while exercising a lot in 2015 and 2016. I lost 25 lbs in 2017 after realizing how much weight I had gained (and while having other hypo symptoms) by upping my exercise regime and counting every single calorie I ate for about a year.
Avatar m tn i wasent to extremem witht the bulimia or diabulimia. im trying to lose weight the healthy way now, but so far im getting no where and im having trouble understamding why. if any one has tips please comment some.
9765511 tn?1405769853 Hi I like to eat a lot because i love foods but im trying to lose weight by exercising even more, im 5ft1.8in (157cm) and 122lbs (55kg). Do you think it will help?
Avatar f tn Healthy eating and moderate exercise are the best way to lose/keep weight off. You can't "spot lose", such as the belly, but you can tone the muscles, so it won't look as large. You might try yoga; it's excellent for toning muscles.
Avatar m tn Why am I losing weight without trying? My doctor thinks it's either from cancer or diabetes. Here's my timeline of weight loss: January - 283 lbs May -246 lbs Today - 201 lbs Mind you this is without trying at all. No dieting or exercising.
Avatar n tn I am sweating profusely when on the elliptical and believe me, I am giving my heart a strong 30 minute workout. Could there be a medical reason why I am not losing any weight or seeing any noticable difference with all of the effort I am putting forth?
Avatar n tn As far as exercise, get some weights and do some weight training, or do some push-ups. Cardio is not necessary for losing weight. In fact, I believe that running too much can be bad for you. That's a whole other topic of conversation. Stick to high-intensity workouts for shorter periods & you'll be healthier. Also, remember that it's not what you do at the gym that makes you look/feel great, it's what you do at home in the kitchen that counts.
Avatar f tn Its normal not to gain any weight in the first 20 weeks. As long as your getting fluids down and trying to eat youll be fine. I was the same way. Your doctor would let you know if you need to worry.
Avatar f tn Trying to lose weight can be very frustrating especially if you are not seeing results (believe me....I feel your frustration). Have you tried tracking your calories in the food diary so that you can keep track of everything that you eat? If weight watchers (a very low calorie eating plan) worked in the past, chances are, you are currently eating too many calories and need to cut back on the calories and increase your exercise. As much as I hate to hear it and say it.....
4945970 tn?1361450429 I'm 12wks 5dys is it normal to lose weight instead of gaining I'm not trying to lose weight but I have lost 12pounds Is that normal?