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Avatar f tn what is the best way to raise your metabolism I've been trying to lose weight and it's not really working I've been doing everything I can and not losing any weight how can I raise my metabolism
Avatar f tn Gluten free is very controversial; works for some; not for others. Think twice about it, if you aren't celiac or gluten intolerant. There can be repercussions if not intolerant. Whole grains are an important part of a healthy diet.......
Avatar n tn I have been working on losing weight for several weeks. I have been sticking to a 1400 calories/day diet, and exercising (elliptical trainer) at least 20 minutes per day, six days a week. I am not losing weight. I have noticed that my morning basal temperatures (I use natural family planning) are lower than they ever have been. They are now regularly under 97 degrees. In addition, I am having a long anovulatory cycle with irregular bleeding.
1203175 tn?1265553335 Anyone know how to kick start your metabolism so you start losing pounds, other than weight loss medications? Will not use those.
Avatar n tn Does she still have help,therapy? I would advise her to talk to them,they can help her with losing weight healthy and/or the worrying about it.
Avatar f tn For the last 8 or so years have weighted 9.5 stone never losing or gaining any weight. However contrary to this I eat alot. On average I have up2 4 meals a day sometimes more. I fine that I can sit at home and snack on chocolate and crisps and then have a full evening meal. On many occasions I can have a full meal on an evening then feel hungry again later on. I wouldnt say I exercise much apart from being very mobile at work and the odd kick around of football on a sunday.
486919 tn?1280184140 Thank you for responding Barb. I have been monitoring my intake and exercise routine and I use a couple of websites to help with it...this one being one of them. I also do change my workout routine so that I won't get bored...before all this, I was losing weight fine, but since about december, I've notice it has been hard to lose weight. I know it isn't good to do, but i was wondering if I fasted for a day or two, maybe that may work kick starting my metabolism again.
Avatar f tn How long did it take you to lose the weight you gained? Was it a matter of time? I have never had a problem losing weight until now and I am terrified that it will never come off. What if the meds changed me for good?! Hope to hear from you soon!
Avatar n tn I think the reason I am not losing weight is because my body is in starvation mode and is holding onto the few calories I have fed myself.. but I am too scared to take on a healthy diet because at this rate I cannot afford to continue to gain weight. In order to increase my metabolism and have a healthy diet I need to almost double what I am eating in a day at this point. However, if I do start eating more.. and I going to gain more weight? Is it impossible for me to lose weight at this point?
Avatar f tn test your TSH??? You will have a very difficult time losing/not gaining weight if your thyroid hormones are not properly adjusted. Other than the weight gain, how do you feel?
Avatar f tn ve been steadily losing weight over the past few days even though I eat at least 3 meals a day (3 normal portioned meals, or 5 small meals). When I first weighed myself when I found out I was pregnant, I was about 145. Then when I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago I was 140, now I'm 137. Anyone else going through weird things like this? Oh and keep in mind I'm constipated, so I feel like I should weigh more?
1653969 tn?1390331661 Ok I know this subject is mentioned on here alot-people gaining weight and or losing weight after getting off their DOC. I have lost 10lbs total.I think I am eating more then ever since I am not nausious all the time, I dont work out at all.Is it just my body getting its metabolism back?
Avatar f tn It seems I can go days without eating, without feeling hungry, and without losing weight. It scares me that I may not be getting the proper nutrition, I need. My family also monitors what I eat and is worried, because I eat so little for my size. It is very frustrating, because I struggle so much with my weight. No one outside my family really understands. I plan to make an appointment with an endocrinologist this week.
Avatar f tn Can a woman with PCOS even think of losing weight or am I fighting a losing battle? If weight loss is possible, then how?
Dinosaur Just eliminating soda from your diet will go a long way toward losing weight. You don't have to quit all at once... just start slow and replace one soda/day with a glass of water. Once you're comfortable with that, replace another soda each day with water. Continue until water is your drink of choice. I'm not real fond of plain water, so I keep fresh lemons in the fridge and I drop a lemon wedge/slice into my glass.
Avatar f tn About five years ago I was diagnosed with anorexia with purging. With help, I haven't purged in about three years. I have been trying to lose weight and have been using weight watchers. I have had a hard time losing weight with this and haven't dropped any large numbers. I'm wondering if having an eating disorder for years can effect your metabolism even after years of recovery (by years I mean about 5). Could my metabolism be messed up for life?
Avatar m tn Third week lost 2lbs. I did Jenny Craig 9 years ago and had no issues losing weight in fact I was losing approx 2lbs per week and lost 40lb in 6months. So I can't help but feel discouraged because I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I follow the menu planned out for me during the week by Jenny Craig, and exercise religiously, what do you think is going on, why am i not losing as much as i would like?
Avatar n tn My nicotine cravings are now under control, (I quit cold turkey so there is no nicotine substitute), so I have gone on a low fat, low calorie diet and I am participating in an exercise program of low impact aerobics. My problem is I am not losing weight. I have read that nicotine withdrawal slows your metabolism. Is this true and will I ever be able to lose this weight? Will my metabolism return to normal? Thanks, G.C.
Avatar f tn i need help losing weight ccan u help me? my bmi is 37.1 im 23 years old n i weight 190 i know im obese i want to lose weight so far all i eat is fruit veggies chicken n fish. n drink nothing but water..i try to not be tempted by juice. if i get to at least 150 ill be find! can u help me out?
Panda It is the same product I used when I reach a weight plateau. It shifted my weight within days. Got no side effect either.
Avatar n tn I m 65 kg I want to loss at least 3 to 4 kg in December how can I do this I m already doing work out 4 to 5 days in week and not eating much but not losing weight.