Losing weight makes you look younger

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Avatar f tn My family doctor said I was somewhat hypergycimic (low blood sugar) and has stage one hypertension (high blood pressure) along with tackcardia (fast heart beat)... she suggested losing a couple of pounds, (I am only about 20 pounds over weight), and put me on blood pressure pills. I recently had surgery and they did a EKG, which came out abnormal and I was sent to a cardilogist.
738075 tn?1330575844 I love my Doctors. My MS has attacked my GI system so bad I can't eat much of anything with out being sick. They say but you are losing weight and look good. Yeah but I can't eat and hurt you Idiot. If I am losing 10-15 pounds a year and everyone thinks it is fantastic.
Avatar m tn At the age of 19, I can understand how you feel. When you get older you will appreciate your younger look. For now, you could get a more mature hair style - asked your hair dresser for advice; experiment with make up, and wear clothing that is fashioned for the more mature person. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Hi! losing weight doesnt have to be so hard. Many of us in this community face similar challenges everyday. I am not a big fan of "diets" so i would not recommend one for you. Exercsing and eating healthy is the way to go. Unless you learn to ove yourself, this weight loss journey is going to be hard one. It's not your fault or any one fault that you have to lose weight. If you feel you have to lose weight, I am sure it can be done!
Avatar f tn Yes Motivation is a very important part of weight loss, if you dont believe you can lose weight then you wont, because you wont stick at anything, Losing weight is not about going to the gym or spending money, I do go to a gym because for me i know that if i pay for it then i have to do it, i would maybe do it for a few weeks at home but then i would get bored doing it on my own so thats why i use the gym, I know people who prefer to do exercise at home or outside, That is just peoples prefera
Avatar m tn m am losing weight which makes my stomach look even bigger. The funny thing is that I feel the best in the morning and my lunch time (even if I haven't eaten anything but a banana for breakfast I take one bite of something and my stomach immediately expands. By the evening is when it's at it worse. Did they do all the other test that I mentioned above on you as well. What were your symptoms and what kind of dr. performs a Barium enema (GI dr).
Avatar f tn Also b12 help sustain energy if your taking antidepressants it just makes you feel down... I was on xanax for several years but I never gained weight.. Although I have never had the need for methadone, I do not know what side effects it has.. exercise also helps give you the energy you need to lose those extra pounds. .
Avatar f tn Thank you :-) that makes me feel better. My doctor said for now just make sure I'm still getting fluids. But i just worry a little bit.
Avatar f tn ) I only lost like .8 lbs but still it makes me paranoid. Why am i losing weight instead of gaining?
1467664 tn?1288579313 Thank you so much for that! I think i actually might do that! Funnily enough, my mum has a thyroid problem and her and i see the same endo! lol! I think I will bring it up with her the next time I see her.. Thats definitely true about eating whatever, whenever and just saying "oh its ok, i'll just have some insulin". So basically, insulin makes you hold onto weight yeah? I know it does, but I dont actually know "why"?
Avatar f tn I weighed 158 before i got pregnant and I'm 20+4 and weigh 144 i actually got down to 141 a few weeks ago i hate this bcuz i did everything to lose weight before i got pregnant and could only get down yo 158 and now that i actually want to gain the weight I'm losing it!
Avatar f tn Its normal not to gain any weight in the first 20 weeks. As long as your getting fluids down and trying to eat youll be fine. I was the same way. Your doctor would let you know if you need to worry.
Avatar f tn Its good you've set a goal and are looking to find out how to achieve it! However losing 15 pounds in a month is unrealistic and unhealthy. Did you know it takes about a year for your body to adjust to losing 10 pounds? It's important to remember weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you shouldn't look at it as weight loss but a way to become healthier!
Avatar f tn t tell you how much to intake becasue its different for each person based off of the amount of weight that you weight etc.hope this helps as it has helped me.
Avatar f tn ) If it bothers you too bad though try asking your doctor about healthy way to keep yourself and baby full and happy. They have tons of things you can do! I know how you feel though. When I was younger I had an eating disorder and I think I might be relapsing. It gets hard to see your body change, but now when I look at my round belly and feel my baby it makes me smile. :) Feel free to add me and message me if you'd like.
4193337 tn?1355698372 t stopped eating or anything but I do force myself to drink lots of water and am back to eating tons of fruit. Is this safe that I am losing weight? This is my second pregnancy and I know during the last few weeks you can lose a few but I am still a ways away from that. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Drink half your body weight in water every day. No inbetween snack like potato chips, ice cream, and candy. Read labels to become familiar with how many calories you are ingesting. Eat fruit, nuts, vegtables, and wholesome foods not processed with tons of fat. Grease is my favorite but it tears up the digestive system. Stop snacking and eat multiple small meals through the day. Do not pig out at any given time. When hungry, drink water.
Avatar f tn So sorry to hear you're unwell. You will have good and bad days, as long as you take advantage of the good days (eating well), you should be fine. Try eating dry things like toast/crackers...take small sips of water/juice to keep hydrated. Ensure you do not dehydrate as this is not good for you and baby. If you think something isn't right, you need to get in touch with your doctor so that other methods can be employed.
971967 tn?1272991202 Is anyone eles losing weight quite quick? I lost 2kg in 2week about 3 weeks ago and recently weighed 78.7 at my midwife appointment 5days ago im now 77.9. Im not trying to lose weigh i cant exercize and am eating more or less the same as always. I told the midwife about the 2kg drop and she said to monitor it. Should i be worried?? When do i know to call the doctor?
Avatar n tn re not going to believe me, but I promise you that if you do try what I say, you will lose weight, feel great, and have more energy to conceive another beautiful baby girl (or boy). I'm 30 years old, and my daughter is 8 months old (also delivered by c-section), and right now, I am in the best shape of my life. I can see my abs. I haven't been sick since I began my new outlook on eating/life, and I feel great everyday.
Avatar n tn Why do you want to be underweight? If you love sports you most likely have a lot of muscle mas making up your current underweight BMI. Get a fat percentage measurement done and you may find that you should actually worry more about properly nourishing and taking care of your body's needs than losing weight. Don't hurt yourself, and your body will continue to play sports. Underweight is not good. http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/guidelines/obesity/BMI/bmicalc.
1149046 tn?1264361586 t work and if you *do* manage to lose weight on them, most likely you will gain it all back once you go off. The most healthy way to lose weight is by implementing a sensible eating plan, with moderate exercise. You can do a search for "abdominal exercises" or something similar -- there are tons of videos that you can watch online or you can go to your local library to "borrow" them.
Avatar n tn s keeping you from losing weight. By eating regular meals, you can better incorporate a mix of vegetables, protein, whole grains and healthy fats into your diet. Snacking, typically, ends up being fruit, candy bars, crackers, sandwiches, chips and all the things that aren't so good for you and tend to make you, either, gain or hold onto weight.
Avatar f tn Don't compare yourself to other women. :) The way you carry and look is specific to you and baby alone. You'll show in time. Congrats on your pregnancy.