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Losing weight keeping it off successful strategies

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579258 tn?1250649343 Experts say to lose weight successfully and keep it off, you need to identify problem behaviors, plan a strategy for changing them, and make time for exercise every day. It's also important to make a lifelong commitment to change." We'll try to post links to some of these throughout the week ..
579258 tn?1250649343 I am watching my weight again but still have a lot of stress to deal with. Plus I think it is only the beginning of a very stressful time.
Avatar f tn It depends on your size prepregnancy usually. I was a bit over weight & lost 15 lbs due to nausea & my DR said it was ok. I'm 21 weeks & have only gained 1.5 lbs. As long as you are eating healthy when you can eat the baby will get the nutrients it needs. My little one is measureing bigger than he should even with my weight loss.
1519805 tn?1291058650 As you mature, it will be more and more difficult to lose weight. However, large amounts of weight gain--with no change in diet or activity--usually hints at a medical condition. So make sure you rule those out first. First of all, there's nothing easy or quick about losing weight. I'm so frustrated with commercials and billboards that promise fast results. A fat camp means you'll lose weight while at camp, but then what happens when you get home?
Avatar m tn Well, thanks, Barb, for going to the website! Since you had the trouble with parts being blacked out, you save me the trouble of going there. I agree with both of you: a person definitely needs a positive attitude to lose weight. One thing that has been true for me, though is that I have been very successful at losing weight. It is the keeping it off that has been the problem. Let's see if having all my new friends here on MH makes a difference!
Avatar n tn s keeping you from losing weight. By eating regular meals, you can better incorporate a mix of vegetables, protein, whole grains and healthy fats into your diet. Snacking, typically, ends up being fruit, candy bars, crackers, sandwiches, chips and all the things that aren't so good for you and tend to make you, either, gain or hold onto weight.
Avatar f tn The medications could have something to do with it, but it also depends on other factors, as well. For instance, have you had thyroid levels tested to be sure you don't have low thyroid hormone levels? Could you be suffering from insulin resistance or PCOS. Other factors include diet and exercise. Are you keeping calories in line? Do you get any exercise, at all?
Avatar f tn Anyone know if nutritional drinks are safe I'm losing weight and already small before pregnancy.
Avatar f tn but if u get bad morning sickness u may not have a choice. try to keep ur weight the same or if it bugs u talk to ur doc. good luck dear!
Avatar n tn Your Thyroid could be not working properly. I was losing my hair & gaining weight rapidly & found out that my Thyroid was to blame. That is why I take a synthetic hormone for my thyroid now. I've stopped gaining the weight but before we had discovered what was causing all of my problems I went from a healthy 150lbs to an unhealthy 360lbs in about 6months time. Now that we have me on the synthyroid.
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Avatar f tn t want to have a lot of goals expecially big ones like losing weight or making life changes. Cuz I know how it will go. So I will start with something small. Maybe try to ge out more if we get open door. Also try to get along with mom better. Maybe that. Can't really think big anymore cuz of my plans mess up. But hopefully getting aproved will get mom and me off each others backs if we go out and get a change of scenery.
Avatar f tn I'm about 13 weeks and keep losing weight. Not sure why. I eat, but i know I'm not getting the calories I need. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables mostly because that's what's sounds good. I'm also eating a lot of protein too. Anyone else experienced weight loss?
Avatar n tn I stopped taking my zoloft about 2 months ago. Since coming off of it I have gained almost 10 pounds without changing my eating or exercize habits. I also changed birth control pills around this same time and started taking ambien. please help, I can't find the source of my weight gain.
Avatar m tn Yes it is possible , typically people usually lose weight. I have not heard of weight gain but its possible. Just get plenty of exercise and eat clean. Zoloft is generlaly not a drug that will make it hard to lose weight. My guess would be the drug itself has little to do with the weight gain, maybe you are eating more as a result of feeling better. Best thing is to ask your doctor about it. I have been on it before and it actually killed my appetite.
Avatar f tn There is a woman on here, Barb135, she started a weight loss challenge for 2015. We are challenging ourselves to lose at least 1lb a week, she is super helpful and gives so many tips. I need to lose 50lbs still but overall have lost 10. What is working for me is keeping a food diary and tracking my calorie intake on here. My calorie limit is 1200 a day or 1300 max. With that, I walk if in outside just around my house.
649848 tn?1534633700 Running a bit late this morning, but am finally up and about. We've made it through another week and it's been a really busy one for me. Even though I've been busy, I managed to put on a little over a pound, actually, about 1.6 lbs, according to the scale this morning, but I'm not too worried about it, as I'm quite sure my weight will go down as the day goes on, since that's what's been happening lately.
676912 tn?1332812551 What's ok/not ok to do while BFing? I really would like to start losing all this extra weight, I want to drop 40 lbs. I know it'll take a while, and I'm gonna start a workout routine when I get my ab rocker, BUT I don't know what's ok. I don't want anything I do to affect being able to BF. I'd rather be overweight and BF than be back in my "skinny" jeans. I'm trying to start eating healthier (as I eat pizza, lol), but how much should I be eating a day?
Avatar n tn That's great that you're working out again and 4-5x a week is excellent. You didnt say how much you weigh or how much you'd like to lose, but if you don't have much to lose (doesnt sound like you do) the weight is most likely going to come off pretty slow. I'm trying to get rid of these last 5-8 lbs and it's taking foreverrrr. Exercise is just one part of the weight loss equation though.
579258 tn?1250649343 tall and tipping the scales at 260, definitely knew what it felt like to be obese. Read of her success at losing more than 100 pounds and keeping it off in an article written by Christine Gorman for Time entitled The Secrets of Their Success,9171,994396-1,00.html WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF AT THE END OF 2009????
Avatar n tn Sorry for the last response! I am a lot better than I used to be, the medicine has changed my life. I'm still unable to work due to complications I had from the Crohn's before they knew I had it, but I'm looking into surgery to fix them. But if it weren't for those the Humira most definitely would make working a lot easier. I used to weigh 105lbs during my worst episode and now I'm having trouble keeping it off!
Avatar f tn That's a hard question, and the only real feedback I can give you is to be patient and keep up what you are doing. If you've lost 27 lb. since December, that is really fast weight loss for someone who is only 5'2" tall. Your BMI is now well within the normal range, so I don't recommend you lose more weight.
Avatar f tn I am requesting a refund. The only time I was successful with losing weight was eating healthy and exercising. I have been told that detoxing by doing a colon cleanse, full body cleanse and coffee enemas help remove toxins that block weight loss. I am going to try that along with healthier eating. The company BioImmune at has a great detox that is easy and gentle and the only detox that crosses the blood/brain barrier.
971967 tn?1272991202 I have been losing weight since my last 2 OB visit. Over all 3 lbs till now. My doctor says it could be due to my GD diet! I had an ultrasound to make sure baby was growing well. And seemed like everything was fine. He was weighing 2.6 lbs at 29 weeks. So could a healthy change if you have GD like me.