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Avatar f tn s very unsafe to try to lose that much weight in a month and any weight lost, will be regained, if one goes back onto a normal eating pattern. Jolihub, I know you're juicing and you love it, but be careful. I've known people who did the juicing thing and got very ill from it... not to mention that they gained all the weight back and then some, once they went back to a normal diet.
Avatar f tn Neither juicing nor diet pills are the best way to lose weight. You need adequate nourishment for your body and drinking only juice will not give you enough of everything you need, particularly, protein. It's much better to eat whole fruits and veggies than it is to do the juice, because when you eat whole fruits and veggies, you're getting all the fiber as well, which helps keeps you feeling fuller and helps promote better digestion.
Avatar m tn to help cure a-fib! Maintaining a more vegetarian diet, cutting salt, sugar, unhealthy fats, losing weight if obese is easy with juicing, cutting caffeine, alcohol, sodas, drinking more water, no dairy products except maybe fat-free milk, performing moderate exercise plus meditation or yoga.
Avatar f tn I lost about 15 lbs in 6 weeks a few years back, i juice fasted 5 days in one stretch and then did 1 to 3 days each week after that and exercised during this period. Not super weight loss but it stayed off and losing weight is not easy for me, never has been and I do endurance sports.
Avatar f tn I am going to say no I don't think that is a good idea. You can only have 500 calories a day and that is not healthy at all. A lot of women find that a gluten/Dairy free diet helps a lot with the weight as well as the bloating and pain. For me it doesn't make much of a difference I just have more energy when I do that as well as juicing. Have you had a complete panel done on your thyroid?
Avatar f tn I cannot stay on my current diet. I am horribly tired and losing a tremendous amount of weight. Of course the pain is horrible and I feel like I am drowing in mucus. Appreciate any input. Truly.
Avatar m tn A few people at my work have started juicing. They are reporting some interesting results. I was wondering if others here juice regularly and what benefits they themselves have seen. I just wonder if some of the juicing websites etc are just a bunch of hype and they only want to sucker you into buying a $150 to $300 juicer that ends up being an expensive paper weight. I'm not talking about making orange juice.
Avatar n tn Losing weight is a dietary matter -- no supplements have really proven out well for this. Some might help in coordination with an exercise program. The main way to lose weight and improve health is to improve your diet and start an exercise program. I'm also wondering why the B6 and folic acid if you're not currently pregnant? Taking these two can interfere with B12 levels. B6 in excess can cause neuropathy, though it's not common.
13506701 tn?1430255793 I was wondering if anyone had tried a week of juicing to help with losing weight and just over all detoxing the body? My diet is good but there is always room for improvement! i struggle with losing weight purely beacuse its an on going battle and i lose motivation! I have ordered the Lose 7lB in 7 Days juicing detox book.
Avatar f tn A lot of women struggle when it comes to losing weight. Unlike men, we metabolize food slower and it’s not easy to sweat out during physical activities. The best thing that you can do is to focus on an exercise routine that work for you. Do you think you’ll enjoy trying out jogging? It can help you lose weight, tone your muscles and feel better about yourself? Do you think you might enjoy doing Yoga? If yes, you can go to the nearest Yoga Class clinic near you.
Business woman2 While juicing may have some health benefits, I agree that using juicing (or any cleanse) cleanse is mostly a fad, and you need to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your plan, or you will only regain the lost weight.
Avatar f tn You could try going on a juicing diet. Where you drink water and use a juicer to juice fruits and vegetables. Its obviously very healthy for you and would help you lose weight. My mother went on a fast ats lost a decent amount of weight she only drank water and used little cubes of beef and chicken stock for flavor. I believe if you keep your belly full with water you won't be hungry. Good luck dearest!
Avatar f tn I'm 44 and I'm a type 2 diabetic. I've been struggling with losing weight. I've done everything I can even seen a dietion. I work out 3-4 a week for over hour each day. I've changed my whole eating habits but I've only lost 2 lbs. is there anything thing you can recommend to help burn fat and up my metatabalism I'm extremely frustrated and disappointed. I don't know what else to do. Please help!!!
Avatar f tn Now I get winded when I walk, so exercise will be slow at first. My question is does juicing help with weight loss? It seems to be giving me more snap in my step,but will it last?
Avatar n tn Can you OD on juicing? I have started juicing and drink about two 8 oz glasses per day. Usually I juice carrots, kale, celery, apples. Occassionaly dandelions, tomatoes and spinich. I have been doing this everyday for almost a week. Now I am concerned about taking in too many nutrients. Is that possible? Also what are some good combination of juices, what else should I try?
2065676 tn?1331422440 t want to bother with my fresh wheat grass juicing. OMG, I have inspired you. Who knew. That is a tremendous gift if ever there was one. Best wishes on your journey.
Avatar m tn I'll try it! Going to Farmers Mkt.
Avatar f tn Is anyone juicing during their pregnancy? I am 5 weeks pregnant & have been juicing fruits & veggies! I did it before I was pregnant & am containing it during my entire pregnancy. I have noticed a rise in energy, no more constipation & overall better mood!
Avatar n tn Juicing is good, but its quite a bit of sugar you're consuming and you lose the fiber. Yes, it maybe easier to assimilate the nutrients but you don't need that much sugar. How about trying to make a smoothie instead. You get the nutrients and fiber, which is great as many pregnant women can be constipated. Hard things like beets, juice and add to the smoothie. As long as the blender is strong enough, apples, beets, could be placed in as well.