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Avatar f tn Its good you've set a goal and are looking to find out how to achieve it! However losing 15 pounds in a month is unrealistic and unhealthy. Did you know it takes about a year for your body to adjust to losing 10 pounds? It's important to remember weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you shouldn't look at it as weight loss but a way to become healthier!
Avatar n tn re actually consuming so your best bet is to be as accurate as possible by weighing and measuring your food and writing it down in a journal (or use an online food journal which is what I do) I know how frustrating it is to not see the scale move when you're busting your butt, but if you keep up with your exercise and keep track of your food the numbers WILL go down eventually. Also, keep track of your measurements.
535822 tn?1443976780 Gymdandee has this up on a journal ,after I had seen it I wanted to put the link up and get any input and thoughts , I found it shocking,.its called' Government Gone Wild ' http://www.youtube.
5147790 tn?1364304489 t that hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or PCOS, all of which can cause weight gain and/or make losing next to impossible. Good luck and keep posting.
10286987 tn?1410261849 Birth control pills can cause weight gain. You should talk to your parents about getting a different type of birth control.
Avatar f tn Forgot to mention - you can't "spot reduce"; losing weight in general will get rid of the love handles.
Avatar f tn I suggest you to exercise. The easiest exercise is sports of course. You'll enjoy playing whilst losing weight. If you don't like sports, try cardio work-out. 30 minutes work out, 3 times per week. There are a lot of cardio workout in youtube that you can follow. The best one for me is FitnessBlender channel. They teach exercises whilst tracking how many calories you burn.
Avatar f tn Westin Childs) and he was offering a lot of advice on losing weight via Leptin, Insulin and Thyroid levels. The videos were very every understandable and well it thought me a lot I never knew. To me its one of those things I've been praying for but as they say sometimes things may be too good to be true. I was wondering if anyone here ever came across him and his videos and if they were helpful in losing weight etc.
Avatar f tn losing weight, is a long process and you need to be patient with your body, although you may not see immediate results, you must stick to a routine so your body can adjust. weight loss is alot about behavior modification, some basics include burning more calroies than you are eating, reducing fat intake, limiting foods that are processed or refined, drinking half your body weight in water, sleeping well, and sticking to a workout plan (i recommened using on youtube).
Avatar n tn t do the one and not the other and still expect to lose weight. You should check Youtube for cardio exercises and healthy food recipes, and other tips also. I realise it's already been over 2 weeks, but this way you have some info for the future.
Avatar n tn I know im kind of young; worrying about these things. So basically i'm 15 years old going to be 16 soon but, i havent gained weight from 6-8th grade until the summer of 8th grade... And the amount of weight i've gained made me lose more of my confidence... it all started from my mom (im sorry mom haaha) telling me i should lose weight when i was in the average... But anyways, i need help losing weight and i don't want to gain anymore muscle... What exercises would be best for this???
4346750 tn?1353244945 Does anyone want to join me on a weight loss journey? My idea is to keep in touch and to encourage each other through the process of losing weight. I've been on since the 17th and have been keeping a pretty good journal. Well, if anyone is interested send me a friend request.
Avatar f tn You can try doing some weights or resistance band exercises, but if you're losing weight, that might just be something you will have to put up with. Some of just get saggy skin when we lose weight. Check out YouTube for upper body exercises using weights.
583580 tn?1231136383 I was just wondering if anyone out there works midnights and had trouble losing weight? I work midnights 4 days a week and I want to lose weight but I'm worried that working midnights might work against me in doing so. I've tried losing weight in the past and have not been able to do so but I'm keeping fingers crossed that 2009 might be different for me.
Avatar f tn Yoga is great for flexibility plus losing weight and it might even help ur knee .. no joke!!
Avatar f tn Exercise has some limited benefit in terms of losing weight, and has a great benefit in keeping your muscles and heart in shape. Stay away from fattening foods and you'll start shedding pounds over time. Fill up on salads and some protein (I've been sticking with chicken and fish mostly) and your body will start burning off some of its fat over time.
Avatar f tn Then I just went on Weight Watchers, gained 2 lbs in 1 week. I do keep a food journal, I have done Overeaters Anonymous, I've done the shakes. Where do I go from here? All my body fat is in the upper abdomen. It is all so depressing.
1099201 tn?1338180918 Losing weight is all about sticking to your diet plans. The first thing you should do is to create a diet plan and you should track what you are eating too. Here are the 9 foods to help you lose weight safely: 1. Beans 2. Soup 3. Dark Chocolate 4. Pureed Vegetables 5. Eggs and Sausage 6. Nuts 7. Apples 8. Yogurt 9.
Avatar n tn I have been consuming about half of what I usually eat and have cut out fatty foods, I also get exercise every day now. Is it true that most people only start losing much weight after the two or three weeks of dieting? What am I doing wrong?
Avatar f tn As I tend to avoid exercise due to the pain which hinders me from losing weight. Help would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn Losing 10 lbs in two weeks is very unhealthy for you, but if your really dead set on it run A LOT, cardio and lifting, try some calisthenics, sweat is your fat crying make that b***h cry!!, there's a lot of at home and gym workout plans and tips and ideas on Instagram just type in weightlose and it pops up, Goodluck!!..
Avatar f tn At the beginning of this pregnancy I was 173 now im up to 190 already and im only 28 weeks. I want to start losing weight. I dont wanna get over 200lbs. Its so hard to lose the weight for me after I have the baby. It makes me feel like sh!t about myself and not want to even eat.