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Losing weight jogging

Common Questions and Answers about Losing weight jogging


1519805 tn?1291058650 I'm 18 yrs old & I've always been a chubby chick but my weight is increasing ridicioulsly. I'm really up for losing weight but its just so hard for me I've tried so many things & don't really see results so I give up. I want to go to a dietician or a fat camp I don't care I jus want to loose weight. Please help me!
10286987 tn?1410261849 Birth control pills can cause weight gain. You should talk to your parents about getting a different type of birth control.
Avatar f tn I walk, briskly, 5-6 miles/day and am not losing either, though my jeans are loser (building muscle); my doctor says I need to add in weight training, which burns fat much more quickly than aerobics, such as walking/jogging. I'll be switching back to my yoga in a couple of weeks, so we'll see how things go.
Avatar f tn First if your body is not getting enough foods it can easily go into starvation mode and decide to hold or even gain weight. 1200 calories seems very low, especially given how much you exercise. So maybe you should keep your food around 1300 at minimum? It's hard to know the "sweet" spot that will keep your body healthy while loosing weight, but if you don't find it you will have a really hard time loosing weight.
Avatar n tn Most experts recommend 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise three or four days a week, along with two or three days of weight-bearing, resistance exercise (such as weight lifting). This is sufficient to achieve satisfying results. You can exercise daily or on alternate days, depending on the availability of time. Walking is one of the simplest aerobic exercises. You can vary the intensity to match your fitness level.
1149046 tn?1264361586 For your height, you are just about perfect weight. Losing 20 pounds would put almost in the "underweight" category. I would not advise doing that. Here's part of a height/weight chart that applies to YOU.
Avatar f tn If you are aiming at losing weight, it is important to calculate your current BMI and the target BMI. The target BMI should be in a healthy range. Aside indulging in moderate amounts of physical exercise it is also essential to maintain a healthy diet plan. It is important to know that a diet plan is not about cutting down calories; it’s about ‘healthy’ eating. With cutting on diet one may initially lose weight but this may remain static or increase later.
Avatar f tn Actually losing weight can help but I tried that 2 lose close 2 half and still wasn't able 2 get pregnant. That's why I say speak with a endocrinologist and continue losing weight.
Avatar f tn ve lost some of your weight. Jogging is a high impact exercise and you have 2 things against you right now. One of them is your weight; that's hard on your shins, ankles and feet to start with. Add to that, the fact that you don't have proper running shoes to cushion the impact (it does make a difference) and you could be in for a lot of trouble down the road.
Avatar f tn m super excited I have been going through pain all day today as most of you know yesterday I had sex when swimming went walking then today I been having inconsistent cramping all damn day to the point where I was so uncomfortable I had to leave work. I came home and went walking/jogging. I just went to the bath room (TMI ALERT) and when I wiped after I pee there was part of my plug. Not much of it but I wiped again and there was some more.
Avatar m tn Losing 15 pounds in only 6 weeks, may be too much. Safe weight loss is considered to be about 1-2 pounds/wk.
Avatar n tn Can jogging (40 min a day), biking (not mountain biking), lifting (6kg weight), push-ups or abs exercises cause retinal tears or RD? I am high myopic (-31) with lattice deg. and have PVD right now. I have very low blood pressure and also very fat because afraid of doing sports. I am 25. Thanks very much.
8526246 tn?1405601876 What would be better to buy for losing weight after baby arrives... Jogging stroller or a thread mill???
Avatar f tn Hello! I am 36yrs old and weigh 265lbs. My doctor put me on a low carb/no sugar diet. Last month, I faithfully exercised doing The Firm DVD's 5 days a week and walking at least 30 min. 5-6 days a week. I also stuck to the eating plan all month, with the exception of 2 days. The scale only moved (up and down) within a 3lb range. I am very discouraged. I've lost weight before using Weight Watchers. I haven't exercised like this in years....
1597722 tn?1297379694 Whilst exercising, it is a good idea to take measurements instead of weighing yourself. Excersing causes you to build muscle mass whilst losing weight, which can be discouraging when you hop on the scales! It is best to eat 5 - 6 healthy meals a day and exercise for at least 30mins a day. Walking is great. Don't go into it too quickly though or you will burn yourself out!
Avatar m tn If you are aiming at losing weight, it is important to calculate your current BMI and the target BMI. The target BMI should be in a healthy range. Exercising with adequate intake of calories is a healthy way of losing weight. Aside indulging in moderate amounts of physical exercise it is also essential to maintain a healthy diet plan. A healthy diet should consist of adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fat and plenty of fruits and vegetables to supply vitamins and minerals.
Avatar f tn t spot lose, losing weight all over will also help lose weight from your thighs. There are some exercises that will tone the muscles, so they will appear thinner. Try googling for thigh exercises and see what comes up.
Avatar f tn i do an intense boxing work out twicw a week, and run about three miles. im not losing weight!! im very upset that im back to my original weight. does anyone have any ideas how to help me?
Avatar f tn I've been jogging for a while and I don't feel like I am getting anywhere. I try to go at least once a day and do at least a mile. I have a mile time of about 11-12 minutes and I need help improving it. Any tips and suggestions are greatly needed.
172023 tn?1334672284 Since losing almost 45 pounds, I've joined a gym and am now trying to increase my cardiovascular fitness. I had a scare last year with a tentative finding of pulmonary hypertension, which has yet not been proved nor ruled out. However, since losing all the weight, I'm no longer having shortness of breath when I exercise. Anyway, I can't seem to increase my endurance on the elliptical. 20 min is the most I can do, and I'm dying after that.
Avatar f tn Hi, you may begin with light weight training exercises, yoga or slight warmup exercises like jogging or doing treadmill. Gaining weight or losing weight are long processes, so you have to be patient. Do whichever exercises you like but aerobics are the best. Also take a balanced diet constituting carbohydrates and proteins in the ratio 4:1. Once you start feeling confident and energetic, maybe in one month, who may increase the intensity of fewer exercises. I hope this helps you.
Avatar n tn I have been doing weight watchers for over eight months and I have hit a pleateu, so I started running for 30-45 minutes 5 days a week and instead of losing weight I started gaining weight. Any suggestions?
5623242 tn?1371127079 It may be a bit difficult to lose weight with diabetes but not impossible. If you are aiming at losing weight, it is important to calculate your current BMI and the target BMI. The target BMI should be in a healthy range. The key is to follow a healthy diet plan with a balanced amount of physical activity.