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Losing weight is hard

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1963845 tn?1376030809 Especially at your age, please let your doctor ensure that the amount of weight u want to lose and ur method 4 losing it is proper for ur body and age.
1286518 tn?1271857815 Medically as a doctor for me if your BMI is below 25 i.e weight around 185 pounds and all your vitals are normal there is no need to press the panic button. Take care!
Avatar f tn Anyone know if nutritional drinks are safe I'm losing weight and already small before pregnancy.
Avatar f tn First and yes losing weight is a good way of starting your way back to full erections, also its a way of incressing the size of your p***s, they say for each 10 lbs you lose your p***s grows half and inch, this is because of the fat you are losing, so your on a good diet and keep to it is areal good thing, exercise is important, brisk walking and swimming are the 2 best thigs you can do.
495284 tn?1333894042 I know it is hard and just wanted to give you a thumbs up as it sounds you have the perfect frame of mind. I am glad that you were able to read as I am just starting to actually pick up more books.
Avatar f tn ve weighed about 159 and have been maintaining that, which is a 29 pound difference from my pre pregnancy weight. I went to the doctor the other day and had lost 5 pounds. Is this okay for my third? I eat but I honestly am just not as hungry this last trimester like I was the others, probably mostly because I feel I hardly have any room for food. Anyone else lost weight in their third tri?
Avatar f tn Lol! Aw thank you so much : ) losing a few pounds is t bad (appreciated) but when you're pregnant it's exciting to gain!
Avatar f tn ve calculated your needs, you will need to subtract calories in order to lose weight. A pound is 3500 calories, so if you want to lose a pound a week, you would need to eliminate that many calories/week. That would average out to 500 calories/day (500 calories/day X 7 days/week = 3500). You can do this a couple of ways.
Avatar f tn Guess it's just oyr bodies hard at work. Weight is back to norm. Dr.
Avatar f tn Losing some weight at beginning of pregnancy Is normal or so some people tell me. Making a baby is hard work on your body!
1519805 tn?1291058650 I'm 18 yrs old & I've always been a chubby chick but my weight is increasing ridicioulsly. I'm really up for losing weight but its just so hard for me I've tried so many things & don't really see results so I give up. I want to go to a dietician or a fat camp I don't care I jus want to loose weight. Please help me!
Avatar f tn They should be able to set and appropriate goal weight for you, and give you some tips on losing some weight. Never try starving yourself or making yourself throw up. You are wonderfully made. Keep going. You can do it.
Avatar f tn First of all, you might get more responses if you posted on Type II forum, as this is Type I. Also there isn't a lot of traffic here in general, so I suggest you go on to a board with a lot of people who are considering these issues and you will get a lot more info. Two good ones are: and Just to give you some general feedback, you don't mention what your medication regimen is or if you take insulin.
7968140 tn?1406932734 I tend to be losing weight and feeling some pains in my lower and right abdomen, I really do not want to come out as a complaining wife to husband. Anyone experiencing this as well?
Avatar f tn Wow - what's all the "gloom and doom" over a bit of tummy bulge? I certainly can't see ballet as the only means of reducing tummy fat; nor would liposuction necessarily be called for. Are you making sure you are eating the right types of food? Don't forget that "good" fats are necessary to a healthy diet and can can help reduce tummy bulge. In addition, maybe you could try yoga for exercise a couple days a week.
Avatar n tn s keeping you from losing weight. By eating regular meals, you can better incorporate a mix of vegetables, protein, whole grains and healthy fats into your diet. Snacking, typically, ends up being fruit, candy bars, crackers, sandwiches, chips and all the things that aren't so good for you and tend to make you, either, gain or hold onto weight.
1467664 tn?1288579313 t athelete quality. Then, stay on top of your weight. It is against the diet philosophy of today, but weight yourself daily if you can. One of the traps to loosing is to loose some weight, spend a few days having to eat snacks because ...gosh today my BG is a bit low, just like yesterday. A few of those days and the small weight loss is gone. Sometimes a 1 unit cut is enough, but work with the doctor.
Avatar n tn Typically, if your thyroid hormone dosage is properly adjusted, losing weight is much easier, though some of us still have to work very hard at it. I was diagnosed 7.5 yrs ago and have been struggling with my weight ever since. Many doctors think that adjusting levels to be just within the reference ranges is good enough and that couldn't be further from the truth...
5147790 tn?1364304489 Hi everyone! I'm 21 years old and I weigh almost 400 pounds. I just started going to the gym a week ago, I also do home workout videos. I go to the gym everyday. I drink. Mostly water. I need help in the food part of it all. Now! I have been cutting back in the portions. I just need a friend and motivation. All during high school I was by myself, due to the fact that everyone judged me. It was hard I let what people say effect me a great deal.
Avatar f tn Hello there, It would be really dangerous to you to lose that much weight, ie 15 lbs in 2 weeks. A good amount of weight is about 2 lbs per week. The middle of August is about 4 weeks away. Even in 4 weeks, unless you go on what I would call a drastic diet or a starvation diet which would probably put your body in shock, you can't lose 15 lbs in a healthy way. Some people might think that if you drastically reduce your calorie intake, the weight will just fall off you. This is not true.
Avatar f tn I have been feeling very light headed all the time, and it is making it hard to work because I have to constantly run to he bathroom. I am game for trying anything anyone suggests. My doctor gave me some anti nausea meds but they don't seem to help. I am worried that I have lost too much weight. I never had it this bad with my son!
Avatar n tn Hi there. Well, congrats on joining the army! That's life changing. I really don't have much to offer for fast weight loss because I have found that the methods to do that are generally not the healthiest. So, I'd focus on clean eating and cardio/strength combination. And just do a lot of it. You'll be running a lot, so I'd do some long runs.
Avatar n tn Most people can improve the quality of the food they eat and lose weight. The first thing to do is switch from soft drinks to water. Soda should be a rare treat once or twice a month, not every day. Avoid fast food and eat home-cooked, well-balance meals focusing on a variety of vegetables as well as poultry, fish, and lean meats. Whole fruits are fine, and better than juices because they have more fiber you need. Don't fry food. Use healthier methods and healthy oils.
Avatar f tn My whole family is helping to insure im eating, even my 4 year old daughter. Ive been trying so hard and im still losing weight. I cant see it, but my bf is saying i look like a pregnant skeleton. Frick im so frustrated im crying.